Vick says he wants to play for the Panthers

Though Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has been trying his best to say all the right things regarding his destination for the 2010 season — even if it means staying put in Philly — Vick recently slipped off message during an interview with an Atlanta radio station.

Asked where he’d like to play, Vick made a choice.

“If I could play for any team in the league, it would probably be two teams, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Carolina Panthers,” Vick said, via Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer.

(Vick never identifies the other team.)

The reasons?  “Well, you know, it’s close to home,” Vick said.  “I like the uniforms.  You get to play against Atlanta twice a year.  Ain’t nothing better than playing against your former team, right?  So, yeah, that would be a good look, it would be a good look.”

Vick also applied a “C” to his performance with the Eagles in 2009, and that’s still a letter grade or two higher than the performance generated by Panthers starter Jake Delhomme.

Earlier in the segment, Vick said it was hard “as the season went on” to take a back seat to Donovan McNabb.

“I think and know I can make certain things happen,” Vick said.  “There ain’t nothin’ like havin’ your own team. . . . Because you dictate everything.  So, yeah, it was hard.”

As to the future, he says he’s still waiting for find out his future in Philly, and that he still wants to be a starter.

Vick is due to receive a $1.5 million roster bonus on the fifth day of the 2010 league year, and there have been widespread reports that the Eagles will pay the money, apparently because they’re not happy with the trade offers that have been received to date for Vick.  But if they hope to get draft-pick compensation aimed at helping the team in 2010, the Eagles need to move him before April 22.

54 responses to “Vick says he wants to play for the Panthers

  1. The Carolinas also have a much larger Dog Fighting community than that of Philly.

  2. Dan Snyder wants this guy in a Redskins uniform
    It matches his new desk and the Redskin fans will give more money for ‘the best money can buy’
    Redskin fans step up!! Give your Green to DAN!

  3. “If I could play for any team in the league, it would probably be two teams….”
    I have two thoughts on this:
    1: That was pretty funny.

  4. If NFL/team executives are prohibited from commenting on players under contract, why are players under contract permitted to make these kind of comments about other teams?
    Doesn’t that break a rule? If legal, it is not fair.
    Why would reporters even take the word of a convicted felon and drug abuser?
    Is the Panthers locker room even set up to handle all the special issues that arise with a player who has a permanent sexually transmitted disease with open sores?

  5. … cause he gets to dictate everything?
    gee how did that work out for the falcons in 05, 06, 07…

  6. Both teams should work to get a “Vick to Carolina & Peppers to Philly” trade. Eagles need a rusher like Peppers and Vick would work great in Carolina with their running game and Steve Smith.

  7. Hey Florio (a.k.a. The Perez Hilton of Football),
    You forgot to mention that the Redskins signed Albert “The Baconator” Haynesworth to a contract shortly after midnight on the first day of free agency.
    You’re slipping man.
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Redskins Fan

  8. “I like the uniforms. You get to play against Atlanta twice a year.
    Pure friggin retard.
    I likie pretty colors and the team I screwed would be nice to play against .
    Stay away ghetto boy

  9. A Packer fan is one who is easily spoted.They are very slow in their thinking and response,they studder and drool.They are in the highest percentage in high school drop outs.They tend to inbreed and drink warm cheap beer.
    They have become brain washed to wearing cheese on thier heads for all of us to laugh at them yet they think it’s cool.They live in the past(usally in the 50’s and 60’s)because they have nothing to look forward to in the present.They have trouble identifying thier (ahem) “women” from farm animals.They tend to all have huge guts, both males and females.In short they are the lowest forms of humanity in all the earth.

  10. The Panthers need someone better than Jake so it’ll never happen. I heard Hartford is looking for a QB.

  11. “”Well, you know, it’s close to home,” Vick said. “I like the uniforms. You get to play against Atlanta twice a year. Ain’t nothing better than playing against your former team, right?””

    Right, because it’s the Falcons’ fault he got in trouble with the law, and it’s the Falcons’ fault they decided to draft a QB successor who wasn’t in prison. But, yeah, Vick is a changed man.

  12. I’m betting the other team is the Bucs. Reasons:
    1. They play the Falcons twice
    2. Tampa is the strip club capital of the world

  13. The absolute only good thing about this episode is that Jeffrey Lurie will be left asking his geniuses Reid and Banner why they put Lurie’s reputation through the garbage, they gave away A.J. Feeley, they disrupted the team’s mojo right before the season began, they never utilized Vick in any meaningful way, even as a showcase, they paid him a bunch of money, and what they achieve? a 4th or 5th round choice so andy can draft another tony hunt or ryan moats (who both were much earlier than 4th or 5th but otherwise of no use to the eagles).

  14. Matt Moore is a better QB than Michael Vick. And who cares what letter grade he applies to his performance?

  15. Jerry Richardson can’t be that stupid.
    Well, he did pay Mumbles 1million+ a game last year without tying him up to a long term deal.
    Maybe Hurney is that stupid, but hopefully Jerry Richardson puts his foot down and doesn’t allow the motherless piece of shit to play for Carolina.

  16. Mike, we go way way back. As long as you do not say D.C. is the other team, we are still cool.

  17. Vick had his own team and blew it plus I do not recall that he put them over the top. I do believe he will get a chance to start somewhere this year because the NFL has a lack of quality QB’s but I’m still not sure you could put Vick in the quality group.

