Free agency preview: Defensive backs

[Editor’s note:  This is the fourth in a series of position
snapshots previewing the 2010 NFL free agency period.  Check out the
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Top unrestricted free agent defensive backs:

1. Dunta Robinson, CB: A good, not great starting cornerback that hasn’t quite lived up to his early promise.  Still, he’s a solid young starter that actually made it to the open market.  That’s probably worth $20 million guaranteed.

2. Leigh Bodden, CB:  A physical corner, Bodden was probably New England’s best at the position last year.  He may be equal as a player to Robinson, but should come more cheaply.

3. Antrel Rolle, S (Will be released):  At worst, Rolle is a slightly-above average starting safety in his prime.  That will make him rich in this market.

4. Darren Sharper, S: He won’t help you in run support and may play for stats, but Sharper still offers play-making in the right system.

5. Ryan Clark, S: He probably has more value to the Steelers than anyone else.

6. Roy Williams, S: His struggles in pass coverage will keep his price tag down.

7. Nick Harper, CB: Now 35, he fits better in a zone defense best.

8. Brian Williams, CB: Last with the Falcons, this former Jaguars cornerback can still help at nickel back.

9. Sean Jones, S: Once looked like a rising player in Cleveland.

10. Desean Townsend, CB: Still contributed last year, but it’s not a great sign the Steelers will let him go.

Other names to know:

Jermaine Phillips, Anthony Henry, Nate Jones, Desea Townsend, Will Allen, Ken Lucas, Dry Bly, Walt Harris, Stanford Routt, Mike Brown, Clinton Hart, Bryan Scott.

Restricted free agents that are unlikely to change teams:

O.J. Atogwe, Nick Collins, Roman Harper, Atari Bigby, Bernard Pollard, Melvin Bullitt, Dawan Landry Richard Marshall, Carlos Rogers, Fabian Washington, Marlin Jackson, Ellis Hobbs, William Gay, Tramon Williams, Will Blackmon, Karl Paymah

Interesting names that could get cut:

1. Reggie Nelson Jaguars S: He doesn’t really hit or make plays.  But he was a first-rounder!

2. Gibril Wilson, Dolphins S: It sounds like he’ll make it to training camp, but the big hitter was a disappointment last season. Again.  

3. Nathan Vasher, Bears CB: Remember when he made the Pro Bowl?

Trade possibilities:

1. Carlos Rogers, Redskins CB: He’s had an up-and-down career, but the former top-ten pick would certainly garner interest if made available.  

2. Antonio Cromartie, Chargers CB: League-average at best the last two years, but there is still a ton of talent here to harness.  Perhaps he’ll mature.

3. Kerry Rhodes, Jets S: His toughness has been questioned, but Rhodes has made his share of plays during his career.

Teams in the market for defensive backs:  

Jets, Patriots, Browns, Texans, Titans, Chiefs, Broncos, Giants, Redskins, Bears, Rams, Falcons, and Bucs.  Oh, who are we kidding?  Every team needs defensive backs.

10 responses to “Free agency preview: Defensive backs

  1. HAHAHA! You think 20 million guaranteed will be enough to sign Robinson? Think again, the Texans offered him 23 million guaranteed last year and he wouldn’t acccept it. That’s why they let him walk…

  2. Dawan Landry comes to mind as a restricted free agent possibilty- he is a safety granted, but definitely alot more talented than a lot of the bums listed.

  3. “Other names to know:
    Jermaine Phillips, Anthony Henry, Nate Jones, Desea Townsend, Will Allen, Ken Lucas, “Dry Bly,” Walt Harris, Stanford Routt, Mike Brown, Clinton Hart, Bryan Scott.”
    Ummmm…yeah…his name is actually “Dre Bly” not “Dry Bly.”

  4. look at the stat you people rod hood stat just as good or better than the people you all so high on

  5. evey where rod hood go the team he own go to the super bowl look at his stat and compare stop listen to the media just because he did not get drafted he is still among the best cb in the nfl look at his stat

  6. it’s sad when the media take one bad play and wipe out 20 good plays just because the person is not very well known rod hood is one the elite player look at his stat and compare with your suppose to be elite cb

  7. the reason atrelle rolle is playing safety is because rod hood bench him at started 16 game his first year with the cardinals and had a pro bowl year no one did not even mention it from the media

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