A 20-question look at the lack of a cap

As we prepare for the launch of the new league-year (we’ll have round-the-clock coverage starting tomorrow morning), we thought it would be prudent to address all angles of the uncapped year.

So I came up with 20 questions, with input from Rosenthal and MDS and our 32,400-and-slowly-rising Twitter followers.

Here’s the end result.  Do me a favor and read the thing.  I actually put some effort into this one. 

For a change.

4 responses to “A 20-question look at the lack of a cap

  1. “Do me a favor and read the thing. I actually put some effort into this one.”
    Sorry Florio, TLDR.

  2. Thanks MF for the info. I’m sure some are going to rip you to shreds but hopefully this will not be one of them. With the ass-kissing aside, it seems that some players have made the mistakes of many (homeloans etc) and just signed the dotted line without knowing the realities of their contract. Are we to feel sorry for those that are left out during this uncertainty or be high-horsed (hypenated?) towards them for being ignorant?
    I’ve made a decision, lay in the bed you made bitches!

  3. Nice job there Mike…useful info. The real question is going to be each teams’ specific spending patterns during this FA. I’d like to see more player-for-player trades myself, but the cap rules have always limited that kind of movement. I can see a lot of fan confusion in a couple of days…

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