Team asks McCoy: G-string or jock strap?

The Bucs are off the hook.  The single dumbest question of the NFL Scouting Combine was asked to Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

“Someone asked me if I wore a g-string or a jock strap when I played,” McCoy told the NFL Network set Monday to disbelief, laughter, and amazement.

Analyst Mike Mayock wanted to know McCoy’s reaction to the question.  The affable defender just left his mouth open in a stunned expression. 

We heard a few stories in Indianapolis of coaches jokingly messing with players during interviews, but none sounded as creepy as this.

The video of the interview is oddly not yet on That’s probably a coincidence.  Or perhaps the league is embarrassed.

24 responses to “Team asks McCoy: G-string or jock strap?

  1. A 300 pound D-lineman in a G-string….now there’s an image we all needed in our head.
    The team reps at the combine must get bored out of their skulls to be punchy enough to say something like that!

  2. For a site that has implied a number of questionable things and has acted in a very juvenile manner at many other times, PFT should not be pointing any fingers.
    If you are going to hold one group top professional standards maybe you should behave in a similar manner.

  3. I think they were pretty much asking if he plays hard or takes it easy on plays. The answer would be obvious, but you never know.

  4. nagurski_T_form says:
    March 2, 2010 11:33 AM
    Whoever asked that question is gay
    Florio asked him and told him afterwards he didnt care what he called them–he just wanted to sniff them.

  5. Even if it’s not up on, I saw it on both my lunch break and after work, so they are replaying it plenty on the network.

  6. Hey Zombie, go piss up a rope. Florio’s not interviewing anyone at the combine. This is a rumor site, not straight up journalism. People come here for the irreverence.
    Learn the difference.

  7. How did Florio get undercover as a coach? Although we shouldn’t be shocked. We now know why he has called this thing the Underwear Olympics.

  8. Proper answer should have been:
    “Hey on the field I wear a jockstrap.but at night prancing around in the privacy of my home as Tiny Tim I wear nothing but Victoria Secrets Go-Pink g-strings. Ya gotta problem wit day?”

  9. No wonder some teams suck. They have some lame people gathering info on players. Sounds like a retard is thinking up some of these questions.

  10. se18a29 says:
    March 2, 2010 12:17 PM
    only packer clowns would ask that…. mrs. rodgers afterall…
    Stay classy, dickweed.

  11. Well, what do you know? For once I’m in agreement with the Poo Flinging Monkey!
    @lil_bit_special … McCoy says he just sat there and looked flabbergasted.
    Gee whiz … I’m shocked to discover how many PFTers were born without a humor chip. Come on, guys, whoever asked the question was trying to fluster the kid or lighten the mood. Haven’t you ever heard of punking people? But I’d love to know who asked the question.

  12. It was probably Jerry Jones. He needs to see if the guy appeals to his fan base, right Vox?

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