Matt Moore is a keeper

If money talks, Carolina just declared loud and clear how they feel about Matt Moore.

The Charlotte Observer reports the Panthers placed a first- and third-round tender on the restricted free agent, ensuring that he’s not going anywhere.  Moore will make $3.043 million, quite a bump for the undrafted player.

The fact that Carolina didn’t want to risk some team sniffing around Moore for a first-round pick says he’s got a good chance to open next season as a starter.  After that, who knows?

This qualifies as bad news for any quarterback that likes the Panthers uniforms.

12 responses to “Matt Moore is a keeper

  1. Unless somehow cat-lover Vick shows up, AJ Feeley will be starting by mid-season. He is better than Moore.

  2. Bears0492:
    Moore was not drafted, he went through camp with the Cowboys in 2007 and got waived – Carolina got him off waivers.

  3. Matt Moore was undrafted, originally signed by the Cowboys in 2007 and subsequently waived with the hope that he’d clear waivers and be eligible for the Cowboys’ practice squad. The Panthers claimed him and he’s been there ever since.

  4. Second round? He was signed by the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2007. How sure are you now?

  5. Matt Moore is only a good QB in comparison to Jake Delhomme. I think we could probably say the same thing about Gregg. The Panthers are squandering Deangelo Williams’ prime years and show no indication they have any desire to make the changes necessary to become a champion. That’s too bad; Charlotte’s a nice city.

  6. Yeah you guys are right my bad. I dont know why i’ve been thinking he was a second round pick

  7. Man I like Matt Moore. He showed himself to be a gamer his rookie year against the Cowbows! Remember that nfl network game? Down the stretch of last year he solidified a shot at being the starting qb heading into next year. Ask the Vikings son!

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