"Elite athletes" expected to be subpoenaed in Galea probe

In December, word emerged that a Canadian doctor who treats many athletes including NFL players is under investigation for giving HGH to patients.

The report received extra attention because one of Dr. Tony Galea’s patients is Eldrick Woods, prompting the then-nascent media Tiger pile to breathlessly wonder whether Woods is using performance-enhancing drugs, unless of course he isn’t.

Now, David Espstein and Melissa Segura of SI.com report that federal law enforcement officials have advised “a number of world-class athletes” that they should expect to receive grand jury subpoenas regarding the Galea case.

The report names Broncos quarterback Chris Simms and former Browns running back Jamal Lewis as patients of Dr. Galea.  The December report identified Simms and Raiders receiver Javon Walker as Galea patients.

Since the NFL doesn’t test for HGH, players find themselves disciplined for its use when caught with it, admitting to its use, or when their names appear as customers of folks who sell or dispense it.

25 responses to “"Elite athletes" expected to be subpoenaed in Galea probe

  1. They should get rid of all players that use performance enhancing drugs. Make them play the game with their natural abilities.

  2. or when their names appear as customers of folks who sell or dispense it.
    That’s pretty stupid if the rule is how it sounds. Because your doctor is doing something illegal, you should be held accountable? It’s the same as me being suspended without pay from work because my doctor is writing illegal scripts. Stupid.

  3. The NFL doesn’t test for HGH?!?!?! Wouldn’t this be the first thing they should test for when it comes to “banned substances”???

  4. Oh well, just do what Nick Kaczur did when busted with hundreds of OxyContin pills.
    Turn snitch on your supplier and join the Feds. And of course, have your crooked, shady, greedy boss Bob Kraft convince the greedy, crooked, shady commisioner Roger Goodell to sweep it under the rug and not even punish the dopehead.

  5. hahaha i could have sworn you said “elite athletes.” I didn’t realize Chris Simms, Jamal Lewis or Javon Walker fell into that category…

  6. A Balco moment would be good for football, which is doing exactly what baseball did in the 90’s—look the other way while the sport’s popularity is riding high.

  7. So, we can be sure Chris Simms is not one of those subpoenaed? Despite being one the good doctor’s patients?

  8. Wait a minute…… You posted news without insulting Brad Childress?!?!? Stop traffic, Florio was able to print something about football without relating it somehow to the coaching style of Coach Childress!

  9. You wrote “elite” and then you named — well, no one elite. No one even close to elite. So what is it? Elite or not elite?
    Please explain…

  10. It doesnt mean “Elite Athletes” compared to other NFL players. It means elite athletes compared to you NERDY F–KS reading this and think you have the right to say Javon Walker ISNT an elite athlete.. smh haha

  11. I need to see Phil Simms break down his son’s drug use on his telestrator before I can form an opinion.

  12. yeah and I am going to have to see how Yvonne Walker handles himself in a street fight in Las Vegas before I call him anything other than a sorry ass excuse for a human

  13. “They should get rid of all players that use performance enhancing drugs. Make them play the game with their natural abilities.”
    Don’t stop there, ban all players that drink gatorade or the like, use protein shakes, pump iron, take vitamins and eat healthy.

  14. Whatever rumored “performance enhancing” substances may have given to Jamal Lewis didn’t really work too well during 2009 season. Maybe Lewis sold the rest of the team “performance detracting ” drugs because they sure played like they were on them.

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