Westbrook wouldn't be surprised if McNabb gets traded or released

D_McNabb_3.jpgThough soon-to-be-former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook says there are no hard feelings between himself and his soon-to-be-former team, we’re starting to wonder whether coach Andy Reid will soon return home to find his daughter’s pet rabbit boiling in a pot on the stove.

As to the hottest topic in Philly — the status of quarterback Donovan McNabb — Westbrook said he thinks that McNabb’s time with the team could be ending, too. 

wouldn’t shock me at all if he got traded or released,” Westbrook told The Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. 
“I know that he is very unappreciated in Philadelphia. . . .  He’s
definitely unappreciated for the things that he does and the things
that he brings to Philadelphia.”

As to his own situation, Westbrook also said he “would love to play in Chicago,” before adding that he “would love to play anywhere.”

Though he has said that several teams have contacted his agent, it remains to be seen whether anyone will be making a serious run at a guy with a bad knee and a concussion problem.

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  1. My word, Westbrook needs to just stop talking and let his agent find him a new team. It seems like every few hours, he’s giving his opinion about something else. If he keeps talking, the constant jawing might give him another concussion.

  2. What “things” does McNabb bring to Philadelphia? Mediocrity and playoff losses? At some point you have to get rid of Drew Bledsoe people!

  3. “we’re starting to wonder whether coach Andy Reid will soon return home to find his daughter’s pet rabbit boiling in a pot on the stove.”
    Can’t happen, his sons are using the stove to cook their meth.

  4. Mcnabb would look good in purple. I really don’t think Favre will come back and Donovan still has 2-3 years left in him. Plus he knows our offense it’s the same as in Philadelphia.

  5. “it remains to be seen whether anyone will be making a serious run at a guy with a bad knee and a concussion problem.”
    Not to mention someone who continues to state he had no ill will toward his previous team, but is throwing them under the bus at any given time.
    I don’t get why Westbrook is shooting his mouth off to anyone who will listen, but his reputation in Philadelphia had been that of a good team mate and generally a loyal guy. Potential new teams watch how players act upon leaving an organization (Joey Porter), and I don’t think suitors will be thrilled that Westbrook seems to be actively submarining any plans the Eagles might have had in driving up the stock of Vick or McNabb.
    Not that it is the world’s best kept secret that the team wants to trade one or both of these guys, but Westbrook has to know that he is being destructive to potential trade value by coming out with the comments he is making. And before anyone starts shouting, who cares he doesn’t owe the Eagles anything . . . they shouldn’t have cut him . . . they deserve to get whatever he can throw at them . . . blah blah blah – what I am saying isn’t whether or not he should be loyal to his old team – but that it is in his best interest to create the perception that he is being loyal – even if he doesn’t necessarially want to be. He’s at the end of his career, so teams need to be convinced that he is worth taking on at this stage, not the other way around.

  6. McNabb for Cleveland’s later 3rd rounder and Shawn Rogers
    Is McNabb’s contract even palletable for someone to take on? Didn’t Phili give him stupid $$$ like the Yinzers gave Toothlessberger?

  7. Translation: I’m mad they dropped me, so I’ll sling some shit around now that I’m gone.
    I seriously doubt they’d release McNabb. Trade? Maybe.

  8. McNabb is “unappreciated for the things he does”?
    He hasn’t done anything! All that money for no Super Bowl wins? Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer don’t understand the fuss over Donovan McNabb. Hell, Eli Manning has a ring! It’s not that hard!
    Westbrook has clearly taken too many hits to the head.

  9. I could see Mike Martz working Westbrook into the plays so he could take off into the open field.
    Just like he did with Marshall Faulk.

  10. Next headline: Westbrook cashes in his “class act” cred in less than a week.
    I liked him better when he was quiet.

  11. “Westbrook better be careful of all this info he’s leaking. he’s still technically under contract.”
    What are they going to do? Cut him? Keep him just because they can? Yeah that would be a very 0-3gle thing to do, obviously.

