Report: Bears have $25 million in "up-front" money to spend

Last month, Bears president Ted Phillips declared that the Bears won’t go “hog wild” in free agency.

Apparently, not going hog wild means having only $25 million in guaranteed money to spend on free agents.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that G.M. Jerry Angelo has received permission to spend that amount in order to secure “impact” free agents.  Frankly, that won’t be enough to make a competitive bid for Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers — especially if the Redskins are sitting in the crowd with one of those paddles with a number on it.

Jensen suggests that the allotted sum could go even higher based on a purging of veterans like Orlando Pace, whose departure frees up $3.75 million under whatever budget the team has applied to the 2010 season.  Others who could be targeted for full or partial pay cuts are cornerback Nathan Vasher, defensive end Alex Brown, and receiver Rashied Davis.

16 responses to “Report: Bears have $25 million in "up-front" money to spend

  1. So reports of NFL teams being hard up for money to spend on player salaries is greatly exaggerated is what you’re saying. Hear that players union. . .
    So lets get this straight, Julius Peppers will make like $15-20 million in guaranteed money next season but some 3rd round pick like Elvis Dumervill will catch on somewhere and have the same amount of sacks as Peppers will next season while making $750,000. The players union, if it knows what’s good for them, should agree to a new cap so players with similar stats aren’t compensated so wildly different.

  2. The bigger question is, “have they sat down with Cutler and find out how he wants to spend this money”.

  3. Sadly, for the bears, the *true* commodity in the NFL is draft picks, not salary.
    And in that department the Bears are BANKRUPT. Snicker.

  4. Say “halasownsyou” while you are exhibiting your fine education, and upbringing with your language, I am sure that your threat to leave da bears is going to shake them up to the very roots of their organization.
    But seriously, have you heard that PacMan is willing to try out with ANYBODY? At least you and Mr. Jones could communicate well, considering his vocabulary seems to have been formed in a similar gutter.

  5. Wow the Bears are really a mess huh…
    It looks like this is the year the Lions drag themselves out of the basement of the NFC North. And no, I’m not being sarcastic

  6. Do Broncos fans convulsively shudder every time the Bears are mentioned?
    Seriously, any Chicago news leads to a Pavlovian “Cutler SUCKS” response.
    “Chicago loses the 2016 olympics – must be cuz Cutler is a whiny brat.”
    “Cubs pitchers report – to that POS Jay Cutler? He’s sucks!!!”
    Maybe you should refocus your angst on Kyle Orton’s mediocrity…or paying Tim Tebow a fortune to suck at the ninth or tenth pick.

  7. If it means more money for free agency then the Bears shouldn’t waste any time cutting Vasher and Davis. Alex Brown should be approached about an extension that is more like a re-structuring. As for Peppers I like Kampman more if healthy he is a more consistent player but the knee is the big question. The biggest need that we should fill in free agency is Antrel Rolle who would give us an impact free safety. Thus allowing D Manning to play nickel back where he is better suited. Kampman and Rolle make it happen Angelo!

  8. Let’s all watch as $25 million dollars is hastily spent. My guess is they land Antonio Bryant and Aaron Kampman and not much else.

  9. Peppers will be in the 30 million guaranteed range with a 5 year contract worth around 60 million. Anything over that would just be crazy for a 30 year old guy. A team should front load the contract and after about 3 years when his skills really diminish, cut him with little consequences towards the new cap (if they have one)

  10. All I have to say is get Rolle and D Robinson. Make sure both can be had for the same price as Peppers and I will consider the offseason to be a success.

  11. Hey Florio (a.k.a. The Perez Hilton of Football),
    You forgot to mention that the Redskins signed Albert “The Baconator” Haynesworth to a contract shortly after midnight on the first day of free agency.
    You’re slipping man.
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Redskins Fan

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