Saturday disagrees with Polian's criticism of Colts' offensive line

billpolian200_blog.jpgAfter Super Bowl XLIV, Colts president Bill Polian blamed the outcome of the game on the offensive line and special teams.

In a new interview with WRTV-6 in Indianapolis, starting center Jeff Saturday responded, on behalf of the offensive line.

I don’t agree,” Saturday said.  “I looked at the film, I’ve watched it and, yeah, obviously he has his right to his opinion and he’s gonna say it.  I went back and looked at it, I looked at the numbers again.  We rushed the ball for well over five yards a carry.  We didn’t give up any sacks.  Peyton got hit maybe a couple times.”

Saturday also pointed out that there were no “remember me” shots on Manning, as promised by Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

“The reality is that he runs the ship,” Saturday said of Polian, deflecting an opportunity to say that the issue could be a lingering problem.  Saturday also expressed a preference for such matters to be handled privately, and he said as to the effects of the comments on the offensive line that “they hurt everybody.”

The unmistakable conclusion is that, unlike Polian, Saturday publicly took the high road.  The private fallout of the situation largely will remain that way, from Saturday’s perspective.

39 responses to “Saturday disagrees with Polian's criticism of Colts' offensive line

  1. Hey Florio (a.k.a. The Perez Hilton of Football),
    You forgot to mention that the Redskins signed Albert “The Baconator” Haynesworth to a contract shortly after midnight on the first day of free agency.
    You’re slipping man.
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Redskins Fan

  2. I don’t think very many agree with Polian. It was about as close of a game you can have. One huge play was the difference. Pick 6.

  3. Polian is a miserable SOB….and is going to enjoy miserable offseason.
    Serves him right for ruining football w/a 5 yard rule…which helps flages get thrown every other down.

  4. So it’s everyone’s fault except the O-line and Peyton? Yeah, that about covers it.
    Or then there’s the possibility put out by Colts fans – Peyton is such a generous guy he wanted to give the city of New Orleans more hope so he made that interception on purpose. Yep, that’s got to be it.

  5. In totally unrelated news, Jeff Saturday won’t be playing for the Colts on Sunday or any other day for much longer.
    If Peyton Manning has a bad game, it sounds like him and NaPolian just blame the o-line. Or the defense. Or the special teams. And it couldn’t possibly be a result of Manning and a few other players sucking up so much cap space that they can’t sign anyone else.

  6. “The unmistakable conclusion is that, unlike Polian, Saturday publicly took the high road.”
    Saturday took the high road… By responding and thus perpetuating what was a dead issue.

  7. I’m with my boy J-Sat on this one. The O-line held up its end of the bargain, as did Mr. Addai. Peyton hit a of passes but some were dropped and some were short-hopped. Not the O-line’s fault. If Hank Baskett had tried to field the onside kick with his hands instead of his helmet, the whole game would have been changed. I don’t see where the O-line had anything to do with that. Maybe, just maybe, they could have opened a bigger hole for Mike Hart on the 3rd and short at the end of the first half but that play should not even have been called. Don’t know what Billy P was getting at, but he works in his own world. Go horse in twenty-oh-ten.

  8. You know what, good for Saturday. He’s one of the most underrated Centers in the NFL right now. Ever seen Manning play without Saturday at Center? He’s a mess.

  9. Hah! I like that…”The Baconator”! I hadn’t heard that one before.
    But I’m not sure what your comment has to do with this article on the Colts O-Line?

  10. Typical of clowns like Polian – not willing to admit what the real problems are. That’s why you guys are the Braves of football, Bill.

  11. And it couldn’t possibly be a result of Manning and a few other players sucking up so much cap space that they can’t sign anyone else.
    Considering the Colts are a team that just went to the Super Bowl and are a perennial force, I don’t think that’s an issue. There aren’t really any glaring deficiencies in the roster that are keeping them from getting it done.

  12. Mr Saturday nights alright for fightin!
    Get a bit of action in….
    Colts blow, after Manning leaves the Lucas dome will be empty!
    suck it!

  13. Polian knows that the mental state of his offensive linemen next fall is pretty much irrelevant to the team’s success, while that of Blockhead Manning isn’t.

  14. Saturday like many of the vets are still pissed off at Polian’s dumb ass decision to abandon the shot at perfection.

  15. I used to think the only idiot on this site was Florio. But clearly his ignorance is contagious and too many of you have been drinking from his cup.
    To dietrich43, Jeff Saturday isn’t going anywhere. Just reading Florio’s truncated version of the interview I could understand why you would think that. But, if you actually click the link you’ll see a much more in depth conversation where Saturday says (and I paraphrase) ‘he’d like to see Polian go back and look at the film and tell them what he’d like them to improve upon’. Conveniently, Florio left that out.
    As for beating a dead horse, this is the first time the Indianapolis media is getting a shot to interview some of these guys. They lost the freaking Super Bowl, they needed a few weeks to relax and clear their heads. I think it says a lot that some of them (Saturday) went straight to the film room to analyze what went wrong and where to improve. That is a measure of professionalism that isn’t always observed with other teams.