  12. “Potential new teams watch how players act upon leaving an organization”
    Just like free agents watch how teams treat players.

  13. Wishbone: Brad Johnson and Dilfer had better defenses than the Eagles. Eli and the Giants got hot at the right time, and created the some breaks for themselves.
    I wish McNabb and the Eagles would have at least one ring by now. But it isn’t JUST McNabb’s fault. I think the blame can be spread around to everyone.
    He is unappreciated from the sense that he’s had to deal with terrible WR (until recently), and a lack of a running game, yet the team has had moderate success.

  14. “Is McNabb’s contract even palletable for someone to take on? Didn’t Phili give him stupid $$$ like the Yinzers gave Toothlessberger?”
    I think his base salary for ’10 is only like $3.5 million but any team that wants to keep him beyond ’10 is probably going to have to come up with some serious bucks. It wouldn’t make sense to trade for him unless the new team is given the opportunity to work out a longer term deal with him beforehand.

  15. Eagles fans want a Super Bowl, anything less is unacceptable at this point. It’s doesn’t matter that they just make it into the post season anymore. Every other team in the division has MULTIPLE Super Bowl victories. McNabb is a double edge sword, his play will get you to the post season and it’ll take you out of the post season as well. And yet, he does still give them the best chance to win.

  16. Thats just Westbrook, the guy tells it like it is. People in philly have been hearing him & Dawk tell the media whats really going on unlike Mcnabb “the Company Man” as said by Freddie Mitchell, who wont say anything that Andy Reid wouldnt say. And he really isnt saying anything that we havent already heard. Hope minnesota picks up BWest and he finnaly gets the ring he deserves.

  17. If Westbrook is healthy, I wouldn’t mind him in Chicago. The Bears could use a lot of things, with DE, another OL guy, and FS at the top of the list, but they do need a backup RB. Kevin Jones was hurt again last year, Adrian Peterson’s time may be up there, and Wolfe/Bell aren’t guys you turn to if your lead back goes down for an extended time. Granted, Westbrook’s concussion issues are a big concern, but if he’s healthy and wants to play, that’s a gamble I’d ponder. Will the Bears? Dunno. He would fit Martz’s offense.

  18. Whens the last time Westbrook had played a full season?? And, when has Philly not stood behind McNabb?? Thats silly, and the only reason Philly doesnt have a ring is cuz of McNabb choking in the SB and his play-off games.
    Westbrook, i thought you were scared when you got those concussions last year. And your going back for more??? Geez!!

  19. Philly fans are fairly dense. Here’s a clue: If the coach Reid can’t manage his family life, what make you think he can manage a football team?
    You hate on McNabb and he is not the play caller or the one who selects McNabb’s weapons. Reid is very good at getting the Eagles in the playoffs and then sputtering out. You guys have no Super Bowls and should pipe down until you have something to be proud about.
    Have you noticed that every other team is getting rid of the long tenured coach, like Reid, in favor of newer coaches? A list of new coaches to go to the Superbowl (Tomlin, Whisenhunt and Caldwell). Eagles fans, get smart and demand Reid’s firing.
    Full disclosure: I am happy that you want to keep Reid because he has made your Eagles the sweet lady of my Cowboys! We own you guys now – Go COWBOYS!!!

  20. McNabb made 14 million this past year, he is not underappreciated. People simply feel he has not come through in big games, and frankly the stats back that up. Westbrook is spewing sour grapes.
    The poor little fella ought to shut up and worry about finding a new team instead of slowly trying to rip the team that someday may retire his number.

  21. This is a player who decided it was time to repay an organization that kicked him to the curb. They didn’t offer him a diminished role or a lower salary, they just said goodbye. Is that how a player that carried your team for years should be treated?
    Such a sorry group of individuals running the show in philly.

  22. Hey come on now, Westbrook. You had a great freaking run for 8 years. You are probably the best running back that franchise has ever seen, and probably ever will see. You didn’t exactly make chump change.
    You’re old. We all get old. Running backs get older faster than other players. Your career is probably over. Get over it.
    I hope you saved some of that money you earned.

