Marketing reps in Combine tussle reveal themselves

We reported over the weekend that two marketing representatives had nearly come to blows at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal shares more details.

Per Mullen, Mike Ornstein and Bill Henkel admitted to Mullen that they were the agents involved in the “heated argument,” an argument that has been, as Mullen puts it, was “the talk of NFL circles.”  Mullen also reports that the players at the center of the tug-o-war are Illinois receiver Arrellious Benn and Mississippi quarterback Jevan Snead. 

Henkel said he has secured the marketing representation of Benn and Snead, and that he accused Ornstein of saying bad things about Henkel.  “I confronted him on why he is telling people I am recruiting that I am
a bad guy,” Ornstein said.  “It
was a very quick, heated deal.  I think I referred to Orny as
‘an old man,’ truly in a joking manner, like, ‘You are not going to
take a swing at me.'”

“Orny” might have taken a swing, if he hadn’t been restrained by NFL agent and former player Vann McElroy.  Ornstein downplayed the situation, telling Mullen that “[i]t was just a little disagreement; no blows thrown; a few words exchanged.”

It sound like it was a few more words than “a few,” and we guess that more than a few of them starting with “F”.