Tim Tebow can jump

We won’t find out at the scouting combine if Tim Tebow can throw. But we do know he can jump.

Tebow, the Florida quarterback who declined to participate in passing drills in Indianapolis, did participate in both the vertical jump and the broad jump. And he looked awfully good doing it.

Tebow posted a 38.5-inch vertical, which reportedly tied the all-time combine record for quarterbacks, previously set by Josh McCown. For the sake of comparison with another athletic quarterback, Rich Eisen noted on NFL Network that Michael Vick posted a 38-inch vertical at the 2001 combine.

Shortly after his record-tying vertical, Tebow also posted an impressive broad jump of nine feet, seven inches.

Of course, the obvious question is whether jumping ability is in any way relevant to assessing an NFL quarterback. What Tebow showed on Sunday morning is that he’s a good athlete, not a good quarterback. If anything, Tebow may have given some ammunition to those who believe he’s best suited to playing another position in the NFL.

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  1. Pretty safe to say Tebow won’t be doing any high jumping or long jumping on the field in an NFL game……if he ever even starts one.

  2. hes an idiot. he wants to play qb in the nfl and yet he goes to the combine doing everything but qb drills. its like he doesnt understand thought patterns of regular people.

  3. Man! Give this guy a break! He hasn’t even thrown his first NFL pass and everybody is already waiting for him to fail. Did anybody expect Drew Brees to be the player he is today when he first came out of college? How about Brett Favre? You never know who’s going to break out once they hit the NFL. That’s why I love the draft so much. I don’t know if Tebow will be good or not, but he does have alot of the intangibles. If anybody can pull this off, it’s Tebow. I myself, will be rooting for him to prove all the naysayers wrong.

  4. I really disliked him in college, always thought he was highly overrated (not to mention his team was winning championships when mine wasn’t!). But, now that he’s ready to come out for the NFL, I wish this kid the best. He’s obviously a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders.

  5. Ok, how about the “jump” pass he used with the Gator offense so well? Lets bring in the jump pass with the wild cat , ok. Ya think?

  6. i watched him singlehandedly destroy my hometown bearcats in new orleans… i know comparing uc to florida doesn’t hold up across the board, but that guy can command a football team. he’s a real “leader of men”. if the kid can put it together, good for him!

  7. Wonderful, he can jump. I’m sure this will rocket him up the draft board. The cell phone service in the area probably went down when word got out. At the least, he can be the lone participant in the newly formed “Abortion Olympics”. The what if games.

  8. ===”Tebow also posted an impressive broad jump of nine feet, seven inches.”===
    I’d rather jump on an impressive broad, something Tebow still foolishly has never done.

  9. Why do all of you little people dislike Tebow so much?
    He’ll probably be far better than the that creep Vick you seem to be in love with.

  10. “hes an idiot. he wants to play qb in the nfl and yet he goes to the combine doing everything but qb drills. its like he doesnt understand thought patterns of regular people.”
    He’s not the only prospective QB that’s not throwing at the combines.

  11. How could anyone hate this guy? He is a Christian who loves his family and cares about helping people who need it. The guy is a class act, one of a kind person who will succeed in the NFL because he won’t allow himself to fail.

  12. Tebow to Jags? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm we need D Line to sack the freakin QB!!! That’s what we need. If Tebow is a first rounder everyone is gonna have there mouths open and say WTF is that team doing? Hope its not my Jags.

  13. dixon- not everyone loves christians. your argument of support should center on his morals- something that spans religion- not which religion he chooses to participate in.

  14. Yeah he looked great crying on the sidelines as Alabama kicked his gator butt. He will be a four year backup and then quit to sell Bibles door to door.

  15. He really just wants to be closer to God. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I hear he’s going to use most of his money from the NFL to build a ladder to heaven. How sweet.

  16. Wow …… how wonderful Tebow must feel being compared to such greats as Josh McCown.
    Hall of Fame, here we come!
    Dude can jump …… who cares?
    It’s not the skill that I want my QB best known for. I understand both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning suck at jumping.
    I wonder how they’re doing in the NFL?

  17. Based on what I’ve seen and heard, I’d definitely use a fourth round pick on him. I might use a third, depending on my team needs and whatnot.

  18. Good luck Tim! He just needs to be drafted by a team that does not need him and he can sit the bench and learn for a few years. He’ll be an OK QB one day.
    4th or 5th rounder though for sure.

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