Browns, Cribbs getting closer to a deal

Cribbs.jpgThough the deal supposedly was going to be done last week, progress has been made on a contract between the Browns and receiver Josh Cribbs.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the team and Cribbs’ agents have agreed on everything but the amount of the guaranteed money.

Of course, the amount of the guaranteed money is a fairly important term, given that the custom is for the NFL base salaries to not be guaranteed.

Per Cabot, the Browns currently are considering Cribbs’ latest proposal.  If the Browns reject it, Cribbs might have to decide whether to take the deal — or to honor the three remaining years of his current contract. 

The fact that Cribbs already is signed for the next three years has complicated the process, given that Cribbs has no real leverage.  And though Cabot points out that, over the past three years, Cribbs leads the league in all-purpose yards, kickoff returns contain a lot of fluff.  We’re far more impressed by yards from scrimmage, since it’s rare that a guy can cover 10-20 percent of the field after an offensive snap without being touched.

16 responses to “Browns, Cribbs getting closer to a deal

  1. Call it “fluff” if you want Florio. This guy single-handedly ran all over your beloved stoolers last year.

  2. Cribbs has no real leverage? He’s the best player on that team. He plays special teams returns, coverage, and offense. He has set NFL records. He is the fan favorite on this team. He has given Browns fans a local college guy to root for. He plays 100% on a horrible team.
    We all want a team that wins playoff games and titles. However, very few teams do that each year. The Belichick model taught us that we need the best athletes that are willing to take the least money and have no loyalty to the city, fanbase, or organization that pays their bills. Everyone emulated, and now you have Randy Moss looking for a way out of NE.
    Florio, the Browns are a couple years away from being a contender. BUT, the fans NEED something to root for in the meantime. They need a hard working guy to go all out each play. They need a guy that whenever he touches the ball, he has the possibility to score. They need someone that has been there through the horrible times of the Browns. Cribbs make football fun for a terrible team and a starving fan base.
    You think Bernie Kosar is loved in Cleveland because he had contract leverage? He’s loved in Cleveland because he was what Josh Cribbs is now. He was a fighter. The difference is that Bernie was compensated for his role.
    No Leverage? I own Cribbs’ jersey. I buy the $400 DirecTV NFL ticket to watch Cribbs run back returns for touchdowns on a 4 and 5 win team.
    Just remember, not everyone loves this game because it is a business. Most of us love this game because these are our guys, fighting hard against their guys. That is worth some compensation.

  3. We’ve heard this already…. Hows about letting us know when the deal is actually done?

  4. Cue the “He’s just an overrated, average punt returner and nothing more” idiots…

  5. What other players in the league had 2500 all purpose yards and 6 TD’s as their team’s #3 WR and kick returner?

  6. “Florio, the Browns are a couple years away from being a contender.”
    lol. a couple years?

  7. Evil Dead:
    What a great post from a compassionate fan.
    That is what being a fan is all about.

  8. Evil Dead is wrong!!!
    Not saying all of what was written is wrong except the main premise is…WRONG. Cribbs has NO leverage. He has 3 years remaining on his contract, period. The Browns don’t have to pay him more if they don’t want to. Not to say they shouldn’t or won’t but they don’t have to. Sure he can sit out but after that he would still have 3 years left on his contract.
    NO leverage!
    Pay da man!!!!!!!

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