Stafon Johnson manages 13 bench press reps

USC running back Stafon Johnson bench pressed 225 pounds 13 times at the NFL scouting combine, an accomplishment that required a great deal of heart and determination from a young man who nearly lost his life while bench pressing five months ago.

The 13 reps were significantly fewer than Johnson was hoping for, but considering that his football career — and even his life — could have ended when he dropped a bar on his throat in the USC weight room last year, just being at the combine at all is a great achievement.

Johnson’s voice still sounded raspy as he introduced himself to the coaches before getting on the bench, but other than that he has basically made a complete recovery from the serious injuries he suffered in the accident. Whether he makes it in the NFL or not, he has a lot to be proud of.

Lonyae Miller of Fresno State and Ben Tate of Auburn were the leaders among the running backs, with 26 reps each.