Combine workouts are underway

After a day featuring linemen lifting and kicking workouts, the meat of the Scouting Combine a/k/a Underwear Olympics has begun.

The workouts can be seen on NFL Network,, or (most importantly) a Sprint device equipped with NFL Mobile Live.

Rosenthal is still in Indy, and he’ll be reporting throughout the day.  And I’ll be watching the coverage on my Sprint phone and posting links to official results on

3 responses to “Combine workouts are underway

  1. Funny you’ve deemed them the Underwear Olympics and they’re sponsored by Under Armour. Ironic almost.

  2. k, this is bothering me…underwear olympics are kinda funny but you’ve said it too many times in last week and it’s starting to make you sound ignorant…
    The events test physiological power and capacity of human energy systems, it test power, strength, speed, agility, and endurance in the closest to football sense to measure these specific abilities, as well as some position specific drills that allow coaches to look for personal preferences in a kids form…Then what we don’t see are the interviews to test football knowledge, coach-ability, and other aspects of potential (non-physical aspects).
    After that, we are still testing human beings, this isn’t madden…and mistakes can still be made even if benefit outweighs risk. But…
    – A kid who tore it up in college might not make it in the pros
    – A kid who tore it up at the senior bowl/combine, might not do well in the pros
    – A kid who tore it up at the superbowl for the first time, might still never tear it up again…
    – And a kid who has been mediocre his whole high school/college kid, could find the right situation and be a high level player for a long time
    …The fact is football is a player’s athletic and mental capability, as well as the interaction with the 21 other players on the field, and decisions by the refs + coaches…Nothing will guarantee success or failure at the next level
    Just like past injuries MIGHT predict future injury problems…it might not and past clean bills of health does not guarantee future bills of health
    and past off-the field issues MIGHT predict future off the field issues….but it might not, and the straight shooter before might make a bad decision….
    So cut some slack, and enjoy football…..stop all the hating! Greatest sport in the world, and all ppl who is hate on what they don’t understand
    (ps. this is obviously not directed at that two ppl who have posted before I wrote this but just in general).

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