Redskins will bid on Sproles too

It might be faster to just write a post on the big-name free agents the Redskins won’t go after.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Redskins will be “among those” in the bidding for Darren Sproles.  Washington also reportedly wants Julius Peppers.

A player being tied to the Redskins will help an agent drive a player’s price up, so some skepticism is warranted when their interest is floated.  Then again, Washington really does go after most top names.

Washington needs some explosive talent on offense in any form, and Mike Shanahan watched Sproles up close in the AFC West for years.

If Sproles did arrive, we wonder how Clinton Portis would embrace the move.  As long as Portis problem heeds the message of Lavar Arrington’s epic rant, it shouldn’t be a problem.

31 responses to “Redskins will bid on Sproles too

  1. Meh… the ‘Skins can sign anyone they want — they’ll still manage to screw up the year. Players wanting a Super Bowl ring are well advised to avoid this place.

  2. Good, As long as they stay away from a guy who could really help them, like Carlos Dansby, I’m happy to see ‘The Danny’ pay big money to well known but ‘not as good as their reputation’ players. Sproles is a role player, he isn’t ever going to be an every down back. Wonder if ‘The Danny’ will pay him 10 or 12mil/yr to play 15 downs a game.

  3. Redskins will bid on every free-agent. Definantly not afraid to bid or spend. One of these spending sprees will pay off…ehh someday right? Who knows?!

  4. Gotta love Dan– I guess Mike isnt running the show afterall. Big Al will have a hangnail and miss the year now…

  5. Given Shanahan’s record with high priced free agents in Denver I would say Sproles and Peppers will be useless and cut in 2 years.

  6. If the Redskins do not make a major upgrade at QB, they could be the most expensive 8-8 team in history.

  7. Hell with the regular season, anybody can win the Lombardi.
    We all know what’s important is winning the offseason and Dan Snyder does it like no one else.

  8. Gotta love “The Danny” making people open up there wallets for people. I would not mind Sproles returning kicks for the Skins. And if he is a change of pace back that is great. Gotta love it when fans of teams who wont open up there wallets get pissed off because Dan will.

  9. Sproles grew up and played high school football less than 20 miles from Arrowhead Stadium. Sproles and Charles tandem sounds good to me.

  10. hey nebster..the reason fans hate when owners like midget loser weasel boy spends all these $$$ is the cost of everything else goes up…tickets, beer, concessions and the joke of what you dopes call parking in that pathetic stadium.

  11. Sure, because no player agent has ever falsely leaked the Redskins’ interest in order to drive the price up. /whistle
    As a Redskins fan, I’d like to see them try for him. he fills a need and RBs are more plug-and-play than otehr postions. But color me skeptical when a beat writer cites “sources”.

  12. Nebster,
    i dont think fans are jelous of anyteam that spends loads of money just to pick in the top 10 every year. It seems more like a joke.
    Big names go to die in washington.

  13. @ jay
    As much as I hate the Redskins their QB is not the problem. When you are signing guys off the street to play on the line you have no chance at anything. The Line is the key to any football team and QB’s success.

  14. They really need to outbid everyone for Dansby. Andre Carter had a great year last year, and Orakpo was a beast. If they are switching from the 4-3 to 3-4, they have the DE’s for the system, but don’t have the LB’s. They have Fletcher and McIntosh, that’s it. If they get Dansby through FA and draft another LB, their front 7 would be beast.

  15. Linemen Linemen Linemen Linemen Linemen
    Linemen Linemen Linemen Linemen Linemen
    And NOT defensive linemen
    How come the local garbage man knows this team needs linemen and the guys getting paid millions to know what’s needed are looking at Julius Peppers and Darren F&^%$# Sproles????????????????

  16. What most of you forget is that Shanny is very much like Danny in that they would rather buy their talent rather than grow it.
    So while many of you think the Redskins issues were fixed when they hired Allen and Shanny, it may have actually gotten worse.
    The problem with the Redskins is that they are more concerned with winning the off-season bowl (i.e. signing all of the top free agents), rather than winning the Super Bowl. Until that changes, they will never be contenders.

  17. (to the tune of Speed Racer)
    Here he comes, here comes Dan Snyder
    He’s gonna give up the cash!
    Gassing up Redskins One,
    To pick up someone else’s trash!
    Go Dan Snyder!
    Go Dan Snyder!
    Go Dan Snyder, Go!

  18. Where is there any concrete quotes from anyone within the organization about Sproles? Florio and his cronies are just a bunch of gossiping little girls. I sincerely don’t think the Skins will go after Peppers or Sproles, but I guess the speculation is going to be there based on passed actions. I doubt that Kevin Acee knows jack about the plans of the Redskins or the Chargers for that matter.
    An agent mentioning the Skins as a player for a player they represent is smarter than those who don’t. This does not mean that the Skins are actually going after that player. I guess we will have to wait and see. Until then I wouldn’t expect any of you idiots who commented earlier to actually read the article and see that neither Mike Shanahan or Bruce Allen had a quote in there about wanting Sproles.
    I hear that T.O is going back to dallass.

  19. Well guess who’s the idiot for posting has Kevin Acee has no knowledge of the Chargers? Oh, I guess the fact he’s their beat writer and travels with them for like the last thirteen years or so. Get your facts straight dummy.

  20. If it is an uncapped year and Dan Snyder has the money why wouldn’t he try to improve his team in any way he possibly could? If we are going to a 3-4 we need more LBs, even if we stayed with a 4-3 we need more LBs and if Peppers wants to play LB GO FOR IT! As far as Sproles, everyone on here is constantly ragging on Portis and the rest of the RBs, so why not get some depth. I think we only have like 5 picks in the draft this year so how does it hurt bringing in the best available players in as many positions as possible? THAT’S WHAT THE FRONT OFFICE IS SUPPOSED TO DO!! If there is no cap then all of the owners should be trying to do the same thing.
    Also, boysroll, I hate you. You are a jackass.

  21. What good is Sproles going to do them running behind that ragged line?….
    what do you mean what good will it do, they need someone to return punts and kickoffs….C’mon man

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