McClain sits out Combine drills

R. McClain.jpgAlabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain was a surprise late scratch for all the drills at the NFL Scouting Combine Monday.

He’s healthy, but has decided that working out wasn’t in his best interests.

There are widely ranging opinions about McClain, who is projected to go anywhere from the twelfth overall pick to the Dolphins to the start of the second round.  McClain may not fit well on a 4-3 defense. In fact, McClain said he’d be more comfortable as an inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

(Pittsburgh at No. 18 is one fit that makes a lot of sense.)

McClain wasn’t the only inside linebacker to forgo running.  Brandon Spikes of Florida was also expected to sit out the forty-yard dash.

UPDATE: Despite McClain saying he was healthy, McClain’s agent texted Mike Mayock of NFL Network to say that he’s been getting treatment on his hamstring and hopes to be ready for his Pro Day.

12 responses to “McClain sits out Combine drills

  1. any reason as to why?
    are they just not in football shape since their season ended?

  2. Who are you talking to that has McClain going in round 2?
    If he’s there for Pittsburgh at 18, I’ll eat my hat if they don’t draft him. I’m hoping Pittsburgh trades up w/ Jacksonville to grab him.

  3. If he goes to Pittsburgh I will lose it. He is too high of a character guy to play in that hole.

  4. Given that he’s coming out of Alabama, this makes you wonder if he’s as out of shape as Andre “man-boobs” Smith last year.

  5. “He’s healthy, but has decided that working out wasn’t in his best interests. ” “Well we have money, but we decided paying you wasn’t in our best interests,” is what he should be told by the front office when it comes time for his payday.

  6. (Pittsburgh at No. 18 is one fit that makes a lot of sense.)
    James Harrison can teach him how to p-unch guys in playoff games and not be caught.
    I know Steeler fans, the guy deserved it, anyone who dares try to block Harrison deserves to get punched.

  7. Pittsburgh would be a great fit for him. Timmons would move to Farrior’s spot (more pass coverage) and McClain would slide into his spot (more of a run stopper). I think he’ll go more like 10-15 rather than 18 and it will be a question of who else might be available (Earl Thomas?, Dan Williams?, the OL from Idaho and Iowa?).
    It’s really too bad that the Steelers are the only ones to take a cheap shot, while the other 31 teams are full of choirboys. Right Shux?

  8. Where is the venom and criticism toward McClaim for not running? Or is this just an anti-Tebow thing. Bottom line, players do what their agents tell them is in their best interest, right or wrong.

  9. Another over-hyped, trumped-up, way over-rated player under the Nick Saban umbrella. Possible reason for not working out is that he was not coached properly for the pro game by Saban. Ya know, this may make recruits avoid Saban and the Alabama program, because obviously Saban does not have McClain ready to play in the pros. Sure Alabama won the National Championship, but if his players are not ready for the pros, they may go to some place else where they are ready for the pros, like…………………………..Florida.

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