Kokinis got paid by the Browns

The NFL recently announced that the Cleveland Browns and former G.M. George Kokinis settled the grievance filed after Kokinis was fired “for cause,” which means “without cash.”

Multiple league sources tell us that, as expected, the arrangement involved cash flowing from Cleveland to Kokinis.

One source believes that Kokinis got all of the money he was due to receive.  Another source believes it was less than 100 cents on the dollar.

Per one of the sources, the reason for the fairly prompt settlement had less to do with the new regime in Cleveland than it had to do with the fact that the head coach will be returning for a second season.  We’re told that, as the initial information began to develop via the grievance process, it became clear that Kokinis — via lawyer Jeff Kessler — would be taking aim at Eric Mangini.  Though all of the proceedings are supposed to be confidential, facts that could be disruptive or embarrassing to one party or another tend to make their way to daylight.  And the thinking is that it’s the last thing the Browns or Mangini need right now.

Regardless of the amount paid, the Browns offered enough to get the hard-bargain-driving Kessler to agree to a deal.

The possible good news for the Browns is that, if/when Kokinis returns to the Ravens, a credit could apply to any future money that Kokinis earns, unless the settlement entailed a lump-sum payment with both sides finishing the deal and walking away.

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  1. That’s my Browns!! Add Kokinis to the LONG list of execs & coaches who NO LONGER work for the Browns but are still getting paid by the Browns. Knew Kokinis would get paid, as he should’ve. However what kind of PUSSY lets himself get seamrolled, by anybody, like that? It’s a good thing the Browns have the 4th wealthiest owner in the league!

  2. How long before Holmgren gets fired “for cause”? He was a very good head football coach, but will make a terrible GM/Vice Pres/Whatever the heck his role is suppose to be.

  3. “One source believes that Kokinis got all of the money he was due to receive. Another source believes it was less than 100 cents on the dollar.”
    Wow. That is some serious investigative reporting you’ve got going on.

  4. “One source believes that Kokinis got all of the money he was due to receive. Another source believes it was less than 100 cents on the dollar.”
    So what you are saying is that you have conflicting reports?

  5. As a Browns fan I will just ignore all the re-re moves we’ve made in the past because the BIG SHOW is in town running things now. You can do it Holmgren!

  6. Now that’s what I call a poopcan payoff! Kokinis must be feeling awfully pouncey today.

  7. “One source believes that Kokinis got all of the money he was due to receive. Another source believes it was less than 100 cents on the dollar.”
    This just in … today it may rain, or it may not. Nice reporting PFT!

  8. Of course they were going to pay him. You cant get away with firing someone “with cause” unless they do something significantly wrong (showing your weiner) and you have proof. Kokinis was dumped over Mangini politics and the Brownies tried to get away without paying him. Just another sign of a shitty organization.

  9. Did Mangini tell Mike Holmgren that he has the final say as GM?
    Because if he did, there’s a good chance he was lying, just like he did with Kokinis.

  10. I’m glad to see that George can now go back to the Ravens, and NOT do his job there…again.
    Baltimorons…gotta love ’em…

  11. How are Cleveland fans eternally optimistic?
    Since 1989:
    Romeo Crennel 24-40 (0.375)
    Terry Robiskie 1-4 (0.200)
    Butch Davis 24-35 (0.407)
    Chris Palmer 5-27 (0.156)
    Bill Belichick 36-44 (0.450)
    Jim Shofner 1-6 (0.143)
    Bud Carson NFL 11-13-1 (0.458)
    No longer they long for the days of Bill Belichick who only had a .45 win percentage.

  12. Florio’s daily Browns bashing. Florio has ran this story about 3 times now with no new information. I think the Browns must have done something really bad to Florio.

  13. This “new” Browns organization has been pretty sh*tty since day 1.
    After getting run out of San Francisco, despite claiming the credit for their Super Bowl run, old man Lerner decided “Carmen Policy” would be his man to set up, draft and build his new multi-billion dollar toy. Yah, that worked out well.
    Since then, it’s been a succession of one fumble nuts over the next. Management, coaching, scouts, etc. All have added their poison for the sake of their overblown egos. Is it any wonder that 10 yrs later, it is the laughing stock of the NFL? (Aren’t we the only team now that has never even played in the Super Bowl???)
    The “Browns” have mishandled everything they have touched. I don’t know too much about Kokinas but he deserved to be paid after that fiasco.
    The Walrus really has his work cut out for himself. He has to completely revamp the entire organization…stuff Policy should have done in ’99. I don’t envy him one bit, and wish him all the luck in the world.
    Normally, it takes 3-5 yrs to rebuild a team. Seeing what all is involved with the Browns, it may take 10!!!
    Good luck, Mike

  14. I don’t really care if you guys are Rep, Dem, Whig, or Tory. And, I don’t know enough to say whom is to blame for the war, the economy, who is dating Jennifer Anniston, or those “damn kids” and their clothes/music. There are web sites specific to those subjects!
    This is supposed to be a web site where we can get a football fix, speculate on rumors and bash Florio’s hair. Pls, let’s keep it that way…or I’ll be forced to read Yahoo Sports.

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