Vikings raise ticket prices

Following a season in which they reached the NFC Championship Game, demand for Minnesota Vikings tickets is surely higher than it was a year ago. So it’s no surprise that ticket prices are going up.

Vikings season tickets will cost anywhere from $290 to $1,280, or $29 to $128 a game for the eight regular-season games and two preseason games. For the last two years, the per-game cost ranged from $25 to $123.

The Vikings say their tickets are still more affordable than most around the NFL.

“While we could not realistically duplicate the flat pricing structure of last season, we wanted to make the increase as minimal as possible to acknowledge the commitment of our season-ticket owners,” chief marketing officer Steve LaCroix told the Star Tribune. “We wanted to continue one of the NFL’s lowest priced season-ticket offerings at $29 per game, while keeping nearly 9,000 tickets priced the same or less.”

Single-game ticket prices haven’t yet been determined for 2010. Those tickets go on sale in the summer. The Vikings have sold out 126 straight games.

25 responses to “Vikings raise ticket prices

  1. Why raise ticket prices? Do they expect to sustain their level of performance from the previous season?
    Let’s not get all crazy now.

  2. “..get the sheep lined up. Move them this way…that’s the way. Right over here…move along…move along. Yes, Favre is coming back. Yes, we will win it all. Please don’t ask anymore questions. Keep moving, keep moving.”

  3. There you go folks. Vikings have sold out 126 straight games! I cant wait to hear all the excuses which will come as a result of this FACT!

  4. Now all we need is a lottery to raise money for a stadium that I actually want to go to.

  5. Hope that they don’t think that 126 game streak is too special… there are several NFL franchises that can crush that statistic.

  6. This post was not included on the Vikings team page. I checked the Packers half expecting it to be there since their fans are usually more interested in these things than our own.
    Unfortunately it wasn’ there…yet. That would have been really funny if it was Packer news but not Viking news.
    As for the story itself I would venture to guess that the Vikings are not the only team that will raise prices this year but they are the only team with rivals obsessed enough to flood a board with comments about it. So it will probably be the only price increase reported.
    Only 126 straight sellout games and a price increase. Tickets must be really difficult to sell there.

  7. When you the 31st sized NFL facility (an arena of 63,700), and one of the lowest revenue teams, something desperately has to be done to turn around the poor revenue crisis.
    BTW could someone on the staff explain to Michael David Smith that there have not been over a hundred consecutive sell outs. Avoiding a blackout is not the same as a sell out. What was Michael David Smith’s source for that number? It certainly is not true.
    Everyone knows that the 2009 playoff game was not sold out even after multiple extentions. There were only 61,000 in the arena that day and 15 -20% in attendance were fans of the other team.
    There are plenty of other examples where the local Fox affiliate bought the minimum number of tickets to avoid blackout. They did not buy all the remaining tickets. Again narrowly avoiding blackout does not equal selling all tickets.
    Obviously, the owners will want that franchise to move to a more fan supportive area where more league revenues can be generated. Thank God for Ed Roski’s LA stadium will have 18% more capacity than the metrodome in the country’s #2 media market.

  8. If Brett comes back, no problem with few extra bucks. If Brett does not come back, tons of problems with any dollar value for any ticket this season

  9. Demand will be there only if Favre returns and plays at a high level. If Tjoke or Rosencopter starts there will be the threat of blackouts.

  10. Hilarious! Nice marketing talking about their $29 seats. What he fails to mention is that they are obstructed view seats and even $29 is probably too much! What a joke of a franchise! Raising prices in this economy while forcing people to watch a game in that dump just goes to show how out of touch ownership and the team is with reality!

  11. Bob Nelson… I loathe you. You think you are smarter than everyone else. You predicted Favre would NEVER EVER play for the Viks….. and?
    You are a shameless Packer fan. Take your tears back to Cheese land, you cheese dick!

  12. Unless Bob Nelson is a professional secretary (it is unlikely the guy is even employed), he had to spend at least 10 minutes typing that diatribe.
    Wow….what a life.

  13. Whoa Bob Nelson knows everything… or just makes up random numbers and thinks he is right. I think it is the latter. You should work for the NFL.

