Rex declines to talk about Asomugha

Perhaps having learned a thing about how not to tamper, Rex Ryan declined to comment Saturday when asked about Nmandi Asomugha’s desire to play for the Jets.

And Ryan had some fun with me for bringing the topic up.

“Ah, there we go.  I get myself in enough trouble,” Ryan said with a big smile on his face to laughter in the crowd.  “I don’t really need your help to get me in trouble.”

Ryan did later say he’s open to adding a stronger second cornerback, but didn’t want to overreact based just on the AFC Championship.

As usual, the Jets coach filled up the tape recorder with good stuff, including the offseason work he’s doing on his abs. We’ll have more from him later.

17 responses to “Rex declines to talk about Asomugha

  1. I hope Nnamdi really was joking about wanting to go to the Jets. Hopefully him wanting to play wif Revis would bring Revis to the Raiders for a 3 yr/$8 billion dollar contract. With $980 million guaranteed.

  2. Asomugha and Revis. How in the hell could you pass on the Jets. Your 3rd receiver and tightend would be the only guys open. Only thing is, unless you give up next years #1 pick, your not getting Asomugha. And I say this because Al gave his pick to New England.

  3. This is so ridiculous. Asomugha was joking around with Revis. He doesn’t really want to play for the Jets and the Jets could never sign both Revis and Asomugha. So get the F off the topic already.

  4. There you go again PFT, trying to stir the pot. Don’t forget Asomugha never said he wanted to play for the Jets. He only mentioned Revis in Oakland.
    Doesn’t matter anyway because he also said they weren’t serious.

  5. Even with the top 2 cornerbacks in the league, they still wouldnt be able to win the Super Bowl. They still need a QB and a better pass rush. Although I would reckon that all WR’s in the AFC East will shiver a bit at the thought of such a thing.
    All of that said, I hope Asomugha is able to leave the sinking ship in Oakland for some Green and White pastures.

  6. Gregg, you may want to pass along information to Ryan. I own two T.E.N.S. units, each with 4 channels, that I use to stimulate various muscle groups. I manage a website that sells commercial electronics and manage to be sitting in front of my computer for probably an average of 14 hours per day (excluding weekends) and have been doing this for about a year and a half.
    The T.E.N.S. units actually work the muscles as though I were working out at a gym. I’ve lost inches around the mid-section and gained muscle mass while simply sitting and working my business daily. I am 53 and couldn’t actually run for the last several years and can now run. The benefits are real. There are some restrictions, however. A person with a pace-maker cannot use these. They should never be used on the spine or above the neck. Other than that, they can be used on any other muscle groups. They also strengthen the involuntary muscles as well as the voluntary muscles because they stimulate all of the muscle nerves in an area. So, if I’m stimulating the nerves that govern the abs, other involuntary muscles like the heart and lungs are also stimulated. So, my heart and lung muscles are strengthened.
    There’s no adverse side effects whatsoever, but the skin where the electrodes are placed can become slightly irritated if the signal strength is increased to a very strong signal. But, that’s minor irritation. And, I never need to put the signal strength that high because the muscles are very adequately worked by a lower setting.

  7. When asked, Tom Cable, his staff, and the other 52 players on the Raider’s roster declared they want out too.

  8. Hey Paul R. Shut your fat ass up. How about eating less and exercising instead of sitting in front of your computer for two hours typing a senseless post about how you use some infomercial product. Do you really think Rex Ryan is reading this crap?

  9. it is a shame the jets cant sign any free agents with the new rules, and the raiders are not trading this guy

  10. Only problem with this is everyone is assuming Aso said that he wanted to play for the Jets. Actually, if you read his quote, he first said something about Revis coming to Oakland. The media has turned this into Aso wanting out of Oakland, but Aso has never stated he wanted to play anywhere but in Oakland. As for him wanting to play with Revis, what probowl corner wouldn’t want to play with the guy that is considered his equal? The media just loves to jump on the “sky is falling” mentality about the Raiders, no matter what the facts truly are. How many Cable was going to be fired stories did we have to see because the Raiders made no official announcement they were going to keep him? Then again, there were a bunch of teams that kept their head coach in place but didn’t make a formal announcement about it… Oh yeah.. last week… Raiders trying to get rid of everyone…. Hmmm… haven’t seen them even cut anyone yet… Simple fact is tools like Schefter and Florio love bashing the Raiders because they really don’t have a clue what is going on in Oaktown… because Al likes it that way…

  11. All you East Coast idiots, voting in the wrong Horse of the Year thinking RA would never have to run against Zenyatta.
    Big mistake as the owner of Zenyatta is bringing her back as a 6 year old and the should face each other April 9th where you East Coast Clowns will see Zenyatta eat RA for lunch and all that voted for her will hold a place in history as idiots of the day.
    Just as in the Revis Nnamdi talk, all the players and agents know where the money is and that is Oakland not with the Jets. As Al Davis has set the market for top corners the Jets better be ready to pay up or Revis will be playing with the Raiders or some other team.
    It is Al Davis that has had his Raiders draft, develop or steal 4 or 5 current Hall of Fame Corners or soon to be Hall of Fame Corners, the Jets do not know what one of those looks like lol.

  12. One thing I do like about football fans is how they talk about Oakland being the worst team in football. There were seven worse teams this past season than Oakland. Oakland has been terrible for the past seven seasons, there is no doubt about that, but only once have we had the worst record. When there are one win teams almost every year, and last year a 0 win team that only won two this season, and a team in the same division that is struggling just as bad if not worse, I’d say Oakland is in a better position than some teams.
    That being said, the organization truly is awful, but I think it is more on its way up than down.

  13. Oakland has good talent and its sad that they cant get it together. Its a shame to see all that talent being wasted. Maybe when Al Davis dies they might get a lil better, but they have made a good decision for a change by maintaining a HC for more than one season. I would love to see Aso in Pittsburgh though.

  14. Get it done Trader Mike! No desrespect to the Raiders, Aso might take a pay cut to be on a better team. Or not. bleh

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