Bears can still get Marshall, but it won't be easy

With the Broncos applying only a first-round tender to receiver Brandon Marshall and the Bears already sending their 2010 first-rounder to Denver as part of the Jay Cutler deal, the Bears can’t sign Marshall to an offer sheet.

In order to sign Marshall to an offer sheet, they need a first-round pick.  More accurately, they need their own first-round pick.  The Bears don’t have it, so they can’t do it.

But it doesn’t mean the Bears can’t get him.  They can work out a trade with the Broncos on different terms. 

That said, would the the Broncos really send Marshall to Chicago, where he’d reunite with Cutler?  Given that coach Josh McDaniels is carrying a 2-8 mark from the last ten games of his first season, the Broncos don’t need to have Cutler and Marshall ringing up hundreds of yards and 15 or more touchdowns. 

There’s still a way it can happen.  Someone else could work out a deal for Marshall, and then that team could trade Marshall to the Bears.  It’s complicated, but it’s possible.

Unless, of course, the Broncos include a term like the one the Packers inserted into the 2008 trade of Brett Favre to the Jets, which increased the trade price to three first-round picks if the Jets had shipped Favre to Minnesota, Detroit, or Chicago.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear whether anyone will really want Marshall.  One league source described Marshall as a “shirthead” via text message today.  Then again, there’s a chance that it wasn’t a typo, and that Marshall actually wears a shirt on his head. 

That would explain the whole slipping-and-falling on a McDonald’s bag.

17 responses to “Bears can still get Marshall, but it won't be easy

  1. “Given that coach Josh McDaniels is carrying a 2-8 mark from the last ten games of his first season, the Broncos don’t need to have Cutler and Marshall ringing up hundreds of yards and 15 or more touchdowns.”
    And those translated into how many playoff games? ZERO.
    The Donks don’t care WHO gets him as long as he is out of the AFCWest

  2. Chicago already has good recievers. I don’t think they need Marshall…But I would LOVE to see them hire Holt as a recievers coach

  3. uh, so this huge ass post is mean to lend credence to the rumor you reported on earlier? even if he hit the open market without a tender, the Bears will not pursue Marshall. I’m not saying it’d be a bad move, I’m just saying the Bears won’t do it.

  4. We would take Marshall here in a heartbeat!
    We have NEVER had a legitimate receiver! EVER!
    Hell the same at the QB position! We love Jay… Don’t let anybody tell you anything different.
    We have basically blew a** since 85 ( yeah that includes the 2005 fluke )…. BTW, how the hell did we make it to the Super Bowl in 2005? Really?

  5. I just don’t buy the Bears-Marshall rumor for reasons I listed in the previous post.
    a) Lack of picks.
    b) Fit for system.
    Actually, the Bears WR core’s abilities right now fit the Martz offense’s demand for quick receivers.
    I think the Bears focus on addressing the D first before pondering the offense, with perhaps a DE/FS addition, with the names being rumored.

  6. the bears can offer their 1st rounder in 2011, if there is a 2011 season that is. but will the broncos bite?…

  7. It doesn’t need to be a first round pick only. The bears could package say Hester and a third or even throw olsen into the deal if the broncos end up losing schefler. There are still plenty of ways of getting this done. If the bears trade olsen to the pats for a 2nd rounder then the bears can then use that to throw at the broncos as well as Hester or even another player.

  8. The Bears are more likely to get Westbrook….This Marshall talk is a bunch of hodge podge

  9. Yawn! And there’s a chance it will snow in August too. Why not write about where Marshall might really go??

  10. This just in:
    The Bears can get any player they want if some team will be willing to trade the player to them for a specified sum.

  11. Trade Olsen for Marshall, hell maybe even get Scheffler. Maybe the Bears could ask for your first rounder back, but they wouldn’t know what to do with it in the first place. Which is why it was so easy to part with them.

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