Bears cut Orlando Pace

One of the best offensive lineman of his generation is out of work.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the Bears have cut offensive tackle Orlando Pace, ending his one-year tenure in Chicago and possibly signaling an end to the career of a Hall of Fame-worthy left tackle.

Pace started 11 games for the Bears in 2009, but he wasn’t the same player he had been as a perennial Pro Bowler with the St. Louis Rams. As ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski said of Pace during the season, “there’s nothing left.”

The 34-year-old Pace was the first overall pick in the 1997 NFL draft. He played 12 seasons for the Rams before signing with the Bears last year.

19 responses to “Bears cut Orlando Pace

  1. I dont know about nothing being left. The guy is still better than a lot of LTs in the league.
    Al Davis wanted to draft him, but the Rams jumped in front of the Raiders (and the Raiders took Darrall Russell). Look for Davis to jump.

  2. As a mostly casual Bears fan, I say THANK YOU GOD!!! As great as he once was, he was one of the big liabilities for the team last year. Bears should considering targeting a tackle with their first pick.
    Good luck, Orlando!


  4. And so ends the career of possibly the best offensive lineman I’ve ever seen. He was done before this year, and he’s toast now. I’m sure some team with line problems will kick the tires and come to the same conclusion, and he likely won’t survive training camp.

  5. The way he played last year I would have shot him. Getting cut by Bears is no joke though, I hope it required stitches .

  6. He had nothing left when he got here.
    He was great for a long time but it is over.

  7. Much respect to Orlando Pace. As a Bears fan though, the Bears would not have improved from 7-9 with Pace in the line-up. Trojohn is right, it’s time for Chris Williams to earn his pay, he looked good at LT when the moved him there toward the end of the season.

  8. Imagine if he went to another team he could of had a few good years.
    Lately it seems anything Angelo touches turns to crap.

  9. Wow the Bears organization figured out he’s washed up. Now for them that’s an accomplishment! Congrats!

  10. TC, the Bears pick 11th in the 3rd round for their first pick. They gave up a 3rd rounder in last year’s draft.

  11. He was a great lineman for a long time. He just simply doesn’t have the strength to run block anymore, and probably can’t keep up with the younger, faster pass rushers anymore. HoF for sure. He’s only good enough to be a back-up now unfortunately.

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