Lito Sheppard prepares for the free-agent market

Jets cornerback Lito Sheppard has wanted a shot at a market deal for several years.

Finally, he’s going to get it.

A league source tells us that agent Drew Rosenhaus is telling teams that Lito Sheppard will be cut by the Jets.

It’s no shock.  Sheppard is due to receive a $10 million option bonus on or before the fifth day of the league year.

Said the source, “Sheppard won’t make a total of $10 million over the rest of this career.”

Sheppard was traded to New York last year, after jostling for a new contract following the arrival of Asante Samuel in Philly.

10 responses to “Lito Sheppard prepares for the free-agent market

  1. Lito is the prime example of what happens when a player receives to much money. He is unmotivated to play.

  2. After all his crying, it is going to be great to see him forced to sign a contract that is worth less than the one he had in Philly.

  3. Good corner, decent guy – always hurt! Never plays a full season.
    Another client poorly served by the unrealistic expectations generated by Rosenhaus.

  4. You could still be playing for the Eagles if you had just taken the fair deal you were offered.
    You overestimated your worth. You made some big interceptions at times, but you generally faded in most games.

  5. You would think that players would have figured out that you can sign a contract that over values you in future years, but don’t expect to make it to those future years.
    If I was a player, I’d ask for the largest signing bonus i could get, with a diminishing pay structure so teams have incentive to KEEP you rather than CUT you..

  6. Unless we’re talking about a shutdown guy like Revis, I would never pay a CB big money.
    I am already sick of watching teams throw bubble screens in front of Asante all day long before he’s scared of contact – and I am going to have to watch that for several more years. Glaring hole in the D, and he commands a ton of cash?!?

  7. Lito Sheppard was over-rated while in Philly, now he wants to get more money and he has Revis on the other side. Slim chance he even gets any other offers. He is simply not that good.

  8. Lito Sheppard is my favorite Eagle of all time I dont no what happened to him. 3 years ago he was one of the best cb’s in the league and now he cant stay on the field. He cant stay healthy he probably has averaged around 6 games per season over the last 3 years.
    I hope he signs a 1 year deal with some team this year and dominates. That way the following year he could get a decent contract and finish his career with his head held high.
    I doubt hes healthy enough to get it done but I hope it happens.

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