Kirk Morrison is very available

Stanford Routt felt the Raiders love Wednesday despite starting only one game last year.

Middle linebacker Kirk Morrison, who has led the team in tackles for five straight seasons, was not so lucky.  Adam Schefter reports the team extended an “original pick” tender to Morrison, meaning any interested team would only have to give up a third-rounder if they signed him away.

Make no mistake, the Raiders would love for that to happen.

Morrison is due $2.5 million next season and would have made the exact same money if he got the second round tender.  (It’s explained well here by the Oakland Tribune.)

Essentially, the Raiders placed a lower tender on Morrison despite no financial savings.  They wanted to create the highest chance for a trade and knew no one would give up a second-round pick for him

Morrison could get an offer sheet, and then everyone’s happy.  If not, he’ll have to return to a team he knows didn’t want him back.

UPDATE: The Raiders tendered linebacker Ricky Brown at a second-round level.  He was an undrafted player, so they needed to go that high to keep him.

24 responses to “Kirk Morrison is very available

  1. I really like Morrison, but the Raiders need a true MLB. I think he’d be a good OLB.

  2. I like him too, he’s a good guy, but ya, we need a full sized MLB who doesn’t get pushed around like Morrison does.

  3. Kirk Morrison is a solid MLB. He’s be better placed at WLB, but the Raiders have turned him into the scapegoat for their sad run defense. Someone had to take the fall for last season’s poor numbers, sorry they decided to make it Kirk.

  4. Morrison is Overrated @ best.. But he brings a lot chracter to the Raiders and the Locker Room..
    If we can’t get Dansby from the Cardinals I would let him go!! But Morrison is not the problem, J-Russ is!
    GO RAIDERS! 9-7 in 2010

  5. Not bad for a guy they drafted in the 3rd round. Ill take a 2nd round pick for a guy that isnt a true MLB.

  6. Its not Morrison that is bad. Its Al Davis’ stupid defensive scheme. Man to man rush 4 down linemen ALL OF THE TIME, and no true run stopping DT on the line.

  7. We love you Kirk, born and raised in the Bay!
    But we do need a bigger MLB. Someone more solid on his feet and with more power. We’d love to have you back, but in a lesser role.

  8. Chapnasty2 says: March 3, 2010 6:37 PM
    WOW! How dumb is that organization?
    Not as dumb as Jerrah and the Cowgirls, thank the lord.

  9. What the hell is going on?! Routt at 1st and 3rd round tender and you can Morrison, the starter at MLB, leader of our defense along with Asomugha, for a sock and 3 Miller Lite’s..
    OMG – he really screwed up this year (Al)

  10. It’s interesting those who look at stats and see a guy who has over 100 tackles every year but these same people fail to see the many missed tackles Morrison has. Because teams can run against the Raiders his tackles are automatically higher because he faces more running plays than many other LB’s typically face in any game.
    He’s not a true MLB in the NFL and will struggle if he signs somewhere else at that position. He’d be a good strong-side or weakside LB, but not a MLB.
    His biggest weakness is run defense and he should excel as a MLB in run defense. His pass defense is among the league’s best, but if you can’t stop the run as a MLB then you can’t be in that position or the team loses the line of scrimmage battle every rushing down.

  11. Al Davis never values MLBs…From Matt Millen on, he has ALWAYS been willing to let MLBs move on.

  12. Morrison is a hell of a LB and I wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles take a look at him for a 3rd although I would think that Cleveland would be an ideal spot for him because of the Ryan connection and D’Qwell is starting to voice his unhappiness.
    Can someone have Al Davis committed already. It is really to the point where I feel bad for Raider fans (and I hold Raider fans right up there with Cowboy fans)!

  13. @Raider B says: March 3, 2010 7:02 PM
    Excuse me, ill take a 3rd rounder for him.
    Why? You realize with the way the Raiders have been drafting, they’ll take a 7th round caliber player in the 3rd. I guarantee you no 3rd round player the Raiders draft will be more productive than Kirk.
    Move him to SLB and put a bigger body in the middle.

  14. jeremyb91: Perfect observation, dead on.
    Enrgy2Burn: You obviously don’t watch Morrison play, so why make such a pointed observation based on stats alone?

  15. @ kpholmes
    Why? You realize with the way the Raiders have been drafting, they’ll take a 7th round caliber player in the 3rd. I guarantee you no 3rd round player the Raiders draft will be more productive than Kirk.
    LMFAO! You realize Kirk Morrison was a 3rd round pick right! Dumb ass

  16. I see kpholmes is clueless. Judging the controversial picks they make in the 1st and 2nd rounds isn’t a good barometer for the rest of the draft. It is believed that Al gives the coaches more input in these later rounds and the team has been coming up with a few gems once Al goes back to bed. Sure, you can point out the highest ever draft pick waived before training camp in Quentin Moses but he wasn’t any good anywhere else either so at least they didn’t waste their money.
    Michael Bush, Chaz Schilens, Louis Murphy, Kirk Morrison, Tyvon Branch, Trevor Scott, Chris Johnson(undrafted) are all picks that were after the 3rd round and they’re all starters.

  17. kpholmes: Let’s take a look at recent 3rd round picks by Oakland (since 2007):
    ’09 Matt Shaughnessy
    ’08 None
    ’07 Quentin Moses
    ’07 Mario Henderson
    ’07 Johnnie Lee Higgins
    Out of these picks Shaughnessey and Henderson stand out as two solid picks. Higgins is hit or miss but gets a makeover after ’08’s “breakout” year and last season’s bust with a real offensive coordinator. So 2 starters out of 4 third round picks since ’07 is pretty good.
    Take a look at Oakland’s drafting since ’07 and you’ll see a far better Oakland team drafting than anytime in recent memory.
    If someone signs Morrison for money Al deems too much, I’ll trust his recent draft judgement to pick a stud in the 3rd round to replace him.
    Replacing him isn’t going to become a major issue. Even if the person was an equal player he’d have over 100 tackles just because of the system and the fact he’d get more opportunities in a bad rush defense.

  18. To answer the roiginal question, Morrison ended up as a third rounder (even though his original draft round was the second) because of this……Upgraded Tender Rule.
    The Upgraded Tender is when a player is tendered at a level higher than the round they were originally drafted (ie the Raiders young CB Stoutts).
    This Upgraded Tender then affects the tendering of all RFA’s that are second or first round picks. Without the Upgraded Tender ateam could tender the high pick players at Original Round level and receive a first or second round pick if he were to depart via restricted free agency.
    However, because of the Upgraded Tender to Stoutts, the Raiders must tender Morrison at a minimum of the Second Round level if they want to get a second round pick in return, otherwise, if the Raiders tender Morrison at the Original Round level, then they would only receive a third-round pick in return.

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