Wade says Roy Williams will have to compete for his job

RoyWilliams.jpgDespite having nearly $13 million coming to him in 2010, Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is guaranteed nothing when it comes to playing time for the coming season.

Per our old pal Tim MacMahon, now of ESPNDallas.com, coach Wade Phillips said Friday of the receiver position, “We are going to play the best player, no matter what.”

Phillips gave that answer in response to the question of whether Patrick Crayton or Kevin Ogletree could beat out Williams for the starting spot across from Miles Austin.

In theory, Austin’s job isn’t safe, either.  But Austin has at least played well recently.  The Cowboys are still waiting for Williams to do something/anything to justify the draft picks and the cash invested in the former Lion.

Indeed, the former Lion has only 57 receptions for 794 yards and eight touchdowns in 25 games with the Cowboys.  In 2009, Crayton generated more yards, despite losing his starting job to Austin after six games.

[UPDATE:  Some of you have reported in the comments that the picture of Roy Williams is actually a picture of Ricky Williams.  We are not, contrary to the views of some, complete idiots.  A picture of Roy Williams was posted, and Rosenthal confirmed from Indy that he sees Roy, not Ricky, on his computer.  But we’ve nevertheless reloaded a different version of the picture in a manner that should ensure the photo displayed is Roy, not Ricky.  If you still see Ricky, let us know.  After confirming that you’re not high or something.]

44 responses to “Wade says Roy Williams will have to compete for his job

  1. Ogletree will be the #2 WR in Dallas in 2011 if not 2010! The kid was already taking Roy Uno Uno’s reps the last few games of 2009. He runs great routes, is super fast (4.3 speed) and has great hands. He, like Austin, was just a little raw coming in. Roy will be gone in 2011! Book it!

  2. “Whether Patrick Crayton or Kevin Ogletree could beat out Williams for the starting spot across from Miles Austin.”
    I bet Jesse Holley could beat out Roy Williams for that spot.

  3. “We are going to play the best player, no matter what.”……..unless Jerry tells me something different.

  4. Looks like it’s another year in Dallas where everyone not named Bobby Carpenter has to fight for their position.

  5. If it looks like a massive trade bust, sounds like a massive trade bust, and the coach talks about it like a massive trade bust… what must it be?

  6. The wrong picture is attached to this article. That’s okay though; when I first read it, I thought it said Ricky Williams too.

  7. they should just cut him, get out from under a bad contract in the uncapped year and eat the 9+ million while it doesn’t matter.

  8. Jerry won’t let a guy making 13 mill sit on the bench…He likes winning, but with money he is like Scrooge McDuck.

  9. What were they thinking when they traded for Williams?
    Were they still drunk from the Hershel Walker trade celebration?
    – Z

  10. To which Roy Williams jaw drops and eyes open wide in an expression of “Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?! I gotta work for my job?!!!”

  11. In theory you have either no credibility, common sense or football intellect if you think that Miles Austin’s job isn’t safe….

  12. I, for one, am just glad that they didn’t let this decision drag on. Thank goodness they decided to announce that the wide receiver position is open for competition……..
    Best trade the Cowboys ever made, right there!

  13. 13 mil, 26 projected catches, a tidy $500,000.00 per catch. Ata way JJ, good buy! By the way Pacman says he is ready to come back.

  14. Cut him now! Miles Austin had more yards, catches and TDs in one 3 week period during the ’09 season than Roy the Bust had his entire career.
    Roy Williams and his career are easily equated to a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

  15. Maybe Toy Willaims should go out an commit a felony…that way he’d more accepted among the Dallas Cowboy faithful.
    OR, he can make like a whiney little girl…que Keith Brooking after Dallas got bitch-slapped by Minnesota. Did Dallas even show up for that game?
    Steers -n- Queers, you stay Classy Dallas!

  16. You still don’t have the picture right! That receiver has the ball in his hands. Can’t be R.W. Or is he in the process of letting that one go as well?

  17. For the record, when I was reading the site early this morning, there was a clear picture of Ricky Williams that showed most of his #34 from a side angle, and the Dolphins logo was clearly visible on the sleeve of a white jersey. I went to post a comment so that it could get fixed–I thought maybe an NBC intern or something loaded your pictures after you did the story–and when I went to check again, this picture of Roy Williams had been loaded.

  18. You absolutely HAVE to love the fact that the windbag Jerry Jones swung and missed BIG TIME with another Roy Williams. I have said it all along, and will continue to say it; Jerry Jones has ABSOLUTELY no idea what he is doing when it comes to personnel. Dallass fans talk about returning to the Super Bowl in their home stadium…. Not a CHANCE with that retard running things into the ground in dallass.
    Do any cowgurl fans think that Jimmy Johnson would have EVER, I mean EVER traded what they traded for that worthless receiver? I can not wait to watch the entire team and organization go up in flames. Hopefully it is so bad they move them out of dallass and to Los Angeles. That would mean there is a God.

  19. @ the idiot who compared Roy Williams stats to D-jacks head-to-head. ADMIT IT! Williams blows hahaha.
    Lets look at the the season stats buddy:
    Roy Williams
    38 rec 596 yds 7 td
    How makes how much??
    63 rec 1167 yds 9 rec 1 rush 2 Punt retuns.
    How makes how much??
    Stevie Wonder can even see your a dope.

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