Report: Cromartie trade to Lions "highly unlikely"

Amid rumors of a possible trade of Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie to the Lions, Tom Kowalski of reports that such a deal is “highly unlikely.”

It’s not clear how the rumor got started, but Kowalski seems to be extremely confident that the deal won’t be going down.

And this means that the Chargers will have to find another suitor for Cromartie, who could be released if he isn’t traded.

18 responses to “Report: Cromartie trade to Lions "highly unlikely"

  1. A.J. Smith has successfully ruined the Chargers. What a self-consumed idiot. Somewhere Marty is laughing every year they fail in the playoffs

  2. As Kowalski mentioned in the link, Cromartie doesn’t play with a physical style that Schwartz likes. Besides, this isn’t the kind of player you target when your team needs leaders and you’re attempting to change the culture.
    Be it a tackle or a jimmy hat, Cromartie is afraid to wrap up.

  3. They must have just seen that facebook message board post that’s been everywhere…

  4. Pretty much figured it was a smoke screen.
    He’s probably just being released. That way teams can bid UP TO his pay rate rather than inherit it. Wow, can AJ Smith not f#@k anything up? What a mess he’s made this team into.

  5. I don’t care for AJ Smith as a person at all, but the Chargers were 13-3 this year and in the playoffs. Hardly a “ruined” team.

  6. What pick did Cromartie get drafted. Because I remember there was alot of hype with this guy. I can’t say a whole lot about the guy because I really haven’t paid much attention to him at all since coming into the NFL. But if, and I sure don’t doubt it with all the negative comments, he really is afraid to get physical, how come it took this long to notice.
    Because I certainly don’t remember hearing anything about this during his draft year. All I remember hearing was he’s one of the top corners and could be a star etc. And anything I say shouldn’t be taken with much merit because I really know nothing about this guy, cause really, he hasn’t done anything to make me notice him. But it just seems that he is just one big chicken sh!t who really won’t have a future in the NFL 3 years from now. And it blows my mind how a couple years ago, scouts were singing a different tune, labeling him as one of the best.
    Like I said, I could be totally off with everything here, because I know very little about him. But from my recollection, I thought he was regarded as a great player coming into the NFL, so anytime I heard about him, I thought it was good stuff. Just never paid attention to what it was, and really notice that he’s done very little, and is afraid to be physical in one of the most physical sports in the world.

  7. @Keller_2
    Somewhere Marty is wondering why HE never win a playoff game. AJ Smith knows football and football players deal with it!!!

  8. The Lions are exhausting every effort to fill their stadium with fans. This is the smart approach. Now if they sign Cro, and can get 1/2 of his kids and baby-momas to buy tickets, then they just sold out half the stadium. Misson accomplished. cro just paid for himself.
    Besides, the population in Detroit has been going down. Maybe they are trying to repopulate it? Is Travis Henry still in shape?

  9. Thank God this trade is over. We have a young team that has potential to get better. Last thing we need is players with major character flaws.

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