Merriman isn't pleased with RFA tender

50690_Merriman_Arrested_Football.jpgEven though he’ll receive the highest possible tender as a restricted free agent, Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman doesn’t seem to be happy with the situation.

Not happy at all.

Speechless today,” he said earlier tonight via Twitter.  “Business is business but some things just aren’t right.”

He’s surely talking about the fact that, despite five NFL seasons and an expired contract, he’s not eligible to hit the open market, and he’s restricted by a provision that would require a team who signs him to give up a first-round pick and a third-round pick to the Chargers.

But Merriman shouldn’t be upset with anyone but the NFL Players Association, which agreed to a provision that extends by two years the minimum years necessary to become an unrestricted free agent in an uncapped year.  And if he wants to see that change, he needs to press the union to get a deal done by Friday that moves the minimum from six back to four.

Merriman also shouldn’t be speechless.  He knew or should have known this day was coming since May 2008, when the league exercised its right to terminate the CBA two years earlier, making 2010 an uncapped year — and preventing Merriman from becoming a UFA.

36 responses to “Merriman isn't pleased with RFA tender

  1. But of course, what does Tila have to say?
    With that done, who in their right mind would give to picks like that for a jackass like him?
    Hello Oakland!

  2. He plays for San Diego… why would he be happy? We all know he wants to be traded and we can’t blame him.

  3. “I’m crying a river of cash….and I’m pissed off because it could have been an ocean.”

  4. Without Roids he is a below average DE. This team had it’s chance a few years ago when Marty Shottenheimer was around. Never win the big one with the librarian Norval.

  5. Joe in Toronto, Canada: What is your infatuation w. hating all things Chargers!?! You truly are as predictable as the sun rising in the East. Yawn. Too bad you don’t actually contribute anything but hatred to this site.

  6. He needs to be more worried about finding a way to mask HGH in his system. I didnt know HGH made you stupid. I guess the steroid damage was done before he switched

  7. @RayDaMayor comment of the day lolz
    Merriman is just another fine example of the greed that drives these guys. Too stupid to learn how the system works and then get upset when it doesn’t work out the way they think it will.
    Before the negotiations are over the players will be screaming to have the cap back in place.

  8. I hope this guy can play football for a long time. Society doesn’t need people this strong, mean, and stupid running around the streets with nothing to do and no one (like Roger Goodell) to hold them accountable. We know the Crimial Justice system cannot do it, as evidenced by the juice, Pacman etc.

  9. Hey guys it was a supplement from GNC and it was completely accidental that it contained supplements. It’s true because he said it.

  10. I understand why hes upset. He knew this offseason was going to be the last year that his next contract was going to be based on how good he was when he was all juiced up on steroids.
    Now he is going to have to play another year without the juice and he knows by the time he hits free agency in 2011 if their even is a season he will have 2 season of average play.
    He knows Gms and Coaches will look at what he has done lately and they will see thats hes nothing special.
    I am not a Shawn Merriman hater or a Chargers hater. Actually I have said the last 3 years I hope the Eagles meet the Chargers in the Superbowl or if the Eagles dont make it I hope the Chargers win.
    But lets be honest I have never seen someones talents disappear so quick. Its defiantly not a coincidence that all this happened after his 4 game suspension for using steroids. I believe Merriman is a starting caliber player on some teams but he defiantly isnt a pro-bowl caliber player anymore and truly believe its because of the steroids. Until he shows he can be that good and piss clean at the same time I will continue to believe it was the steroids and not him that turned him from a 30 home run per year player to a 70 home run per year player.
    I think the uncapped year will probably hurt him more then every other player. It will probably cost him $20-$30 million in the life of his next contract.

  11. It’s no coincidence that he’s done nothing since he got caught juicing.
    Plain average.

  12. He, like so many other players in the NFL, is an idiot. They don’t know the rules, and they certainly haven’t prepared for this, or the potential lockout. If there is a lockout, the players will be begging for their jobs back within 3 months…that’s around when they’ll run out of money.

  13. The stupidity of the players gets more entertaining by the day. Does he not have an agent that should have explained this to him YEARS AGO?! Even without a capable agent, you’d think the players would know the rules. But, you’d be wrong!

  14. Sourdough: You’re out of order, buddy. I call em as I see em, no matter the team.
    I’ve praised Phillip Rivers here many times for his play.
    You didn’t comment then though, did you.

  15. Typical of any labor union deal. Most workers only want to know how much they can/will earn immediately and will vote accordingly, they rarely take into consideration the other parts of the agreement. The owners are billionaires for a reason, they have business saavy that will serve them a lifetime.The players are only wannabe miliionaires[cry me a river) due to their athletic ability that serves them for 5-10yrs and plenty of them will piss that away on outrageous spending sprees before they are forty. The union leadership only cares about dues being paid, should be interesting to see how hard they work to get a deal done when players are paying union dues and not getting a paycheck.

  16. @ Sourdough:
    Everybody hates the Chargers, and contributing hate towards your stupid ass team does in fact add a lot of value to this site. Keep it up Charger Haters…… bring the pain.

  17. Thanks to PFT for breaking the news that Merriman isn’t very smart.
    In fact I don’t think that word “speechless” means what he thinks it means.

  18. How the hell can any player who has 5 years experience be left speechless when this was common information 2 years ago. Were the players really that ingnorant of their own situations? And how is this in any way unfair to this roided up knucklehead . . . was it his union representative that elected a lawyer, who has no NFL playing experience and little to no union negotiation experience as the head of the union? If the players wanted this settled they should have elected Troy Vincent, a player who was heavily involved in the union for almost all of his playing career, knows inside and out the players vantage point on all this and is clearly smart enough, experienced enough and doesn’t have an ego at play, that he would have had to take a hard line during this process; in spite of the fact that the players will end up being the ones hurt.
    Beside if you want to look at a player who has a legitimate gripe that this is an unfair situation, take a look at Leonard Weaver – the guy signed a 1 year Unrestricted Free Agent contract last offseason as a 4 year Unrestricted Free Agent, and switched teams. He played that season for the Eagles, made the Pro-Bowl, and now is a restricted free agent with a team that didn’t even draft him. Players, and I don’t know if there are any others in the NFL, who successfully became unrestriced free agents last year, should if they signed 1 year deals, be grandfathered into unrestriced free agents this off season – I am an Eagles fan, but fair is fair.
    As for roidhead, he needs to shut up, sign a one year deal and hope like hell that since Europe has come up with a successful test for HGH, a new designer steriod is developed before preseason starts.

  19. They have a terrible player rep and now they cant complain about the CBA being terminated early. MErriman has not been the same player since he got caught juicing and then got himself injured. He is lucky they even made a contract offer. My guess is he would have gotten alot less on the open market anyway

  20. This is a prime case of where the league can tell the players about letting the CBA expire:
    “told you so”

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