Report: Cromartie could soon be a Lion

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who has fallen out of favor in San Diego due to a stew of reasons that likely includes an alarming lack of tackling effort during the AFC playoffs, has been on the trading block for a while.

And he apparently will soon be off the block — because he apparently will soon be traded.

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Cromartie “could be” a Lion in the near future.  There are no details regarding the compensation that Chargers would receive.

Trades officially can be made as of the first day of the league year, which this year is March 5.  But teams can loosely agree to terms before March 5, with the deal consummated at some point after the clock strikes 12.

As Acee points out, regardless of whether Cromartie becomes a Lion, Cromartie “has almost certainly” played his last game with San Diego.

Meanwhile, feel free to start making the Wizard of Oz references.  Bonus points are available if you can tie them together with the whole Travis Henry thing.

34 responses to “Report: Cromartie could soon be a Lion

  1. This better be a joke.
    If Ted doesn’t bring him in cheap (which is obviously what he’s going for if the Lions are involved-they need all their early picks), then I’m gonna laugh all the damn way through the year watching them try to trot out Harris, Wiliams, Bush and Lee to play opposite CWood. We’ll be damned lucky if he makes it through next season without injury. THIS IS A HUGE NEED, HOW THE HELL CAN TED NOT EVEN SEE IT?
    This front office, coaching staff and the majority of the fan base (who feels any of the above are even serviceable corners) needs to wake the f#@k up. We are going nowhere with maintaining what amounted to the worst defensive backfield in the playoffs last season (precursor was Roethlisberger torching us for 500+ in week 15). We’re on the way if they let Bigby walk, but there needs to be a push to bring a younger veteran to play alongside Woodson until he’s gone and move to more of a leadership role. Cromartie is perfect in that regard. He exploded as a rookie in a more man coverage type defense, and regressed once a 6’3″, 210# deals with playing zone. He’s not fast enough, and needs a system where he can play one on one and fight for the ball. Our system fits him.
    Sounds to me like a press leak from the organization in order to get the phones ringing and the offers rolling in, like it’s a highest bidder fire sale they can get GM’s in a drooling bidding war with high picks to get him. Doubtful (fingers crossed) he ends up in Detroit. I don’t give a great goddamn if it’s Green Bay or not, but I wish the hell the front office acted like they care about fielding a winner. Time to get tough on decisions of on-field talent and make some moves. The window is now open and already beginning to close.

  2. millen stockpiled wideout druggies with stone hands and alligator arms.
    mayhew stockpiling rubber free corners who just want to mate?
    there used to be a saying that said if a guy didnt fight, he didnt f@#$ either.
    panties cromartie is proof that just cause one may f@#$ doesnt mean he will fight.

  3. Talent at what cost? This is not the kind of guy to build a team around.
    His actions on and off the field leave a lot to be desired. I hope this rumor is untrue.
    – The Schwartz

  4. Really.. The Lions deserve better than this. I don’t even hate the Lions even if they are in the same division. I wish them well, behind Minnesota of course.

  5. I’ve read from multiple rumor mills that the trade is for Detroits later 5th round pick (they have two that round). Detroit is lowballing because they know he’s likely to be cut soon anyways. I’d take him for a 5th rounder. If he could learn to stop the run, he’s a solid player.

  6. The nice thing about the Lions picks is that they’re essentially worth the same as the previous round but for less money.

  7. For the bonus points, let’s see……..
    Oz is the Emerald City
    Emerald City is Seattle
    Henry likes to have kids with different women
    Sean Kemp does as well and played in the Emerald City
    So, Henry is Sean Kemp?

  8. As a Chargers fan I am torn on this because although Cro is as soft as warm butter he does a good job of covering his man and this is a passing league. If we do in fact trade him I hope its far away somewhere like Detroit.

  9. I was hoping he would go to Green Bay so Minnesota could have Rice or Harvin get a career day in receiving against their defense. Oh well… the Lions need players too, i guess.

  10. Or Cromartie is the Cowardly Lion, Calvin Johnson is the Tinman, Jim Schwartz is the Scarecrow and Cromartie’s kids represent the Lollipop Guild.

  11. faulkn22 –
    Why on earth would SD cut Cromartie???
    He has one year left on a 5 year rookie deal where he was picked at 19 overall.
    He can’t possibly be getting more than a million or two as base salary.
    So explain to me how cutting Cromartie makes any sense at all???
    BTW, every team would take him for a 5th rounder.
    Good luck with that.

  12. cromartie is about as athletic a player as will ever be in the nfl. Super fast, incredible agility. Last year with the chargers he was on the outs all year with the chargers and basically knew he was gone so he didn’t want to get hurt. Thus the stupid play in the playoff game. Cro has worn out his welcome in san diego.
    HOpefully the chargers should get the lions 2nd round pick for cromartie. It would be a fair trade.

  13. Cromartie is gonna be a great CB in a few seasons. I think people forget how hard it is to play DB in the NFL, besides QB its the hardest position to play.
    This is why the San Diego Chargers are a joke and this is why they CHOKE. you don’t give up on players like Cro so early in his career. Mark my words he will be a top 5 CB in 2 years.
    The Chargers… the paper champions. every year, LOL!!!
    learn how to run a team, AJ Smith.

  14. shadow, you are so wrong. Cromartie is a terrible fit in Green Bay from a personality standpoint. This is exactly the kind of guy you can’t win with. I don’t care how fast or agile he is. If he isn’t a professional he won’t cut it. He clearly lacks focus. The only people who think his career is on the upside are Shawn Kemp and Travis Henry…
    My vote is for “The cowardly Lion”

  15. So the Chargers are ditching Cromartie in part because he showed an alarming lack of tackling effort in the playoffs? If Cromartie lacks motivation to help his team in the playoffs, how motivated will he be to help better the fortunes of a team that wins one or two games a year? No wonder the Lions are perennial failures.

  16. I agree, Cromartie is a pretty good cb. With alot of upside. I think the lions know this and will shell out thier 2nd and their 4th rounder for him.

  17. Cromartie would be just another DB in the NFL if it weren’t for the incredible 2007 season he had. What is forgotten is that most of his INT’s came due to intense pressure from the front seven put on QB’s. Whoever takes Cromartie beware because he is incredibly soft and more concerned with himself than the team.

  18. I do agree that Cromartie is an excellent athlete. But, again I say, athlete. I do think he excels in a man on man defense, where there’s not quite as much recognition of who goes where, and where he can focus on pass coverage rather than run-stop support.
    That being said, no way in hell he goes for a 5th round pick, especially since he’s still under contract. I don’t think the Lions give up the No. 2 pick to get him, but definitely a 3rd or possibly even a 2nd rounder for him.
    I can’t speak to his morals or focus or any of that because I do not personally know him (which I think many of you are forgetting), but I think he can get back to his rookie year success if he finds a defense that is tailored to his strengths.

  19. I thought the Lions were trying to change the culture of that team….. why bring in losers like this?

  20. Regardless of Cromartie’s off field actions. The Lions NEED an above average cover corner. There is No pass rush. End of discussion.

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