Martz wants Manumaleuna in Chicago

As Mike Martz attempts to make the Chicago Bears’ offense resemble the offense he coached with the St. Louis Rams, he may be looking to sign one of his former players in St. Louis: Brandon Manumaleuna.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that multiple league sources say the Bears have a strong interest in Manumaleuna, a tight end whom the Rams drafted in 2001, when Martz was their head coach, and who has five years of experience in Martz’s offense. Manumaleuna played the last four seasons in San Diego and will become an unrestricted free agent on Friday.

As we noted when a similar story emerged about the Bears’ interest in Antrel Rolle, it would be tampering for the Bears to come right out and say they want Manumaleuna, but it’s easy for teams to get around the tampering rules by leaking word that they’re interested in a player.

Martz has said that a tight end’s first responsibility is to block, and if the Bears sign the 295-pound Manumaleuna, that’s primarily what they’ll ask him to do. The Bears signing Manumaleuna would also be another indication that the team’s incumbent starter at tight end, Greg Olsen, is not a good fit in Martz’s offense.

We don’t yet know which other teams have already contacted Manumaleuna will contact Manumaleauna as soon as the clock strikes midnight Thursday night, but right now Chicago looks like his top suitor.

12 responses to “Martz wants Manumaleuna in Chicago

  1. A guy who can get open and make tough catches in traffic is not a good fit in a passing offense? Makes sense – NOT.

  2. See if Greg Olsen can bring them a draft pick some where in the top 64 picks of the draft since they don’t currently have one

  3. Its absolutely incredible how badly underutilized and mismanaged Greg Olsen has been under the bears coaching. Do they think they’re going to get top dollar in return if they trade him? Garbage like this is why people can’t stand Martz. He can’t adapt to his surroundings even a little. Anybody getting Greg Olsen is getting a very dangerous weapon and I’m willing to bet he becomes a top 4 TE and perennial pro bowler once he gets a change of scenery.

  4. Sorry Bears fans, he wants to turn your team into the Rams. One thing Martz never was…..a good personnel guy. Once all Vermiel’s players started going away the Rams fell back to Earth in a big hurry.

  5. Martz called Olsen “different” from his previous tight ends, pointing out that he’s a down-field mismatch for linebackers and safeties.

  6. Martz is the new guy. For better or worse, he’s the new coordinator so let him install his own system and bring in the guys he thinks can make that system work because, in the end, he’s ultimately responsible for offensive production now
    I though Olsen was just OK. Couldn’t make the big, touch catches in traffic.
    Go BEARS.

  7. Have fun Chicago… Martz’s system is going to dismantle you unrecognizable and then leave you in shambles.
    When he gets canned in 2 years, it’s going to take 2 more years before the next guy can restock the cabinet with ball players.
    The Detroit Leos

  8. So this decision makes obsolete the leader in receptions and TD catches from last season by introducing an offensive system that takes more than one season to grasp.
    This will not end well, but it will end after one season.

  9. I like Greg Olsen and I don’t necessarily like the idea of Martz gradually phasing him out of the offense (not to mention not using Kellen Davis or Des Clark at all), but I can’t help but also consider getting rid of him.
    There may be a variety of good explanations for it, but when Greg Olsen catches a pass, he must have the worst YAC average in the NFL. He literally goes NOWHERE once he catches a ball. Normally, for an average TE, I’d say okay, yes, that makes sense. For a guy who is supposed to be one of the fastest tight ends in the NFL and who was drafted 1-2 rounds or more before guys like Owen Daniels (3rd rounder), Chris Cooley (hell if I know when) and Jason Witten (2nd rounder, I think), I can’t attribute the entirety of his YAC failures to the Bears coaching or the Bears quarterbacking.
    Keeping 4 TE’s is iffy, and I honestly believe that you can make up Olsen’s red zone production with Kellen Davis and Des Clark. Olsen isn’t exactly a big play threat if he can’t make a catch in open field, and not all of that is the fault of the awful play of the offense and lack of talent at WR. If somebody offered a 2nd rounder for Olsen, I wouldn’t be opposed to taking it.

  10. 1) Greg Olsen isn’t very good. Not horrible, just not very good.
    2) There is no way the Bears (specifically Jerry) will get rid of him. Jerry didn’t want Martz and he’s not going to get rid of “his” assets to placcate Martz. They might sign a scrap-heap guy like Manumaleuna, but he’s not going to get rid of Greg Olsen just because he’s not a great fit for Martz’s offense. Everyone in the organization knows this is a one-and-done year for Lovie and Martz, and they aren’t going to get rid of one of the three or four top assets when they know they can’t get any value in return. Value being 2nd rd pick. Angelo will just be hoping he doesn’t get canned with the Smith regime and gets a chance to rebuild in 2011 with the new staff.

  11. I just hope the bears keep giving martz input into personnel decisions, that will hurt them both short and long term. idiots.

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