Bears tender five restricted free agents

The Chicago Bears announced today that they’ve tendered five restricted free agents.

Bears defensive end Mark Anderson, safety Josh Bullocks, safety Danieal Manning, linebacker Nick Roach and linebacker Jamar Williams all got tenders, meaning the Bears can match the offers that any teams make to those players and will receive draft-pick compensation if they choose not to match any offers.

The team did not say what level the players were tendered at, but the Chicago Tribune reports that Anderson and Roach were tendered at the second-round level, while the rest of the players were tendered at the original-round level. The agent for Manning, Russel Hicks, said he was disappointed that Manning was tendered at the original-round level.

“Yeah, we would have hoped for the second-round tender,”
Hicks told the Tribune. “But maybe some team will give up a three for him. We’ll
see how it works out.”

The Bears also tendered one-year offers to three exclusive-rights free agents: running back Kahlil Bell, linebacker Tim Shaw and defensive tackle Matt Toeaina. Other teams can’t make offers to exclusive-rights free agents.

4 responses to “Bears tender five restricted free agents

  1. Manning was drafted in the 2nd round so I don’t understand why that wouldn’t bring us a 2nd rd pick if he was signed. Oh well put him in the nickel where he belongs cause he is not a safety.

  2. You’d think Manning’s agent would know where his client was drafted. Manning was the 10th pick of the 2nd round in 2006. His original round tender still nets a 2nd rounder if someone wants him and costs the Bears less.

  3. Yeah, how could manning not get a 2nd round tender if the tender is supposed to be an “original round” tender? way to f%#k up again florio

  4. Apparently you can only use 2nd round tenders on more than 2 players, which the Bears are using for Roach and Anderson. Therefore, you cant tender Manning or Bullocks at their original draft position because they both were second rounders, so they get kicked back a round. Its all explained on the Bears website. Florio was correct. Before your rip Florio DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

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