Report: Ochocinco to join Dancing with the Stars

Lewis_Ocho.jpgOf all the football players who have strutted their stuff on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, only one — Jason Taylor — appeared on the show while his NFL career was still going.

There now will be two, reportedly.

According to TMZ, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco will join the cast for the season that launches on March 22.

Though Chad’s OCNN has not broken the news on his Twitter page, he posted earlier today that he’s in Los Angeles.  He has joked that he will be crashing the Oscars on Sunday night.

As best we can tell given our fairly rudimentary Google skills, the official lineup will be unveiled tonight on ABC.  Reality star Kate Gosselin is also expected to be one of the contestants.

If he’s successful on the dancing competition, Ochocinco could miss much of the team’s offseason program.  He has skipped most of the team’s voluntary drills in each of the past two years.

26 responses to “Report: Ochocinco to join Dancing with the Stars

  1. Ocho offered to babysit for Carson Palmers kids – maybe he’ll just be Kate Gosselin’s nanny while she dances. Now THAT would be a good reality show, watching Ocho take care of eight kids. Childs, please!

  2. he wont be permited to participate
    Roger “whats good for the nfl and not for the fans” Goodel

  3. Being a Bengal fan i’d be fine with this. A lot of o and d linemen do dance to work on there footwork. Sure, Chad isn’t a linemen but this will be good for his footwork, which is already very good. let the guy have some fun

  4. the best thing i’ve done to date in 2010 was starting to “follow” OchoCinco on Twitter
    the guy is PURE COMEDY all the time

  5. jimicos says: March 1, 2010 2:20 PM
    Hey Florio,
    Whatever happened to this?
    “Finally, for those of you who complain that we have too many ads on the page, the PFT-on-NBC project will feature only two total ad units per page.”
    Ads? What ads? Lolz

  6. This isn’t any great surprise. Those morons at ESPN have been placating this self absorbed douche bag for years by putting him on the air with debates and other nonsensical crap.

  7. Bengals will never win the big game with “Look at me” and “It’s all about OCHO baby” and “I’m a primadona” and “I’m the best, just ask me” and “Child Please” and……..
    Thank God this dummy doesn’t play on my favorite team.

  8. @Kevin from Philly … “Childs, please!” ROFL
    Okay, as a girl, it’s safe for me to admit watching DWTS and you never know about the NFL guys. Emmitt Smith and Warren Sapp were shockingly good dancers! Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor … ouch. Even if he can’t dance, Chad will charm the voters, which will keep him around for at least a few weeks.

  9. Wow. Another diva cast on “Dancing with the Stars”. My guess is that he’s paired with Maksim…

  10. @TheWizard …
    Darlin’, I am many things, but intellectually challenged isn’t one of them.
    Pomposity isn’t an attractive quality. And when you feel the need to go on nearly every thread and tell people how superior you are to everyone else … well, you’re working awfully hard to convince someone, aren’t you?

  11. Every thread?
    I’m on 2 a day, and not every day.
    No inferiority complex here. Not at this place.

  12. The Bengals don’t have a playoff win under their belt since Chad arrived, yet he thinks it’s time to revert back to his selfish ways.
    I can see Carson Palmer sitting in his house in SoCal right now shaking his head in disbelief at the amount of dysfunction he’s had to deal with throughout his entire career.
    No wonder the guy has never even so much as cracked a smile during his career.

  13. Well, Wizard, I was defending you the other day when you were battling with some strange sub-species. But today as I’ve been catching up with my PFT reading, it seems I keep coming across your name attached to some disagreeable comment. Anyway, don’t be so quick to assume those of us who sometimes watch mindless entertainment really are mindless. Everyone needs to lighten up with some light entertainment now and then.

  14. Chad is good for the game he is funny he is harmless.
    Never hear he has a gun or beat his women or got DWI.
    People relax its a game and he is having fun
    I would love to have him play for the Giants and he would love all the NY press

  15. Deb says:
    “Emmitt Smith and Warren Sapp were shockingly good dancers! Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor … ouch.”
    As Rick James once said, cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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