Graves: We're receptive to taking calls on Boldin

Cardinals G.M. Rod Graves confirmed what’s been whispered about plenty at the combine: There is currently a for sale sign on Anquan Boldin.

“We’re receptive to taking any calls. I don’t want
to get into specifics but we’re going to look at all the possibilities,” Graves said Saturday.

Graves expressed confidence in his younger players, although said you just don’t replace a player of Boldin’s caliber easily.  “We’ll see where this thing takes us,” Graves said.

We expect it will take Boldin out of Arizona during or just before the NFL Draft.

8 responses to “Graves: We're receptive to taking calls on Boldin

  1. The guy would be a good fit in Miami but for nothing more than a third or a conditional fourth. Teams that pay more than that are NUTS!!!

  2. We heard the same thing last year.
    Remember when Boldin’s agent (Drew Rosenhaus) said the day before draft started, that he was sure Boldin would would be traded within the next 24 hours?
    Well, what happen Drew? Was he traded? Did he get a new fat deal from a new team?
    And Graves, of course you’re receptive to taking calls on Boldin. Everyone will take a call on anyone. Doesn’t mean anything is going to happen.

  3. Deal the 2nd round Pick and Vick for Boldin.
    Show Desean how to play with toughness, Give Mcnabb his last shot to win a bowl before the Kolb era begins……
    Bradley will be back and the defense will be better….still would like to see Dummerville or Peppers in green

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