Willie Colon smells first-round tender

Steelers believe right tackle Willie Colon is their best offensive lineman, and they showed him some love Tuesday by extending a first-round tender on the restricted free agent, according to Adam Caplan of Scout.com.

Colon will make $2.521 million if he signs the tender, which is the second highest available.  We doubt anyone will try to sign Colon away, although it’s not an entirely crazy notion considering many consider Colon one of the more underrated tackles around.

Pittsburgh also extended the lowest tender to restricted free agent punter Daniel Sepulveda, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  The Steelers will get the chance to match any offer Sepulveda signs elsewhere.

27 responses to “Willie Colon smells first-round tender

  1. That’s just sad. Willie Colon sucks and would be a backup on most other teams.

  2. “CaptainFantastik says:
    March 2, 2010 6:39 PM
    That’s just sad. Willie Colon sucks and would be a backup on most other teams.”
    orly?! Because he’s the best offensive lineman on the Steelers team. What does that say? Oh nevermind, Roethlisberger is responsible for all 150 sacks in the last 3 years.

  3. “Colon smells”…I have to admit I laughed when seeing this headline. Who cares about the rest of the story, that’s all you really wanted to say no??

  4. Willie Colon doesn’t suck (she rolls her eyes). Just hope he signs so we can be done with it. I’d really like to keep Sepulveda, too.

  5. It had to have been intentional to use the words Colon, smells and tender in the same sentence. funny

  6. Willie Colon does suck, as a tackle. The guy is a guard and always will be, and even if they had him at guard he’d be mediocre at best. Anytime a guy starts to get around him you can guarantee you’ll hear “holding, 74” not to far off in the near future because even Rosenthall probably has more reach than him. And it always happens during big plays. Chris Kemo is their best lineman. I’d probably put Hartwig and Starks ahead of him as well. Willie the Colon is a bum.

  7. TFBuckFutter: “Is his middle name Dewar?”
    So stupid, yet so funny.

  8. “many consider Colon one of the more underrated tackles around. ” By many do you mean you and Florio?

  9. “The Notorious V.I.C. says:
    March 2, 2010 8:18 PM
    TFBuckFutter: “Is his middle name Dewar?”
    So stupid, yet so funny.”
    I was pleased with it.

  10. I just don’t get it. The Steelers fanbase HATES this guy- he doesn’t even seem to be starter material, and looks to be the clear-cut worst player on the line- yet the Steelers’ coaches routinely praise him and even Belichick talked him up.
    Hopefully some sucker team will sign Colon so the Steelers can take the draft pick and get a decent starting tackle.

  11. Sepulveda is a nice punter, but how durable is he? With that ACL injury he had in college that he hid from the team, he was out all last season and we had to deal with Mitch Berger.
    If he gets signed elsewhere, we can pick up another one in the draft and still keep ticking.

  12. Steelers management knows that if you let the fans make your decisions then you will eventually be sitting with them. I have faith in the Steelers organization. They get more things right than not and they have the record to prove it.
    I believe the quality of line play is directly affected by the play calling. You still need to run in this league when the situation warrants.

  13. I don’t necessarily buy that Colon’s some great unsung talent but he doesn’t suck. And the Steelers aren’t known for throwing money around; if they think he’s worth $2.521 mill, I’ll trust their judgment. I’d just like to get the deal done because I wouldn’t want to pay more.
    Expect new o-line coach Sean Kugler to improve the effectiveness of that line going forward.

  14. People who hate on Colon are idiots and judge him based on getting false starts. A Football Outsiders clone had him ranked out as the third best right tackle in the league last year. The problems with the Steelers’ o-line are at center and right guard, not Colon.

  15. As long as they draft his replacement this year, I don’t care what money they throw at him. Just protect Ben, and open up holes for Mendy while you’re here.

  16. @SDiegoSteel
    I agree with you completely, spot on. Colon has been much improved over the past 2 years. He’s great in run blocking and his pass blocking is much better. I do agree he’s more of a guard, which is why he had problems in the past in pass protection and why he has been known to false start.
    It’s laughable some on here would say freakin Hartwig and Essex are better.
    Some of you shouldn’t even comment on O-line play since your the people who only watch the guy with the ball.

  17. @SDiegoSteel …
    Amen on center. Justin Hartwig is no Jeff Hartings. We owned center for so many years with Webster, Dawson, and Hartings. Hartwig isn’t in that class. I have high expectations of Kugler, but Hartwig is a huge concern.
    Production on the line deteriorated as soon as Grimm left for AZ and Zierlein took over. Having a coach who takes his job seriously instead of spending his work time e-mailing porn will make a big difference with talented pros like Colon, Kemo, and Starks. From what I’ve read of Kugler, he’s big on teaching footwork and blocking schemes and practice, practice, practice. So I think we’ll see improvement on Colon’s false starts. But the real test will be what he can do with Hartwig and what personnel changes he makes. Essex may not get that job; it may go back to Stapleton–or someone else.

  18. Deb is right. A new coach will make a difference. The O line seemed confused half the time on what their assignments were. That didn’t happen with Grimm.

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