Mays' official time jumps to 4.43

Thumbnail image for T. Mays.jpgTaylor Mays’ blazing forty time wasn’t quite as fast as it appeared.

Perhaps because of an itchy trigger finger by a NFL Network employee, Mays’ unofficial time of 4.24 went all the way up to a 4.43.

Chris Johnson was not amused on Twitter: “Man yall killsme me w/ ths 40’s
stevie wonder must B doing the unofficial times how u go from 4.24 2
4.43 I made em kissdababy,” Johnson wrote.  (The Network plans to replace Wonder next season.)

NFLN showed Mays only about a step behind Jacoby Ford’s 4.28 when played side by side, which makes us question these times even more. 

Ultimately, Mays helped himself, but not that much.  Tennessee safety Eric Berry ran an official 4.47 and had one of the best vertical jumps in the history of the combine.

Texas safety Earl Thomas, Mike Mayock’s favorite, ran unofficial times of 4.44 and a 4.53, which should allay any concerns about his speed.  But his official time was something slower than a 4.47.  He may be the most instinctive player of the three safeties.

With Thomas and Berry excelling and Florida cornerback Joe Haden struggling Tuesday, it’s possible we’ll see two safeties drafted in April before a cornerback.

29 responses to “Mays' official time jumps to 4.43

  1. And with the 15th overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. The New York Giants Select……….EARL THOMAS FROM TEXAS

  2. Perhaps, Mr Rosenthal, you and Mr Florio could, you know, do your jobs as quasi-reporters (blogporter, if you will) and investigate how the people who run the combine go about their business regarding the forty times. Make a phone call, do some interviews, get some quotes.
    And after you do that, you could then do something like *gasp* write an article and post it to this very website so that we can read it.
    It’s great that both of you express this interest with the questionable and strangely fluctuating forty times, now why don’t you follow up on this and do something about it that is very much within your job description?
    We anxiously await your insight.

  3. Out of all the names aforementioned in the article, which one will be the BUST?

  4. “it’s possible we’ll see two safeties drafted in April before a cornerback.”
    except it really isnt possible since haden will go at least 5 picks before mays or thomas.

  5. Seriously, do what Abe asks…. I want to know how these times got so weird. Same thing happened with the RBs a few days ago, someone went from 4.27 to 4.37…..

  6. So Mayock has McCoy rated ahead of Suh, and Earl Thomas rated ahead of Berry. That guy has got the “I know more than you do” disease in a big way.

  7. I like Chris Johnson, but he needs to just rise above this crap. Seriously, following the combine to see if anyone runs as fast as you did? It’s over. Sooner or later someone will go faster. Leave it at that.

  8. Yoaa B! We be hittin the cloob’ downtown ye knows what im sayin’ straight up. Gon’ make su’m bitchZ get wit me’ and ma’ money makin’ it hurriCAYNE!’ We can rock dat shit all nITE for reeel dog, be bangin’ in the bathroom, ya know how we do!

  9. Please provide a translator for any Chris Johnson posts, thanks Florio. Is english his 1st language?

  10. best thing about this article is … “the replay showed Mays only about a step behind”
    i’m no math wiz, but a fraction of a second isnt that big of a difference. probably a difference of “about a step”

  11. “NFLN showed Mays only about a step behind Jacoby Ford’s 4.28 when played side by side, which makes us question these times even more. ”
    Have you ever tried to quantify .15 seconds? Why would seeing that make you question the time any more?

  12. Suh over McCoy, Earl over Berry after watching tape not the combine, the combine Eric looks better, and Taylor looked great at the combine but looked disgustingly(if thats a word) terrible on film but I think Taylor Mays with a good secondary coach like Perry Fewell he’ll excel but if he gets picked by Pete Carroll hes going to stay doing the same old same old but wouldnt that be a dream for him, going to the pros and playing for his college coach and in his hometown of seattle

  13. Taylor Mays is like Roy Williams with a mean streak and more athleticism. Which means he will suck in coverage and get a ton of penalties. No thanks. Send him to Oakland.

  14. Mayock is so overrated by Florio, for some reason.
    Mayock was “shocked” when McCoy put up 23 reps. “Shocked”. Hmmm, so Mayock, this supposed “guru” is floored by the vast underachievement of one of the top 3-4 players in the whole draft. Yea, Mayock really knows these players. Hype, hype, buzzwords, hype.
    Just like he stated Chad Brown needed time to learn the 3-4 defense when coming from Seattle to New England. He forgot that Brown had 5 years in the Steelers 3-4.
    And anyone who rates Eric Berry south of # 1 in terms of safety ratings this year is clearly not doing their homework. Again (Mayock).

  15. Very rare to see a safety or a corner go in the first 10 picks of the draft. It happens with the rare talent but not as often as I see people list them in their mock drafts every year.
    I do not think you will see a safety or a corner go in the top 10 this year. As for the times of the 40, the clubs trust their hand held times more than the so called official times and I am sure those are the times that they will consider on Mays and others.

  16. “Please provide a translator for any Chris Johnson posts, thanks Florio. Is english his 1st language?”
    His 1st language is ebonics. Cut him some slack. haha

  17. Taylor Mays should put on 20 pounds and make the Urlacher switch to linebacker. He does not have the cover skills needed to cover slot recievers or the new breed of fast tight ends. He is a throw back safety that just wants to make the big hits. I dont know if he has the smarts to be a quality LB but he definetly does not have the hips to be an effective NFL safety.

  18. i have said for the past few years to anybody willing to listen that a kick ass safety is now a game changing position, maybe more than mlb in a 4/3….having a guy that can cover and hit like a shitload of bricks is an awesome defensive weapon. unfortunately we drafted a saftey that was no where near correct value for the draft slot but hey, marv did have the right idea. go bills!

  19. Reading or listening to anything Chris Johnson has to say reduces my brain cells.. i wonder which idiots follow him on Twitter.. Florio i hope you are not…

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