  14. Not bad prices for an NFL team. The Metrodome is a horrible stadium, but I really do think it should be sold out to season ticket holders every year. The Twin Cities area has a decent economic base, there are lots of passionate fans and the stadium is rather small. Come on Vikings fans, step up and buy some season tickets!
    For comparison, my Saints season tickets last year were $1650 per ticket and they are not the highest priced tickets in the stadium. (some Club seats are higher) The Saints are probably going to be sending season ticket invoices tomorrow and they have said prices will be going up. They really have no incentive not to raise prices. They just won their first Super Bowl and they have a waiting list of 50,000 fans for season tickets.

  15. blah blah blah the vikes are about to take home the 3rd division title in 3 years.
    I could give a F less if we sold 59,998 out 60,000 seats….
    empty stadium or not the vikings are still the best team in this division and have been since gus/t jack/ favre….
    give us any effin qb you want and we will take home the divsion
    out of the last 3 years we have drafted 2 rookie of the year players

  16. “Los Angeles Vikings”
    Damn Eagles fans are so clever. Ive never heard that one good job buddy!

  17. Maybe the Vikings shouls sell “stock” in thier team……..
    Wait that type of subterfuge only works on Wisconsinites.
    I usually don’t respond to Bob Nelson, but, You do realize that they are on the low end of revenue because of the lack of luxury suites right?
    By the way you ignorant jackass:
    Strangely, the NFL’s definition of a ‘sell out’ doesn’t jibe with what is widely considered to be a sell out. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that the Metrodome is considered ‘sold out’ when 62,000 tickets are purchased. The capacity for Vikings games at the stadium, however, is 64,111.
    Games are considered sold out when 97% of the tickets are sold.
    Also, you shouldn’t be acting all high and mighty about your Packer sellouts, there are tickets readily available to each and every Packer games all over the web. It’s terrible that the “best fans in the world” don’t go to every game.
    What kind of fanbase are you anyway?
    Bob, you really need to get some new material.
    Your repetitive diatribe is not only old but factually incorrect.
    Let’s see according to Bob, they aren’t sellouts, according to the NFL, they are.
    I think the NFL knows better than a guy who sits in the bathtub and farts, then tries to bite the bubbles.

  18. As a lifelong Viking fan, it gets so tiring listening to our fairweather fans. Blah Blah Blah….So much negativity…..Imagine living in a city where every year, your beloved football team is competative….They sometimes sneak into the postseason, they sometimes crawl there, and every now and again, they blaze in there.
    I am proud of being a Viking fan, and look forward to the next year the day the season prematurely ends…
    It was a total blast watching them last season, even more than the previous year with Tjac…
    In the event, Brett calls it quits, and we have another Qb at the helm, they will still be competative, and will still rally into the post season.
    Here is the question? I am a conspiracy theorist by nature, so I feel strongly that the NFC championship game was a total flop!
    The question is does the Money in Vegas, outweigh eveything else?
    I think so……………
    Doesnt anyone else smell a fraud with that game?
    8 fumbles, a pick, and sloppy officiating when it mattered most? I think the powers that be, really wanted the Aints feel good story, and they got it!
    SKol anyways!

  19. This idiot Bob Nelson just doesn’t know what the F he is talking about. The reason the Vikings revenue is so low is because the Minnesota Sports Commission owns the dome not the Vikings. So the Vikings do not receive a monetary gain on the sales of concessions & only get a percentage of seating licences revenue. It has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of fans attending games. Get that straight you unbelievable moron.
    That being said 34 yrs now with no SB appearance and the 0-4. Thanks for the 5 turnover’s in the NFC Champ game & AP dropping it like it’s hot. So much for never allowing that to happen again like he said after the Chicago choke. If that performance doesn’t call for a seat price hike what does?!
    Even though the whole country knows NO did not get that first down on 4th & 1 in OT and there was no defensive PI & that NO held on almost every offensive play and it wasn’t called.

  20. Bob N. – You are a complete and utter loser. Why are you so obsessed with a team you supposedly hate? Yea Yea you have only mentioned to 2009 playoff game 1,000 times on this website… get a life!
    Agree w/ Sando that the only reason PFT posts this is because they know they will get hits and posts from annoying jealous packer fans.

  21. “All of the increased revenue is going toward a bonus we intend to pay Brett Farve to return in 2010.”
    Vikings Management

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