2011 Pro Bowl will be played week before Super Bowl

The NFL has declared the experiment of playing the Pro Bowl a week before the Super Bowl a success, announcing today that in 2011, the Pro Bowl will be played one week before the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year. As previously announced, the Pro Bowl is moving back to Hawaii in 2011.

“Playing the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl generated more excitement and interest in the event and also kicked off Super Bowl week in an innovative new way,” NFL Senior VP of Events Frank Supovitz said in a statement. “We are pleased to return to the State of Hawaii, which has embraced the Pro Bowl for 30 years.”

The 2010 Pro Bowl on ESPN was watched by an average of 12.3 million viewers, the most for a Pro Bowl since 2000 and a 40 percent increase from 2009.

Next year’s Pro Bowl will be shown live on Fox at 7 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, January 30, 2011. Super Bowl XLV will be a week later on Sunday, February 6, at Cowboys Stadium, also televised by Fox.

33 responses to “2011 Pro Bowl will be played week before Super Bowl

  1. “Playing the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl generated more excitement and interest in the event and also kicked off Super Bowl week in an innovative new way,” NFL Senior VP of Events Frank Supovitz said in a statement.
    …uh yeah. can I have some of what *he’s* smokin’?

  2. Actually, Hawaii is as close to Jerryworld as the last parking spot in the lot and the airfare is the same as the SB ticket price, so it’s no big difference.

  3. If by “excitement,” you mean constant complaining and wild distractions from the real business at hand and a game that means absolutely nothing played by 3rd and 4th rank all stars, then yes it was a success.

  4. So will they make the Superbowl Pro-bowlers fly out to Hawaii for an appearance and then have to fly back to Dallas?

  5. so much for making the season last a little longer!!! I’m not going to watch again in 2011!!!

  6. Well, they got it half right. They should play the Pro Bowl in the same stadium as the Super Bowl just like they did this year. It would be a great kickoff to the weeks activities and there would probably be far greater attendance than there will be in Hawaii. This year seemed to work out very well from attendance and interest standpoints.

  7. So are participants in the Super Bowl goign to be expected to fly all the way to Hawaii to make an appearance, then have to fly to the site of the Super Bowl? If so, thats crazy.
    Its one thing if the site of the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl are the same. I didnt see why it was a big deal for the Colts and Saints players who were in the Pro Bowl to get to Miami a day sooner to make an appearance. But to make players who are in next years Super Bowl fly all the way to Hawaii would be nuts….hopefully they wont do that…

  8. i think it was a cool idea….hey i watched it while making golumbki and drinkin crown royal on the rocks!

  9. They should keep it in the same city as the Superbowl. The Pro Bowl served as a nice distraction from the two weeks of Superbowl hype.

  10. They should take the best guys from the NFC and AFC, but once they get there, divide the teams up by big college vs small college- or 1-3 round draft pick vs all others – Then they play for pride.

  11. They are talking of giving a superbowl to the new Jets stadium, no player is going to be willing to play the probowl when its 18 degrees outside, in an outdoor stadium. How do these people keep their jobs.

  12. I dont care what the ratings say, it’s still a mistake.
    If you hold the game the week after the Super Bowl, that’s a full THREE weeks after the conference championship games, giving players who were in those games the chance to heal up, depressurize and come out for the game.
    As it is now, you’re virtually eliminating from the ProBowl any players from the Final 4 teams, which will usually be some of the marquee names in the league.
    The ratings spike this year will drop back down once the novelty of “week of Super Bowl” is lost and once fans realize they’re watching a bunch of David Garrards out there.

  13. I’m curious to what happens to the money generated by having the pro bowl played in miami.. miami benefited.. the stadium(tixs, etc).. team perhaps?? Now dallas and future super bowl locations gets robbed of that extra revenue the pro bowl generates? I’m seeing that as unfair if its not split up amongest the teams..

  14. I would rather watch paint dry! (Hey, thats what I did this year!) As stated, if we wanted to see the 3rd and 4th ranked all stars, we would have voted them in in the first place!

  15. I officially have watched my last ProBowl. Not like they care. They don’t seem to care what any fans have to say though. Hence, the completion rules, the tuck rule, etc so I guess this should come as no shock in what’s fast becoming the actual “No-Fun-League”.
    Doesn’t matter anyways. Unless they start making it mandatory for every team to at least have one player there, as in hockey to keep interest from all teams, then nobody from my team is ever going to make it anyways making it pointless to watch no matter what happens. If Calvin Johnson can’t make it with the numbers he had 2 years ago, nobody is ever going to make it from Detroit.

  16. McKinnie will be in Hawaii looking for the practice field…..oh, that’s right……

  17. Thanks to this new format, 11 QB’s made the probowl this year. Does anyone really believe that 1 out of every 3 starting QB’s should make the probowl? It kind of defeats the purpose.

  18. I didn’t watch the Pro Bowl this year. The only reason I’ve watched it in years’ past was to get my last NFL fix until late summer.
    With this new format, I don’t have to waste a Sunday watching the Pro Bowl…thanks NFL.

  19. Yes, having the Super Bowl players fly to Hawaii, wave at the crowd, and then fly to Dallas or where ever their respective teams reside. Makes a ton of sense, NFL.
    Just play the damn game the week before where ever the Super Bowl is being played. You really love Hawaii so much? Have the F’ing Super Bowl there.

  20. idiot Goodell at his finest!!! He is the worst commishner in all the sports!!! NFL will be going downhill before too long!!! ready for a lockout in 2011??? Goodell is going to make sure that is going to happen!!!

  21. Why not have the pro bowl and the superbowl the same weekend? It makes sense to me. You get to see all the top football players one day and the superbowl the next. You don’t have to fly back and forth. What do you guys think? Is this a bad idea?

  22. With players dropping out of the pro bowl left and right …I figure 1/2 the league will be named to the pro bowl next season…The game is a joke why not go back to some sort of individual combine like workouts
    To see who is the fastest in the nfl and who can bench the most lbs instead of who can collect a pro bowl bonus and immediately come down with a hang nail

  23. The only reason to play the Pro Bowl anymore is money. Goodell would much rather rake in the gate receipts and TV money and turn the game into a mockery than forfeit that money and return a little credibility to the status of being named a Pro Bowler.
    David Garrard was a Pro Bowler this year. David Garrard?
    Do away with the game completely. Name the teams and leave it at that. No more 3rd, 4th and 5th replacements. It’s ridiculous and it cheapens the honor of being named to the Pro Bowl.
    Not to mention that the stupid rules and crummy effort by the players make the game a joke anyway.

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