Kokinis could be returning to Baltimore

nfl_g_kokinis01_300.jpgFormer Browns G.M. George Kokinis, abruptly thrown under the bus during his first season on the job, had taken the position while serving as the director of pro personnel in Baltimore.

And Kokinis was spotted with the Ravens’ contingent at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, prompting talk that Kokinis could be returning to the team.  So we’re done a little poking around, and Kokinis indeed could be rejoining the Ravens in an undetermined capacity.  If it happens, it most likely will occur after the 2010 draft.

Kokinis was fired for cause, with the Browns never identifying whatever it is that Kokinis did to prompt the team to slam the door on his ongoing compensation.  Instead, vague rumors emerged — which the Browns never addressed one way or the other. 

At the core, the perception remains that Kokinis, a long-respected executive, had been pushed into the background by coach Eric Mangini and that Kokinis opted not to fight his long-time friend.  Given that the move occurred at a time when the Browns were among the very worst teams in the league, it’s hard not to conclude based on the available evidence that Kokinis was made to be a scapegoat for the team’s performance, and that the move never would have occurred if the Browns hadn’t been so bad at the time.

That said, the Browns were very bad at the time, and Kokinis was one of the people potentially accountable for the team’s performance.  But with the team firing him for cause in an apparent effort not to have a list of buyout recipients larger than Travis Henry’s family tree, Kokinis came away from the experience with a blow to his reputation that was bigger than it should have been.

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  1. Was Kokinis thrown under the bus, or was he COMPLETELY incapable of doing his job?
    President Holmgren and Tom Heckert BOTH acknowledge that Coach Mangini was thrown into a situation that was unfair to him (Coach Mangini, not Kokinis), which was a major reason President kept Coach.
    But you and the rest of the media will continue your anti-Mangini parade. He’s the President Obama of the NFL: blame him for everything even when it’s not his fault.

  2. You can speculate that Kokinis was a scapegoat. I can speculate that he showed up to work drunk, fooled around with the staff, stole office supplies , and sold company secrets to the Steelers.
    Since the Browns won’t comment, “one way of the other”, all we can do is speculate.

  3. He was the only member of the Browns’ front office against Braylon Edwards going in for a hands transplant.
    He thought a brain transplant was more appropriate.
    And since he was neither from Michigan or Ohio, he had no supporters.
    As it turns out, history has shown that Edwards needed both hand and brain transplants. So Kokomo was at least half right.

  4. nothing factual in this article…..just a bunch of speculation taht bashes the browns of course….
    how come you don’t reveal the real rumor about kokinis mike?
    that he was bangin’ erin O’ b in the building…remember she was dismissed just prior to him…
    you’re hatred of cle is duly noted….your lack of factual evidence is as well…

  5. Just one more hatchet job on the Browns by Mikey Florio. Is that the best you got, Mikey?

  6. Not a Democrat, but I DO see the similarities.
    -Both inherited messes.
    -Both had no honeymoon period and were instantly reviled by those who didn’t like them.
    -Both had LOGIC for why they did things.
    It is a process and people want to oust others before the process can see itself through, both politically AND in football.

  7. Of course the reason he was let go was because the team was bad. Couldn’t possibly have a single thing to do with his actual performance as GM, now could it? Because that would just be ridiculous. People never get fired for not doing their job.

  8. The browns don’t need Florio or any other member of the media to make them look bad. Deep down inside all you Browns fans know this.

  9. you brownie fans are something else. how hard is it to see that Kokinis had a falling out with his buddy Mangina and either lost a power struggle or decided not to fight it. Kokinis had more experience in the NFL than Mangina. He was aware of what was going on. And if the Browns had no fault in the issue, why did Kokinis walk away with a cool couple of million?
    Sheesh – at least admit it when your team screws the pooch. You act like the Browns have done nothing wrong in the last decade and that anyone who questions them obviously is doing a hatchet job. Must be all those Superbowl trophies in Berea blinding your reality…..

  10. The Browns are a wasteland. He should have never left a class organization like the Ravens for an ass organization such as the Browns. Now, Holmgren will be ruined in that horrid place.
    May the curse of Modell continue to haunt that place until Modell is rightfully in the HOF.

  11. Bottom line is that neither Mangini nor Kokinis had been around long enough when Kokinis was shown the door for either of them to be responsible for the mess that was, is, and always shall be the Browns. it’s plain silly to blame either one.

  12. As a Browns fan, I didn’t like how the Kokinis situation was handled, had too many female tendencies behind it!
    Can anyone else name a GM that was hired and fired in as short a period as Kokinis?

  13. “-Both inherited messes.”
    Keep telling yourself that as the country is paying off that 1st trillion dollars that was heaved upon the public to pay off political supporters. These are the people who told you that spending this money would would keep unemployment below 9%. Face it, Sparky, your messiah owns it and everyone knows it.

  14. Are you all STUPID? Did Mangini not make a trade without Kokonis’s knowledge or sign off? That is FACT 1. Did Mangini not lie about his knowledge of Quinn’s contract? That’s FACT 2. Did Mangini not RAT out the coach who gave him his first chance? That’s FACT 3. Stop making excuses and lying to yourselves! Mangini is a divisive human being out to save nothing but his own fat ass! PERIOD!! No one, and I stress NO ONE wanted to coach or be associated with this guy. How many GM candidates said no thanks after he was hired? That’s FACT 4!!

  15. Am I the only one who realizes that the Mangini made moves after Kokinas got canned turned the team around. Had the team not ended it’s season 4-0 I would understand the Mangini hatred but it more than anything makes it look like Kokinas was not good at his job. The Browns could have kept Phil Savage if they needed a GM who would not make any decision on the QB issue’s of Cleveland and add a running back debate to go with it while getting rid of everyone else who actually produced on that offense. Not to mention Edwards trade value was extremely high prior to the draft and nothing came of it even though they could have gotten better players from the Giants than they did in the Jets trade (though the Jets players turned out well anyway). I think Browns fans are better off with the accidental dream team of a front office they have now. It’ll work out for them in the end.

  16. The Browns settled their grievance with Kokinos recently, costing them much money. They also recently settled their grievance with Samir Suleiman, so Mangini’s first year was a costly one for the organization. (http://peteprisco.blogs.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/view/6315047?mcctag=Cleveland%20Browns) Instead of hiring Suleiman to assist Kokinos, they brought in Dawn Aponte from the league office. Mike Keenan, at the time the club president but now also a former employee of the Browns, made that decision. By bringing in Aponte, he got the Browns to be the first team ever fined ($50k) for violating the league’s anti-tampering policy regarding league employees.
    And let’s discuss Ms. Aponte. She was brought in as a so-called cap expert, but was also let go (or traded to Miami) in Holmgrem’s housecleaning. In her brief tenure with the Browns, she made their 1st round pick, Alex Mack the 21st overall pick, the lowest 1st rounder to ever get escalators in his contract in more than just the last year of their rookie contract. Rumor has it she did not even know how to sign a player from another team’s practice squad. She has since moved on to the Miami Dolphins where she completely botched cutting Joey Porter, as has been reported here previously.

  17. wah, politics! wah, mangini!
    it’s like listening to 12 year girls fight. awesome…

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