Some still have Bruce Campbell low on the board

Despite the eye-popping 4.78-second 40-yard dash generated by non-donut-eating Bruce Campbell in the donut run and his 34 reps in the 225-pound bench press, Campbell isn’t a lock to be taken in the top ten.

He’s not even a lock to be taken in round one.

One league source tells us that multiple teams have applied a round-four grade on Campbell, based on evaluation of his college game film.  Another league source described Campbell’s game film as “terrible.”

The dynamic immediately brings to mind Jets linebacker Vernon Gholston.  The Jets fell in love with his physique and his non-football feats, and they ignored a set of 2007 game tapes in which he disappeared for long stretches.  The thinking by many — that a player destined to be great in the NFL is always great in the college game — has been confirmed by Gholston’s NFL career to date.

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  1. The two are not comparable, once again.
    Campbell has been lauded as a first round pick for months; whereas, Gholston shot up boards based on his Combine workout.

  2. Just don’t see this guy being a round one or even round two player. I agree wholeheartedly with the round four assessment.
    Watched some of his drills earlier. He’s fast and has some superhero measurables, but don’t stack the board based on that. His stance didn’t seem wide enough and he stays too high. DE’s with a strong inside rush that can get underneath his arms and drive are gonna have a field day with him each time out.
    Just looks like he has a lot of fundamentals work ahead of him…

  3. Exactly right, Vernon Gholston is the poster child for the argument of game tape over work outs.
    Give me an all day game playing linebacker like Brandon Graham over a combine phenon like Gholston all day every day.

  4. if you watch game film on this guy you will see why hes not moving up on everyone’s board.
    He just flat out gets beat a helluva lot. Gets knocked on his ass an awful lot for a guy whos supposed to a good O Tackle.
    He has the body of Vernon Gholston.
    Oakland would love him since they like the ‘body beautyful’ athletes. Kwame Harris is a good athlete but a completely crappy offensive tackle.
    Someone will think they can do miracles with him im sure.
    But again, alot of time was spent on the ground this year by Mr Campbell, an awful lot.

  5. 1. Outsyder says: February 27, 2010 3:43 PM
    The two are not comparable, once again.
    Campbell has been lauded as a first round pick for months; whereas, Gholston shot up boards based on his Combine workout.
    This is really the dumbest thing I have read, anywhere, in a long time.

  6. Al Davis is poised to draft him in the top 10. If Heyward Bey can go in the top 10, Campbell can too.

  7. LT2_3 says:
    February 27, 2010 4:04 PM
    His draft stock will go up once teams realize that you don’t mess with the guy with the boom-stick!!
    Gimme some sugar, baby.

  8. much more hype than player as a Terp. hurt a lot. did a fairly good job when he played, but he didn’t play enough IMO to be a 1st round pick. given how important LT is in the game, it would not surprise me to see some team (like the Raiders or the Redskins) reach to take this guy, but I think he is going to be a bust in the NFL. Won’t be as good as the guy he replaced (Jared Gaither) who was selected in the 5th round of the supplemental draft by the Ravens.

  9. Vernon Gholston was a very productive college player. But it did seem some games he didn’t show up others he simple dominated. As a Michigan fan I hated him, and he used to kill us. But he was projected high before his workouts, maybe not top 5 but he was a top 20 prospect. In 25 college starts he totaled 87 tackles (47 solo), 30.5 tackles for a loss, 21.5 sacks fifth most in Ohio State history. He broke Mike Vrabels school record for sacks in a season with 14.5. Its not like this guy was a bum in college.

  10. Wow, Vernon Gholston comparisons before he plays a down. That’s a little harsh. I mean, some thought Vernon Davis (also out of Maryland) was a ‘bust’, and look what he did this year. Campbell is actually a decent O-Lineman. Definitely 2nd rounder, and should be a solid starter in the league.
    Gholston…still looking for that first career sack. He’s the absolute definition of a bust.

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