Chad Henne has no problem with a possible Chad Pennington return

C.Henne.jpgOnce the shoulder of Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington blew apart — again — Chad Henne became the current and presumed future starting quarterback of the team.  Now that Chad Pennington is poised to become a free agent, Henne has no issue with Pennington possibly returning.

“I’d love it.  I love Chad to death,” Henne told Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “Whatever happens,
happens.  I learned so much from him.  If he’s with us, I’ll learn even
more.  It’s a great opportunity if he comes back.  We’ll welcome him

Henne also has no issue with having to earn his job.

“If we want to compete I’m definitely up for the competition,” Henne said.  “Anywhere you go you’re going to have to compete for the
job.  It’d be a great one-two combo.”

But Kelly also reports that the Dolphins are concerned about Pennington’s influence over the locker room, and that a (wait for it) schism could develop if Henne struggles as the starter.

And maybe Henne knows this, which makes it easier for him to say all the right things.

28 responses to “Chad Henne has no problem with a possible Chad Pennington return

  1. I honestly hope that Pennington doesn’t return. Henne really developed as a starter last year. Bringing Pennington back only ads a distraction. Pennington is a smart guy but would expect to play and that is not what the Fins need.

  2. sounds like a smart kid. They should give Chad the starting job back anyways, unless they are going to cut him.

  3. It’s ridiculous for QB’s to think they have a say in who the club brings in anyway. You get paid to stay in shape and play….not decide the roster.

  4. yeah i hope henne gets the job too. i predicted he would be a pro bowler in an annual draft prediction that my roommate and i each make.

  5. I agree Rob. Let penny go start for a team like the cards or the vikes if Farve retires… Thanks for the memories Penny but its Henne time. What if Henne goes down you say? Clearly were screwed.

  6. henne is the present and future thanks pennington for the great wins but its time to move on!!

  7. would probably need both of them before the year is out … few quarterbacks can take the pounding for an entire season …. Pat White is NOT the answer, and Thigpen is reckless though exciting …

  8. Splifstarr…. Chad Hennie is not even on the same playing feild with Cleo lemon. Cleo plays in the well call it amatures, Hennie is a Superstar! And you will see that this year!! I love Chad P too but now we know the future of the fins, we have been waiting since Marino left and the football gods have blessed the Dolphins! (cough cough Bill “Tuna” Parcells)! Now get him a Legit Deep Threat cuz Ted Ginn will have me breaking things! (he’s poop, that’s cam cameron….)

  9. I don’t see us bringing back Pennington. Other teams will be interested, and he’ll want to get paid. The fins just have way too many holes to spend big money on a back-up QB.
    Pennington has been one of my favorite players over the past few years (and he was also one of the few Jets I ever liked), but it’s Henne’s time now. And for the first time since Marino, I am actually excited about our young QB. It’s a feeling us Dolphin fans aren’t quite used too.

  10. SpliffStar says:
    March 1, 2010 8:23 PM
    Chad Henne = Cleo Lemon
    Spliffstar = Non-Football Knowing Comedian

  11. “SpliffStar says:
    March 1, 2010 8:23 PM
    Chad Henne = Cleo Lemon

    You sir, are an idiot!

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