Harbaugh says Ravens are interested in T.O.

T.Owens.jpgOn Friday, Browns president Mike Holmgren made the forbidden public reference to defensive end Julius Peppers, who remains under contract to the Panthers.

On Saturday, the coach of the team that used to be the Browns made a forbidden public reference to receiver Terrell Owens, who remains under contract to the Bills.

“We’re interested in T.O.,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, per our own Gregg Rosenthal, who is in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine.  “We’re interested in all the guys who can make us better.”

It’s a public statement of interest, and it’s a violation of the anti-tampering rules.  Whether the rule is enforced against the Ravens remains to be seen.

We advise against holding your breath.

Meanwhile, some of you have asked whether Harbaugh’s statement of interest in running back Brian Westbrook potentially violates the same rules.  In that case, there’s no violation because the Eagles have given Westbrook permission to talk to other teams.  Though he won’t be released until March 5, the Eagles have green-lighted any discussions between other teams and the veteran tailback.

That said, it was prudent for Browns G.M. Tom Heckert to pass on talking about Westbrook.  Unless he has received a direct communication from the Eagles granting permission, the safe course is to say nothing.

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  1. The spirit of anti-tampering rules wasn’t to avoid statements of interest in players who obviously will not be with their “current” teams next year. The Bills are not reupping TO, it’s widely known Peppers is gone and Westbrook already said he’s looking forward to worshipping the prostate of Howard Stern.

  2. I don’t get why it’s tampering to say you’re interested in a guy.
    How is saying, “We’re interested in T.O” “We’re interested in all the guys who can make us better.” Any different than saying “Who wouldn’t love to have Peyton Manning under center” or “Everyone wants a one in a million talent like Randy Moss.”
    You’re saying it publicly, but that doesn’t mean you’re talking to the player or his agent while he’s still under contract.

  3. Erik..good point….
    Thank goodness Tagliablow isnt still running the NFL…the Ravens would have lost every pick in the draft for the next 3 years….
    And…oh yeah….NO T.O!!!!

  4. Still a threat and with a great young QB like Flacco he could have a great last couple years…… He is a potential cancer , make no mistake about it. I say worth the risk/reward potential though after seeing him play nice in snatchallo last yr.

  5. Whatever…whoever picks this kid will look like a genius and Toby will be a fan fav for being above average…advantage if being a white non QB football player

  6. As a Steeler fan, I would be thrilled if TO ended up in Baltimore. He would ruin Flacco & the Ravens would crumble.

  7. On the ravens website there is an interview with Eric DeCosta, the ravens director of pro personnel. He said at this time of the year the organization will lie about anything in order to play things close to the chest. This comment by Harbs means absolutely nothing.

  8. The reason it would be tampering is because in a potential negotiation with the bills he could now use the expressed interest of the ravens as a bargaining chip. The point of the rule is to make it easier to for teams to retain players by making sure that said players don’t know much about their prospects on the open market if they go there.
    Now, like someone said above, in the case of players that teams are not looking to re-sign this would pretty much be a moot point.
    But anyway, that is why you don’t have to actually be in conctact with a player or his representation to commit tampering.

  9. “# edgarpoe says: February 27, 2010 5:42 PM
    T.O. is not a good fit in Baltimore. They don’t need a cancer who is past his prime.”
    yea, besides, it doesn’t help his case that he hasn’t murdered anyone… yet.

  10. Florio, if Goodell wasn’t going to punish the Jets in 06′ for basically offering Deion Branch a contract while he was still under contract with the Patriots, ultimately forcing a trade to Seattle, he certainly won’t have the backbone to punish anyone for talking about another player. Goodell lives by his own set of rules.
    That’s why its so difficult to take his “interpretations” seriously.

  11. I can see the headlines now, “T.O head to emergency room to remove Ray Lewiss’ foot from his ass”.

  12. Florio…arent you guys at the combine???? I just saw where the Bills announced today that TO would not be back…is that still a violation Storio???

  13. You know, rules are not rules unless you enforce them. If you are not going to enforce a rule, don’t have it. It doesn’t do anything. NFL is stupid.

  14. FLORIO–
    Stop talking about TAMPERING. nobody cares. Every single team tampers and they will continue to do so.
    The league isnt going to get rid of the ruling because they dont even see it as being in the rulebook, only people like you do who look up and down the thing for any errors to exploit

  15. From PFT, I learned the most important things in football are tampering rules and injuries that go unreported.

  16. ok first of all I, Ozzie tried to get TO years ago and TO shut that down.
    Second.. Harbs was on the philly coaching staff and saw first hand what happened.
    I really doubt TO comes to Bmore.

  17. TO + Ray Lewis=instant entertainment.
    I figured Hard Knocks this year 100% was gonna be the Jets, but if this goes down, the Ravens would be interesting.

  18. Harbaugh says the same canned answer about every free agent he is asked about. “We’re interested in anyone who can make the team better”. Take it with a grain of salt.

  19. As a Steeler fan, I welome this… One hit from Troy and T.O. will be NO MO’. But I dont’ think the Ravens brass are dumb enough to get into this mess, he’s old, slowed down a TON, a locker room cancer and doesn’t have enough arrests to be considered a Raven… heh…

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