  18. Puts him pretty close to his old stomping grounds… Bad Newz Kennelz may be making a comeback…

  19. Why would Vick have any ill will towards Atlanta? They made him the king of the city until he F’d up… It’s his fault

  20. Vick said, “I like the uniforms.”
    Yep. He likes the uniforms. That sounds like a logical reason to use as a factor when deciding which team you would like to play for.

  21. OK, im cool with most of what he said except for one glaring statement. “You play against Atlanta twice a year. Aint nothing like playing your former team, right?” In most cases he is absolutely correct, especially of the team let him go for whatever reason. BUT DUDE YOU SCREWED THEM! If I was him I would being trying to erase the memory of me even playing there after what happened. If I was an Atlanta fan I would be praying for this so they could break his kneecaps.

  22. haters, no matter how hard you wish…God wont be responding to you! LOL Vick still gonna start this fall, so go ahead and curse God for not bowing to your wishes.

  23. Hey Washington it’s gonna be pretty hard fr Carolina to trade peppers to Philly wen they don’t have him
    under contract idiot

  24. Hate, Hate, Hate…the Panthers need something at QB. They could do a lot worse. I’ll buy a jersey.
    I might actually go to a Panthers game just to see some boo birds in N.C. hating on football’s human highlight film. That running attack would be epic.

  25. As much as I despise what Vick did and think he lacks the talent to be a successful NFL QB this one actually makes sense. You’ve got a team with 2 good running backs and a line built to run block. You’ve got a run after the catch receiver in Steve Smith who didn’t look so great last year. Bringing in Vick would give them a scrambler who could help wear down the defense along with 2 good RBs. Make the Panthers a running team and build the defense around Beason.

  26. So after ALL he’s accomplished in Philadelphia, winning the good team mate award, offering a real shot at the wild cat package – the Eagles are going to let him go?
    Where is the brotherly love?

  27. I seriously doubt Vick will be Panther. The Eagles would never trade to a team when it could end up biting them in the ass, and the Panthers simply wont offer a good enough draft pick when they have Matt Moore. I hope that other team he wants to play for is St. Louis because thats where he’s going.

  28. “If I could play for any team in the league, it would probably be two teams”
    OK, idiot, your really gonna play for two teams at once!?!?!? Straight fukin stupd!!!
    And I though that VT education was worth something!!

  29. Relax people… the Panthers will be safe…. He only goes feral over Dawgs.

  30. Jimmysmith, that was a whole lot of typing for a guy with one hand down his pants the whole time

  31. Vick treats the English language like one of his dogs. It’s painful to read.
    He can wish in one hand and crap in the other all he wants. I hope the Panthers aren’t stupid enough to sign him. They’re better off direct snapping to Williams and Stewart than starting Vick (or Delhome for that matter). And if home truly is where the heart is, than Vick doesn’t have one.

  32. He can’t be serious? This is laughable. How much further into denial can he go???? First, he was never a great QB, not even a top 20 QB. He’s a flipping running back that can sometimes throw accurately…but he’s best suited as a running back because that’s all he does when he has the ball. He’s a horrible leader, horrible decision maker, past his prime, and 2nd string position at best…he’s done. He ruined his career by his own personal choices. Was practically king in Atlanta, could have done whatever he wanted with that team, took them nowhere, and ruined his chances of leading a team again.

  33. There is no way Vick stays with the Eagles next season, even if they pay him his roster bonus on Friday.

  34. @ deathbypurple
    He hasn’t been a “human highlight reel” in like 4 years and certainly didnt look like he had the ability to last season. Why do Vick supporters keep living in his past when he clearly showed he has lost the only skill he ever had, which was running away.

  35. Stetson wears panties says:
    March 2, 2010 4:00 PM
    He’d be 3rd string in Carolina just like he is in Philly.
    It’s funny that the 3rd string quarterback played in more games than most 1st string qbs in 2009 🙂
    What’s even more funny is that Vick is the only qb in Philly that the team has stated they are not going to trade, and Adam Schefter just made the same statement on NFL Live today.
    Vick is going to be the starter in Philly this coming season, so all you “devils” can keep on hating ………………. ha ha ha
    The only 3rd string quarterback to get you guys to blog about him……….
    Ha ha ha

  36. I wouldnt be opposed to this.. Moore is clearly the starter this year, but a qb like vick would be interesting to see in a Panthers uniform.. I wanted Pat White last year, but a qb like Mike Vick, Jarrett Brown, Armanti Edwards would be cool too.

  37. He’s as dumb as a stump, and apparently not a very good person, but I would love to see him go the Rams. He could really help a team that has so many holes to fill. An inexpensive option at QB for someone with some experience. Rams should still take a DT with their first pick, sign a potentially lower cost QB like Vick to help get their offense moving (he wont be great, but his legs can help him get away from what their O-Line let through). Expectation won’t be high and I bet he would have some decent success.
    Come on Rams, make some free agent moves. I am tired of rooting for “the same old Rams”. 1999 was a long time ago.

  38. Vick to Carolina is an idea, but i don’t see it happening, Matt Moore is liked too much, but if he goes, Vick should come here. As for Washington, don’t want him there, as a Redskin fan i don’t want Vick on the team, we have screwed up too many times with free agent passers.

  39. “Sorry, Mike. We’re having George Blanda work out instead. We think he has a little more left in the tank than you do…”

  40. This pond scum gets waay too many opportunities to talk.
    I thought the league might be smart enough to put a gag order on his stupid ass. Guess not.

  41. BlueeyeDevil, call me Mr. Jones.
    What is your slave name so I can properly address you?

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