PFTV goes "fix my franchise" with the Bucs

PFTV co-host Joe Brocato, via a shrewd exercise in offseason job preservation, came up with a way to generate topics for our weekly segments. 

Each week, we’ll be looking at one or two non-playoff teams from 2009 need to do to have a chance to play beyond Week 17 in 2010.

This week, the Buccaneers.


11 responses to “PFTV goes "fix my franchise" with the Bucs

  1. WTF Florio?
    Why did you skip the “fix my franchise” edition of the Lions? Did you figure that they were unfixable? If you did you were right..

  2. “PFTV co-host Joe Brocato, via a shrewd exercise in offseason job preservation”
    Also mentioned in the segment was “fix the budget first” when Joe mentioned getting chairs. You guys sittin’ on milk crates back there?
    Anyway, how can there be budget problems when you’re on NBC with Sprint spammed in the background?
    No subscription fees!!!

  3. Mike, the Bucs may be cheap, but you sound like Daniel Snyder here. Give me three free agents the Bucs should have signed in the past couple years that would have made them a better team. (I’ll admit this year looks different. I’d like them to go for Peppers, Dunta, and Sproles).

  4. That’s what I call, stating the obvious. How about some specifics. Trade down? To where and get who? Offensive linemen will be at a premium. Will Manchester United spend enough money to sign a decent player even at 7, 8 or 9? Sounds like they need McCoy but again, won’t spend the money. On the other hand, Bucs may be smart. Why spend a bunch to just have the current staff muck it up?

  5. There are going to be quite a few teams on this list that will be annual contributors to this segment.

  6. Blah Blah Blah. Here it goes again. The broken record that is Mr. Florio. You really know how to get your readers going. Give me some proof that the Bucs aren’t spending money.
    They want to build through the draft? Multiple teams have come out and said that and I don’t hear you jumping on their case. You just find it easy given the current economic situation that exists with the Glazer’s and their “other” football team. It’s a young movement in Tampa hence the purge of veterans, not resigning Bryant, and acquiring players through the draft. You said it yourself in that the Bucs should trade out of the third spot to obtain more picks. This creates more contracts and more money being spent.
    Need not forget last year when they controversially restructured both Clayton’s and Winslow’s contracts to make them more wealthy individuals thus removing money from the so called chinchy pockets of the Glazer’s. Also, not to mention the interest in Haynesworth where he was set to make more money in Tampa then he is currently making in Washington.
    I am not sure as to the validity of this chart but take a look at the top 5 teams on this list.
    Our Super Bowl Champs being the only team to make the playoffs, in the top 5. Look where the Colts, Vikings, Eagles, Patriots, Cowboys all reside. Middle to bottom. Spending is overrated and my friend, I’m sad to say, so are you.
    Love your site though Florio. Keep it up.

  7. Florio – when you buy Brocato his new chair – can you FINALLY turn the comment ratings feature back on for the site like you promised 8 months ago?

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me! 1 team per week and all you can talk about is money. BTW, you’re not too accurate about that either. Passing on a $12 million long-term deal for 30 yr. old Bryant is not crime against the fans. (Haynesworth) + Clayton, Winslow, Ward, Crowell last year! Forget Haynesworth (you spent countless articles on the situation),
    move on to:
    Ward (best RB in FA)
    Clayton (sucks but was 3rd behind Houshmandzaedeh & Washington at WR)
    Crowell (injured all year but was coveted by many teams)
    Winslow (TOP PAID TE in history!!!!)
    **What other team was that active in a crappy FA market last year?
    Salary cutting last year: (all out of the league)
    Do you guys read your own boring articles about Hilliard looking for coaching gigs and Brooks saga all year – somebody might sign him every other day …… hey look he’s on Radio. Or what about Garcia VS Vick VS Kolb before he got cut! Be fair!!

  9. As a Bucs fan I can say your segment was right on the mark. The owners have lost all their money and are trying to tread water until they can sell the team to Debartalo (who lives in Tampa and took out a huge billboard across the street from the stadium during the Super Bowl – the billboard with his 5 Lombardi trophies on it).

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