Ray Edwards gets first-round tender

0121-ray-edwards.jpgThe Minnesota Vikings have put together a new version of their Purple People Eaters from days gone by.

And with defensive end Ray Edwards, who emerged in a big way during a division-round crushing of the Cowboys, eligible for restricted free agency, the Vikings are making him a priority.

Edwards has been tendered at the first-round level, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

He’ll get a one-year contract worth $2.521 million, up from $1.01 million in 2009.

Given the gap between his 2010 tender and his 2009 salary, Edwards is one of the restricted free agents who can holdout only until June 15 without seeing the qualifying offer drop significantly.  As of that date, the Vikings have the right to reduce the offer to $1.111 million.

There’s a growing belief that restricted free agents who would have been unrestricted free agents in a capped year will skip offseason workouts and, possibly, training camp and the preseason.  If Edwards does it, however, he could lose more than $1.4 million.

16 responses to “Ray Edwards gets first-round tender

  1. I wonder what the Vikings fans and Saints haters would say if the Saints offered Ray Edwards a contract that the Vikings wouldn’t match to replace Grant. Not that he deserves to be a Saint, after his plot of revenge on Brees, but I bet everyone who bashes the Saints would feel like a dick if that’d happen.

  2. Florio, I got a question for you
    it is a stupid doubt
    just assuming random teams here – suppose the Eagles trade for this guy giving Minnesota a second rd pick, can he be traded for a 1st round pick(say to the Bears) because he carries a 1st round tender after that ?
    it sounds convoluted but just wanted to know if that thing is possible or not

  3. I have no clue if this guy is even good or not. Really, with Jared Allen taking double and triple teams Ray Edwards is expected to have lots of sacks.
    He has 11 in the last 11 games he played, but that’s because he has the mullet opposite of him. He never played well up until this season, so if the Vikings keep him, this next season we should know if he was worth it or not.
    I think we should draft another DE incase. And give Brian Robison more snaps, the kid is like a mini Jared Allen.

  4. # SonOfNOLA says: March 3, 2010 6:39 PM
    I wonder what the Vikings fans and Saints haters would say if the Saints offered Ray Edwards a contract that the Vikings wouldn’t match to replace Grant. Not that he deserves to be a Saint, after his plot of revenge on Brees, but I bet everyone who bashes the Saints would feel like a dick if that’d happen.
    Are all you saints fans such crybabies?

  5. Edwards is the product of the rest of the line. With Williams/Williams/Allen also rushing the QB and drawing double teams, of course he will get sacks. Enjoy it while it lasts Ray.

  6. whats it matter? You’re team is going to LA anyway. Brush up on your Spanish!
    Or just commit mass suicide.
    I hope you all pick the latter.

  7. Remember, this is the guy who predicted that he was going to smash Strahan’s sack record.
    I believe he just missed by…..15.5 sacks.
    Much like the fan base, he talks a better game than the team plays.

  8. @jimmysmith
    Is that before or after we beat your team of assclowns twice?

  9. I love how in this thread, there are 3 comments saying “OH WOW I BET THE VIKINGS FANS THINK THEY’RE SO GOOD NOW I HATE YOU LA LA DERP DERP DERP”
    And the only Viking fan who posts says something actually intelligent.
    Pathetic. I love how you all claim to hate the Vikings so much but comment on EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE for some unknown reason.
    Insecure much? Go outside for God’s sake.

  10. I have a feeling that Edwards will not boycott offseason workouts. His improvement last year was due to a more professional attitude and an increased commitment to preparation, and he has acknowledged that in interviews. He will want to show that he deserves the big money and he seems to have figured out what it takes to be at that level.

  11. i go outside. I live in Florida you jerk off.
    Check out the packers post, tell me there isn’t vikings fans jerking off all over ’em.
    Kill yourself.

  12. Dang you Packer fans are losers. Granted there might be Vikings fans jerking over your threads too but they ain’t us here and it don’t make you guys, and you know who you are, any less pathetic. And I guarantee there are more of you than us doing this loser crap.
    Anywho…Ray Edwards is a good player. He’s always been stout against the run and last season had some good pass rushing as well. And I know you can’t just base everything on how well he played in one game but for Christ sake he practically destroyed our most hated opponent outside of the division all by himself.
    Obviously any time your team doesn’t win the super bowl it is a disappointment but that crushing of the Cowboys after their fans and the media were so confident…it was…sweet. And Ray-ray helped make it possible. Pay the man!

  13. sando,
    I’m not so sure about more packer fans being annoying than viking fans. I’m sure there are a lot of packer fans that get on your nerves, but it seems like there are just as many viking fans that do the same. When I read “those” fans retarded posts, it brings me down to their level, which makes me say things out of anger. I had a vision a week or two ago and I will no longer argue over stupid things on here, nor will I let anything get to me. Erin Rodgers, fudgerpackers, fat drunken hillbilly idiotic packer fans….you can all say what you want. It does not bother me anymore. I think its childish, just as it is to call you the Viqueens or whatever.
    But continue doing and saying whatever you want. I just won’t allow myself to stoop to your level anymore.
    This website is meant to discuss football related issues and rumors. Not a smack-talking website to see who can type the last response.

  14. Hey flapukefan
    It’s to cold to be outside.
    Can’t wait till the Vikings sweep the series again this year!

  15. you know i think we have a right to talk a little, i mean we are the two time defending nfc champs, so why not talk a little ya were good.
    ok and another thing why would minnesota move the team to la? like seriously theres already 3 other teams there why add another one leave minnesota where its at. im sure a deal will be made by next year to either renue there contract or get the funding to build them a new stadium, why not tho it would benefit them and the twins

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