  16. Saturday took the high road — by absolving himself and his fellow offfensive linemen of any blame. He looked in the mirror and pointed away from it. That’s the mere definition of taking the high road.

  17. Polian is a deuchebag. The loss was the culmination of his bad decision to hand over regular season games to the Jets and Bills instead of going for perfection. He’s the problem not the Oline.

  18. Polian should start with the coaching staff that got pantsed by the Saints coaching staff.

  19. News Bulletin to be coming soon:
    “The competition committee decided this week that defensive linemen will not be able to rush against any team which has a horseshoe on the helmet…”

  20. You guys are really funny and it always makes my day while reading your smart humor here!! You guys are better than Mike F. sometimes!!God Bless All

  21. I don’t seriously think that Saturday will be cut. But, I think telling your boss that he’s wrong isn’t a good way to curry favor with him either.
    And the Colts didn’t win. Second place is nice, but it’s not a championship. While the Colts have built a good team, in 10 years, they are 1-1 in the Super Bowl. NE is 3-1, Pitt is 2-0. If Manning wants to win so badly, why doesn’t he take less money so the Colts can go out and get some other players? That team wins because of 18, and it loses if he doesn’t have a big game.

  22. Both Polian and Manning are arseholes. If I was a Colts lineman I’d be giving free shots on Manning next season and I’d tell Polian to shove it.

  23. Polian DEFINITELY threw the linemen under the bus and Manning alluded to it at the post game press conference AND he also reinforced Polian’s comments by NOT coming out and defending his linemen. As I said before, even Tom Brady came to the defense of Randy Moss when Carolina was criticizing him but Manning doesn’t have the decency to do it for the guys who somehow managed to stink but kept defenses off him all year long.

  24. The Colts have a great team. It’s stupid to call out any of them publicly.
    It’s certainly not the Patriot way.

  25. I wonder if some players aren’t starting to get just a little sick of Polian and his 12 year public criticism of everyone but Manning. Maybe that little Polian ordered sit down against the Jets in week 16 pushed some of these guys over the edge. Certainly I wouldn’t blame them for feeling that way.

  26. I’ll tell you all what’s going on here. polian is just laying the groundwork for running Saturday out of town. It’s typical of his cowardly ways. He did it with Ken Dilger, Tarik Glenn, Marin Harrison. He has no spine to look someone in the eye and speak to him man to man. He has to first create an atmosphere of animosity to give the bully the balls to get rid of a player. Well, mr. second place is having his 15 min. of glory, but this old son of a bitch will die soon and how great will it be watching him at his final judgement. He screwed countless people to get ahead in life, and has done it without any conscious, but eternity is forever asshole.

  27. Slip,
    Watch the play.
    It was on Wayne far more than it was on Manning.
    If Wayne runs the route properly, it’s incomplete at worst.

  28. The unmistakable conclusion is that, unlike Polian, Saturday publicly took the high road
    How is that? The way to publicly take the high road is not mention the problem at all. If he wanted to do that he wouldnt have mentioned at all that he disagreed with the boss. He not only disagreed with the boss he went into detail of why he thinks the boss is wrong.

  29. Hey Bill, did a O-lineman throw the pick six with about 4 minutes to go in the 4th qtr.???

  30. How typical of the Colts…. throw the offensive line under the bus… Peyton did it a few years ago and Polian is doing it now.
    I am thinking Saturday has got to be one of the strongest players in the NFL… what with having to constantly lift buses off of himself.
    If it wasn’t for Pay-me-a-ton’s talent, this joke of a franchise would be exposed for what it really is.

  31. The Saints were the aggressor and took the game. The Colts dropped pass was matched by Colston’s dropped pass. Both drops cost their team a possession. The Colts executed poorly on three plays – the dropped pass (but they still had the lead), the onsides kick (but they got the lead back after that) and the pick (that sealed the game but was also caused by great preparation by the Saints).
    The Saints played to win. The Colts played conservative. Specifically, shackling their passing game at the end of the first half and playing deep on defense ALL GAME in fear of the big play hurt the Colts. They died a death of 1000 cuts (really 32 cuts, a Super Bowl record).
    The O-line and special teams execution did not beat the Colts. The Saints balls and the lack of Colts balls beat the Colts. Polian should just admit that the Saints beat the Colts.

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