Tate is one of many receivers to boost stock Sunday

Well, Golden Tate was right.  He ran a 4.42 forty, besting expectations and helping his chances to be the second receiver taken in the NFL Draft.

Tate struggled during one drill (the gauntlet), but finished out his session well.  I watched the receiver group with NFLDraftScout’s Rob Rang, among others.  Tate was one of the wideout Rang felt helped their draft stock Sunday. Some other rising receivers:

1. Mike Williams, Syracuse: “He needed to have a big week, and he did,” Rang said.  Williams’ off-field concerns are serious, but he’s a physical beast and made a lot of tough grabs.

2. Carlton Mitchell, South Florida: The 6’2, 215-pound receiver has speed that translates on the field.  He ran a 4.49 and looked fluid for his size.

3. Damian Williams, USC: Rang said he was not surprised by Williams’ excellent day.  He ran in the low 4.5s and showed quick feet on a day where we saw a lot of weak routes. He could sneak into the first round.

4. Taylor Price, Ohio: Cornerback Kyle Wilson said Price was the best receiver he saw at the Senior Bowl. The small school player caught every single pass thrown to him Sunday.  He ran a 4.41.

12 responses to “Tate is one of many receivers to boost stock Sunday

  1. “1. Mike Williams, Syracuse: “He needed to have a big week, and he did,” Rang said. Williams’ off-field concerns are serious, but he’s a physical beast and made a lot of tough grabs.”
    Recent history suggests one should never draft a Mike Williams. Ever.

  2. mike and damian williams both just moved from day 2 to day 1, theyre both talented wrs. carlton mitchell has some sick hands as wel.

  3. damian williams has been working with carson palmer…he could easily go to the bengals at the end of round 1

  4. Abe
    Where above does it say Damian ran a 4.4? Maybe you should take your own advice…homer.

  5. Damien Williams has been working with Jordan Palmer not Carson, but either way there is still a good shot at him being a Bengals, depending on how they feel about Greshem or Mays.

  6. There is an article ON PFT saying Mike Williams messed up big time and will be lucky to get drafted.

  7. BillyBengal
    That shows the accurate height of Carlton Mitchel. Whom actually measured in at 6027.
    Damian Williams ran unofficial times of 4.53, and 4.55. (Please see how the post was changed.)
    Care to explain your “homer” comment? What am I a homer of exactly?

  8. I think struggling in the guantlet is the worst thing you can do at the combine. It is really the only drill I feel translates to the field. If you struggle at that I dont see how you will be able to catch a ball thrown a whole lot faster from an NFL QB while running at full speed with defenders bearing down on you trying to knock you head off and then trying to hold onto the ball after contact.
    When I seen Desean Jackson run the guantlet I knew he was a stud. If a wr doesnt look “Fluid” running that drill I dont see how you can call the combine success.
    During the guantlet it should look like your hands are tractor beams sucking the ball in. Not trying rip the ball out of the air.
    You have to catch every ball with your hands at the most you can drop 1 ball and 1 body catch. Any more then that and you failed.

  9. I wonder how Mike Williams helped himself by being measured shorter than his listed height of 6’2″,running a high 4.5, and only throwing up 8 reps on the bench press. I realize that these numbers may be irrelevant to whether Williams can excel in the NFL, but I find it hard to believe that he actually helped himself by showing that he is shorter,slower, and weaker than expected. To a lesser extent, Carlton Mitchell also didn’t live up to expectations. He was supposed to be 6’4″ and did nothing to dispel his reputation for having questionable hands. On the other hand, Stephen Williams is 6’4.5″, also ran under 4.5 and showed in drills that he is a strong and natural hands catcher. He also-unlike Mitchell-was very productive in college. Mitchell is an interesting prospect,but Stephen Williams is better.

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