McDaniels: "No question in my mind" Marshall, Scheffler can return

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has his share of conflict with Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler last year, but he remains open to having them back.

“They played an important role to our team this year.  I don’t see why that has to change,” McDaniels said Saturday.  “Certainly, there are some things that are going to go into this, but there’s no question in my mind [they can return.]”

The inclusion of Scheffler in McDaniels’ statement is noteworthy, if not quite trustworthy.  The feeling previously was that the tight end had worn out his welcome. Unlike Marshall, Scheffler’s didn’t appear to fit the team’s offense.

McDaniels spoke highly of Marshall’s talent and productivity.  He hasn’t spoken to Marshall face-to-face this offseason, but plans to.  Speaking softly the whole time, McDaniels did allude to his tumultous first season as coach.

“Our coaching staff is really excited about the direction we’re going in.  Hopefully we can deal with a few less distractions, but that’s part of the game.  Every team deals with it . . . that’s what we had to last year.”

Bringing Scheffler and Marshall back would seemingly invite more distractions, not less.

7 responses to “McDaniels: "No question in my mind" Marshall, Scheffler can return

  1. McDaniels thinks he can implement a lot of the rules and regulations that BB has implemented. The only thing is……McDaniels hasn’t done anything to prove that he is anywhere near the coach BB is. His ego is way too big and I truly think he needs to mature himself before he can become a good HC.

  2. “Our coaching staff is really excited about the direction we’re going in. Hopefully we can deal with a few less distractions, but that’s part of the game.”
    If McDips*it wants less distractions, he’s the one who can do the most about that. Seeing as how he’s the one who creates nearly all of them. Beginning this off-season by “parting ways” with his highly respected defensive coordinator and promoting his super-qualified brother to coach QBs was a nice start.

  3. As a life long Broncos fan I too was upset/disappointed when a Pats coach came to Denver and began “cleaning house,” especially dealing our franchise QB in the process. Having said that however, I am confident McDaniels knows what he’s doing and can take us back to the level where we (as fans) expect to be. Bringing back Scheffler and Marshall would be a nice start! Go Broncos!

  4. So Rosenthal..earlier you posted that there is “no way that Marshall will be in Denver and Scheffler is diffenately traded”.
    Now you post that Coach McDaniels “they are welcome back in his mind”
    Then you finish with “they would have more distraction with them on the team”.
    Where do you think these things up after listening to a tape of a conversation?

  5. Hey, DieHardSkinsFan21, he can implement any of the rules and regulations he likes. He is the Coach and he is telling his players if you don’t want to win get the hell off the team!

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