Cards to dump Rolle, then will try to keep him

As expected, the Arizona Cardinals are poised to deal with the back end of a bad rookie contract by dumping safety Antrel Rolle, a top-ten draft pick in 2005.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the release is expected to come this week.  But Schefter also reports that the Cardinals will attempt to re-sign Rolle.

Rolle is due to earn a $4 million roster bonus soon, along with an $8 million base salary during the 2010 regular season.

And that’s way too much for any safety to make.

17 responses to “Cards to dump Rolle, then will try to keep him

  1. Hopefully they won’t be able to keep him, and he will quickly become a Miami Dolphin, along with Boldin or Dansby.

  2. The part that you consistently fail to mention when talking about Rolle is that he was drafted as a corner. this is NOT a situation like Larry Fitzgerald where he simply had a terrible deal. this is a situation where he was drafted as a corner (and that contract would be fine if he became the top flight corner he was drafted to be) and was moved to safety. This aint on the cards, this is on the player for not reaching his potential.

  3. Rolle is/will be targeted by the Bears….they need help at the safety worse than any other team in the NFL

  4. Giants better go after this guy! I dont think we should pay him that much either but we do need to get him… after reading what jerry reese said yesterday I think hes going hard in free agency so he can be in position to draft best player available in the draft! Go Giants!

  5. If I was Antrel Rolle Arizona would be the last place I would sign with. I would be pissed.
    If I was him I would be thinking so the Cardinals have been saying the last couple of years that they expect Anquan Boldin Carlos Dansby and Darnell Dockett to honor their contract and that they would do the same. But that doesnt apply to me? They want to cut me and screw me out of the contract I earned and we agreed on ? Then they expect me to come back and sign another contract with them?! Ya right.
    Why would he ever sign another contract with them. They already have shown that they are hypocrites and have no problem with dishonoring contracts when it suits them. I dont see how he could ever trust that team again. If I was him the only way I would sign a contract with them is if it had TONS of guaranteed money in it.
    He made the mistake once of trusting the team to do what it said it would. Now he knows better. They only way he signs another contract with the Cardinals is if they offer him alot more money then any other team or like I said he gets alot of guaranteed money.
    I just dont see that happening. There are alot of teams in need of safety help and not alot of safeties on the market. So if they do cut him I dont think they will be able to offer him enough money to resign with the Cardinals. The Cardinals wont get a home town discount it will be more like a home town price gouging.
    There are a couple of teams that would love to have Rolle and Im sure there are a couple teams Rolle would love to go to. I just hope one of those teams on both fronts is the Eagles. He would fix their problems at safety and immediately make the pair of Quinton Demps and Antrel Rolle 1 of the best tandems in the league.
    I hope the idiot Cardinals cut him and piss him off enough that he will want to go to an NFC team(the Eagles) over the Dolphins so he could continually stick to the Cardinals.

  6. I didnt mean Quinton Demps and Antrel Rolle wold be 1 of the best tandems in the league.
    I mean Quinton Mikell and Antrel Rolle would be 1 of the best tandems in the league.

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