Chiefs bring in Palko

On a day featuring a flurry of restricted free agent tenders, the Chiefs have signed another man to their offseason roster.

The newest Chief is quarterback Tyler Palko.

Palko, the man whose presence on the top of the depth chart at Pitt prompted Joe Flacco to transfer to Delaware, was on the Steelers’ roster for two games in 2009.

Palko started for three years at Pitt, and he has spent time with the Cardinals and Saints.

8 responses to “Chiefs bring in Palko

  1. The sound you hear is that of millions of fantasy football players rushing to adjust their 2010 cheat sheets.
    I’m putting Palko ahead of Romo, but behind Brady.

  2. Historically, the Chiefs have always had a great #3 QB. Unfortunately, in many cases, they’ve had to start.
    Tyler Thigpen anybody?

  3. Are you kidding, there was a Palko and a Flacco at the same school at the same time? No wonder Emmitt Smith called Flacco Falco.

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