News flash: The Dolphins will have an internal budget

In these uncertain times, with bargained-for collusion regarding spending ceilings and floors evaporating soon, the disclosure of obvious business realities somehow has become news.

We’re not faulting those who are reporting it.  Without a salary cap or a salary floor for the first time in 17 years, NFL teams have to be guided by something.

It’s called a budget.  (Of course, the fact that the concept is news to newspaper people might help us understand why the newspaper industry is in so much trouble.)

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins will be applying an “internal budget” during the 2010 league year.

“I don’t think money buys victories,” Ross told Salguero at the Ritz-Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, where the owners are meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
“I think we have the right personnel to make the right decisions.  And
you do what you need to do.  But you don’t throw money at things just to
buy victories.  That doesn’t do it.  It’s about your brains, not your
pocketbook that does it.”

He’s right.  Even if a team splurges in 2010 free agency, there will be plenty of guys already under contract who will resent the guys who were at the right stages of their careers at the right time.  The pill will be even harder to swallow for guys who would have been unrestricted free agents in any other year, and who are asked to roll out the welcome mat for a guy who came to the NFL one year sooner and thus was able to strike it rich.

Still, Ross told Salguero that the football people will be able to do what they think is necessary.  And he’s right on that, too, given that V.P. of football operations still has the ability to walk away at any time, be paid the balance of his contract, and go to work for someone else.

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  1. Why the dig on newspapers when you are regurgitating their stories? If you don’t think it is important enough for them to report on it, then what makes it important enough for you to regurgitate?

  2. “We’re not faulting those who are reporting it.” Because then you have to point at yourself………….

  3. Buying some QUALITY talent will get wins right now!!! Seems like Ross is going to be a cheap @ss owner!!! Parcells will probably take the Money & run next year!!!

  4. I wonder if the “budget” will be more, less, or equal to the 2009 salary cap.
    Then again it wont be hard for teams to underspend this year, they can always point to the lack of UFA’s when the union starts crying.
    And teams like Tampa/Arizona never spend regardless of the cap situation.

  5. I love how Florio changes his p.o.v. for every story:
    Bucs don’t spend = losing season
    Dolphins don’t spend = winning formula
    Redskins over spend = more losing
    So which is it Florio??
    By the way, anyone notice that, in the “Draft” menu tab, the 2009 draft order is still up?? Good to know that Florio has whored this site out to NBC, only to put out an inferior product. Keep giving Peter King “reach arounds”, Florio, at least you’re pleasing someone…

  6. Gautam;
    the fact that only two of us noticed that doesn’t say a whole lot for those that are posting here!

  7. But this is not indicative of there not being a problem, the fact that there is no cap doesn’t mean the majority of teams will spend freely. Most teams will indeed have a spending budget administered from within that will likely be competitive with most organizations, like any other capital market. The issue is that like baseball, there will still be one or two franchises whose budget will be substantially higher than the rest of the franchises, and there will be one or two franchises whose budget will be substantially lower. This is what will tilt the shift of balance that the NFL benefits from today. Yes, there are four organizations that have more than one appearance or multiple super bowl wins as of this last decade, but weekend to weekend the phrase “any given sunday” still lives gloriously, this phrase will diminish with the outlying organizations whose budgets will be 50% different in either direction from the average NFL teams’ budget.

  8. Let’s make one thing clear: Whether you want to spend a dollar or you want to spend a 100 billion in the team payroll, that’s still applying an “internal budget.”
    Ross says he doesn’t want to overspend (Who does?)…
    “But again, Ross said the football men will be able to do “what they feel is necessary,” to help the team.”
    Hell of a article Armando.

  9. Your an Idiot Florio.
    You ragging on teams for saying they will have a budget and saying that because newspapers report on meaningless things like this is why their failing.
    What your doing is even worse though because your not actually reporting it. Your just reporting that other people have reported it.
    You are the biggiest hypocrite in the world. And thats probably why even your heroes (Rich Eisen) make fun of you on national tv.

  10. Stephen M. Ross (born 1940 in Detroit, Michigan) is founder, chairman and CEO of The Related Companies, L.P., a New York City-based real estate firm. He owns 95% of the Miami Dolphins NFL football franchise and 95% of Sun Life Stadium.
    In February 2008, Ross bought 50 percent of the Miami Dolphin franchise, Dolphin Stadium and surrounding land from then-owner Wayne Huizenga for $550 million, with an agreement to later become the Dolphins’ managing general partner. On January 20, 2009, in exchange for $1 billion more, Ross closed on the purchase of an additional 45 percent of[clarification needed] from Wayne Huizenga. This means Ross is now the owner of 95% of both the franchise and the stadium.
    Forbes list: Steven Ross worth $4.5 billion

  11. At least the “budget” is football related as opposed to you reporting on an alligator skin desk and chairs that may or may not have been purchased by Dan Snyder.

  12. most of you guys aren’t understanding that “having a budget” is NOT the same as “not spending”. So no, Florio isn’t being a hypocrite here. The Dolphins will & do spend, they just set an artificial limit. The beauty is they call it a “budget” and not a “cap”…. which is what, i believe, florio was highlighting.
    Stephen Ross is the owner of the Miami Dolphins, for those that asked.
    Much like if a Rams article mentioned Georgia Frontiere, a Patriots article listed Kraft, or a Vikings article mentions Wilf…. most of us are pretty aware of the owners. 🙂
    “Still, Ross told Salguero that the football people will be able to do what they think is necessary. And he’s right on that, too, given that V.P. of football operations still has the ability to walk away at any time, be paid the balance of his contract, and go to work for someone else.”
    you’d have to think this ideology is working, as parcells hasn’t left yet.

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