  23. PAranoidandroid – The organization is run very well. They dont hold to players because they like them. If you were a team mate would you want your team to suffer because MGMT thought some player was nice? Also what about the fact that holding a spot for a over the hill RB takes a job away from a young guy may not yet have a job. Everyone knows the deal when they sign on to play football. Imagine you and other dopes think that the world hasnt given B_West enough love and money, yet he got a free scholarship to Villanova(expensive school) and has made 20 plus million dollars. No one should feel bad for him.

  24. I can’t wait until Phiadelphia finally does get rid of McNabb… my prediction: the Eagles sink back into the low ranks of the NFL along with St. Louis/ Detriot/ KC/ etc.
    It’s going to be great to listen to all you whiney little bitch Philly fans out there!
    Philadelphia = the city of brotherly hatred!

  25. I believe that the Rams should try to trade for him, he is better than Marc Bulger and it would give the rams time to develop a younger qb. That way the Rams could get Suh at #1. I don’t think it’s going to take a first rounder to get McNabb. Eagles could use the extra picks and possible players in the trade to turn their team into a Superbowl caliber team.

  26. They’re not going to trade McNabb. They adjusted his contract to give him a bump in guaranteed money (ie financial apology for daring to hold him accountable for playing poor), and in return McNabb plays the last year of his contract with no extension.
    That’s the deal.
    And no one is going to give the old, “offer that can’t be refused”.
    As far as Minnesota, they would never do that bc Reid isn’t about to send McNabb to his old buddy, just to have his old buddy be the one who gets McNabb to win a SB possibly. All the playoff failures would then be 100% on Reid. A coach isn’t going to put himself in that position.

  27. thinkaboutit says:
    February 26, 2010 5:58 PM
    Philly fans are fairly dense. Here’s a clue: If the coach Reid can’t manage his family life, what make you think he can manage a football team?
    Managing people on your payroll is a lot different than managing your family. You can’t fire your kids.
    People use that argument too often with families in public life. It contributes to why families’ of public figures rebel and find themselves in the headlines.

  28. Westbrook is starting to sound like a regular Tiki Barber…and we all know what happened the year after Tiki left the Giants…keep talking Brian.

  29. The difference between Donovan and Westbrook? Donovan can still play.. Westbrook is one of my favorite players (ive had eagles season tix for 10 yrs), but hes done more interviews in the last 2 days then hes done in the last 8 years. If the Eagles decide to move on from Mcnabb, it will be for a deal that can get them something in return, he wont get released. Westbrook was released becasue he is through, I hate to say it, but it is true.

  30. Is there a reason Westbrook would want to get cut ASAP? Is that even a team option?
    This is all very odd, he was OK when it happened but now seems positively jilted.
    PS – Real Shuxion, are you happy a man died so that you could get that jab in? Good job by you.

  31. Thinaboutit – we would like to see Reid go, but he was just re-signed. The team does not care about fan opinion at all, as ratings and attendance remain up.
    But as long as I see open receivers getting overthrown, or having the ball hit the turf, I have to admit that the play worked and McNabb blew it.
    We have a precision passing game and an inaccurate passer. Not sure how tha is ever supposed to work, but I guess they’ll just keep trying!

  32. correction, westbrook.
    we are grateful for the things he brought to philadelphia. now hes bringing more negatives than positives.

