Bills pick a Favorite

The Bills announced Tuesday they added defensive tackle Marlon Favorite to their roster.

The 317-pound undrafted rookie spent time on four practice squads last year.  He could possibly play nose tackle in Buffalo’s 3-4 system.

Then again, players that got dropped by four teams usually get dropped by a fifth in short order.

15 responses to “Bills pick a Favorite

  1. …. updating my Fantasy Rankings as we speak… thanks for the ground-breaking update!!!
    Can’t beleive Mayock and Kiper missed this !!!!

  2. Favorite was on the Saints practice squad last year. I wonder if he will get a Super Bowl ring? Maybe the Bills wanted to bring in a player with a Super Bowl Championship ring to show the other players what they look like?
    Favorite is actually a decent prospect for a Defensive Tackle. Lots of players bounce around a little before they finally settle in somewhere. Good luck Marlon, I hope you get that Super Bowl Ring, you can wear it right next to your LSU National Championship Ring. Not many players have one of each of those rings.

  3. no more reporting on the CFL please.
    This PRO football talk.
    Florio, please refocus on the NFL

  4. I thought Buffalo lost their team in like 94?
    Is Marv Levy still the coach?

  5. Haha, skins fans hating on other teams, and Buffalo no less. Slow news day, maybe, slow fans, definitely.

  6. @Superbowl: It’s gettin old. Got any new material? No? I didn’t think so. Move on.

  7. Seriously Superbowl, time to get some new material. It must be hard to find time to post on a Bills story between flossing with Tom Brady’s Jock strap.

  8. Bills fan here, and there are not many times we can say this lately, but DieHardSkinsFan….SCOREBOARD buddy!!!! Only 8 teams pick before us this year, guess which ones…Get over your trash when you have been the whipping post of the NFC for the past 9 years despite having a team with deep pockets, a pro bowl caliper running back (before last year) and legendary coaches….ha, you are a hot mess. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about you, wanna hear it? Hear it go…Glory days, whoa passing by, Glory days….

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