More free-agency preview stuff is ready

The best part about having NBC-provided assistance from guys who do a great job (yeah, I probably should say that once in a while in order to keep them from quitting) is that, apart from providing coverage on the rare occasions when I have to leave my lair, they also write the stuff I don’t feel like writing.

Like position-by-position previews of free agency.

Silva has the linebackers, Rosenthal has the defensive backs.

4 responses to “More free-agency preview stuff is ready

  1. It didn’t really hit me until I saw this list and thought about how few free agents would even be considered by my team (the Browns), but…
    I knew the new rules for the uncapped season would be bad for players wanting big contracts because of the rules that block the top teams from spending big money as well as the extra years of restricted player movement… but I had previously thought that it would reduce the amount of teams vying for a players services would be reduced by about 1/3.
    Those two rules, though, combine to form a sort of double-whammy. By restricting the younger players from hitting the market, you allow mostly past-their-prime players onto the market. Most of the teams near the bottom of the league will be rebuilding in any given year and don’t want those guys and they would generally get picked up by the top teams who are looking for the final piece to put them into contention. Since the bottom teams don’t want them and the top teams can’t sign them, it limits their marketability to the few teams in the middle of the pack… effectively limiting the competition for their services by 1/2.

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