Ravens are interested in Westbrook

The Ravens are well stocked at running back, but John Harbaugh would like to add another big name.

“Brian Westbrook definitely has a lot left,” Harbaugh said. “The Eagles know that and everybody else knows it. He’s
going to have plenty of opportunities to play . . . We’d be interested in
Brian Westbrook; I guess I can say that, he’s free.  We’ll just have to
see what happens.”

While we don’t doubt Harbaugh’s sincerity, Baltimore doesn’t look like a great fit.  Ray Rice is excellent on passing downs, and the team is committed to bringing Willis McGahee back as a high-priced reserve. 

Browns G.M. Tom Heckert was also asked about Westbrook, but passed on the chance to discuss him, citing that he hasn’t asked for permission to talk to him from the Eagles.

Perhaps his reluctance to speak indicates more interest than Harbaugh’s effusive praise.