Broncos G.M. stresses they want to keep RFAs

Perhaps trying to defuse the perception that some of his restricted free agents are for sale, Broncos G.M. Brian Xanders sent out some warm and fuzzies Wednesday.

“Tendering these restricted free agents was a step we took to solidify our roster during these uncertain times with a group of players who are valued a great deal by the Broncos,” Xanders said. 

Here’s the money line: “These are all high-quality football players, and we look forward to their contributions during the 2010 season and beyond.”

Xanders basically has to say that.  Restricted tenders can only be offered with a good-faith intent of employing the player the following season. 

In Brandon Marshall’s case, we buy it.  Denver would take him back if a good deal can’t be worked out. 

We’re not so sure about Tony Scheffler. And it probably doesn’t matter because he should be an attractive asset on the trade market.