  33. I am really sick and tired of hearing ppl shit on mcnabb. The only reason you idiototic eagles fans are used to winning is b/c of mcnabb!!! You guys refuse to see the real picture. Look up career pass attempts and you tell me where mcnabb is. The eagles do not run the ball! What happens when you don’t run the ball? you become very prdictable, there are only so many passing plays you can make up. It also makes the O-line back peddle 60-70% of the time witch makes them tired. The defense can also jump snap counts and blitz more successfully. If you idiots can’t see what he has done for this team you don’t deserve to be a fan. He’s the reason your ass is in that seat every sunday. You morons really can’t wait to suck again i guess. Cuz i have news for you Kolb is not the future, he will never be able to do the things mcnabb does. The eagles are the 3rd best team in winning percentage o yeah Mcnabb has the 3rd highest winning percentage, oh yeah he holds every Qb record for the eagles, o yeah he has the best TD/INT ratio in the HISTORY of the league. He really sounds mediocre. I’m an eagles fan but i really can’t stand you F*cking Idiots anymore. Mcnabb is the main reason the eagles are the most classiest teams. It’s such ashame that we have such classless “throw’em under the bus” kind of fans. Oh by the way Mcnabb is STILL our Qb.

  34. super bowl. eagles are gonna be stacked at the draft with chips. 6 picks in first 4 rounds plus vick/mcnabb too? keep in mind few teams excel at the draft the way the eagles do and u just got rid of the teams biggest problem. Reid has had success with more than just mcnabb…..

  35. Reading the comments on this article provide ample reason why the people running the Eagles have those jobs and why everyone else is sitting home kibitzing.

  36. McNabb will go to the highest bidder. Many of us say he will land in Minnesota if Favre leaves. All I know is, if the Eagles want to trade McNabb to whoever wants him, I wouldnt be suprised(unless they already have Vick) on Mr. Al Davis making the call and giving away the 8th pick. after all he gave the 7th pick for Moss and still got back into the 1st rd.

  37. “What are they going to do? Cut him? Keep him just because they can? Yeah that would be a very 0-3gle thing to do, obviously.”
    How about fine him?

  38. Vick 2010 MVP.
    Vick will be like Steve Young after he leaves the Bucs and goes to the 49ers.
    Mark It.

  39. Westbrook was shock and VERY hurt the was cut, now he’s coming back with statements he thinks will hurt the Eagles.

  40. McNabb to Buffalo for Marshawn Lynch straight up..stay tuned. McNabb will be reunited with T.O. in the BUFF!

  41. reunite with to? last i checked TO is a FA and prob wont be back in buffalo
    plus a qb is harder to come by then a rb, why would the eagles trade mcnabb for lynch
    keep dreaming

  42. @Mike_in_Texas
    Not only did Alzhiemer Al give up the 7th for Moss, he gave up players as well. Fortunately, he was able to turn it into a late 4th after a couple of seasons. Unfortunatelt for the Vikings, they turned the 7th into Troy Williamson. Of course Williamson looks like an All Pro when compared to last year’s #7. Al might be the only person crazy enough to give up a top 10 pick for a guy clearly on the downhill side of his career. You can’t think that a team with no WRs, no running game, a bad OL, shaky coaching, and a defense that can’t stop the run is just one old QB away from the Super Bowl can you? Only Al thinks like that.

  43. I am so sick about hearing this prick run his mouth. Dont be bitter and talk smack cause everytime you get tackled you get a concussion and your bum knee falls apart. In my opinion, peace out to westbrook and mcnabb. And just an FYI most likely mcnabb would never get traded to an nfc team

  44. omg Jeff you are a moron. The reason the Eagles have had so many succesful seasons is because of Andy Reid and the incredible coaching job he has done. Yea mcnabb is good, but the fans in Philly want/need a ring and mcnabb just cant get it done. thats the ultimate goal, the ring and the trophy and mcnabb is not the guy to do it, never has been and never will be in Philly. Maybe if he stopped throwing balls at peoples feet he would be more succesful. And Jeff, what has mcnabb done? constantly almost get us there? screw that, im sick of almost and playoff losses. id rather be like detroit! thats my opinion and im out

  45. What if Andy Reid let Mcnabb and Vick go like some of you have suggested, and lets say Kolb gets hurt in the 3rd game of the season. he would be the biggest dope in NFL history

  46. He’ll probably go to Dallas, or Washington. That’s where all our outcasts go just as the fade into obscurity!
    They can have our leftovers!

  47. Weird, because on ESPN in Philly, he said he expects McNabb to definitely be the QC in Philly next season….

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