Report: Cardinals want a third-round pick for Boldin

Cardinals G.M. Rod Graves has made it clear that his team is willing to trade wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

But what would it take to get Boldin out of Arizona?

Michael Lombardi reported on NFL Network that the Cardinals “only want a third-round pick” for Boldin. That’s not too high a price for a starting wide receiver.

But, Lombardi said, the big sticking point is whether a team acquiring Boldin will be willing and able to fork over the money necessary to make Boldin happy. In other words, Boldin won’t just cost a third-round pick. He’ll cost a third-round pick plus a big new contract.

Boldin said after the season ended that he wouldn’t request a trade. But the Cardinals may have come to the realization that their offense is just fine without him, and that they ought to get whatever they can for him. If what they can get is a third-round pick, the Cardinals would apparently be fine with that.

56 responses to “Report: Cardinals want a third-round pick for Boldin

  1. Houston better be on the phone! Especially if we’re or rather they’re going to lose Kevin Walter.

  2. Cards are fine without him, receiver wise that is. QB wise? I’ll get back to you.

  3. BOldin is old news I wanted the ravens to get him last year so bad but I don’t even care anymore, a crybaby wideout with extensor injury history on the wrong side of 30 and 1 year left on his contract? That has bad news written all over it esspecially with ngata reed and flacco comming up for contracts in the next few years

  4. Trade that pick as quick as you know how, Miami. You need a WR in the worst way, and a Third Rounder for Boldin is a bargain.

  5. Smart move by a normally putrid front office.
    Its time for Q to move on, Breaston and Doucet are waiting in the wings. Also the Cards are probably going to be more of a run first team with Matty taking over.
    Is he probably worth more? Yeah I think so, but a 3rd is still a great return on their investment.
    What team wouldn’t give up a 3rd for Q??

  6. Banner better pickup the phone himself…..Desean, Q, and Maclin with Celek and McCoy…. Use the draft for OL and a S….Bradley off injury….Be nice but the birds won’t pull the trigger

  7. Broncos could afford a 3 for sure. Especially since they are most certainly gaining multiple picks for Marshall.
    It really makes sense. They lose a big physical receiver, to gain a big physical receiver. This would also allow them to focus on defense in the first round, or possibly secure a top notch guard (like a Mike Iupati).
    Please try to remember also how active (and successful) the broncos were in free agency last year. Brian Dawkins, Correll Buckhalter, Andre Goodman, Renaldo Hill, and Jabaar Gaffney were all free agent signings last year.
    I would not overlook them getting into the mix with a few big moves before the draft.

  8. I am not a Bears fan, but if I believe correctly, they have a third round pick. I can see them trading it for Boldin, and paying him.

  9. Rumor 1
    Derek Anderson to Arizona for a Conditional 5th Round Pick
    Rumor 2
    Arizona wants a 3rd for Boldin
    My 1+1 rumor = Anderson + Cleveland 5th to Arizona for Boldin.
    Boldin/MoMass/Robiskie sounds like a solid WR Tandem to me.

  10. Boldin does have a lot of injuries in his past. If you look at his game-by-game performance, he’d have better numbers than Fitzgerald every year across a 16-game schedule. That just goes to show how many games he’s missed, even when there’s a WR on the opposite side of the QB from him drawing an equal amount of flak from defenses.

  11. Boldin and Marshall both available for 3rd & 1st round picks, what bargains for teams that need quality WR’s. Miami, Baltimore, KC, Buffalo, Cincy, Cleveland, Jets, Carolina and Denver (yes Denver that’s letting one of them go) could all use a quality WR.
    Forget about the injuries and the baggage both of these guys are quality WR’s worth the picks as compensation and the salaries they will command. Both, especially Marshall have been undercompensated based on their performance.
    They’re both on new teams next year.

  12. Just a third rounder? I’d hold out for a second rounder all the way. Leinart is losing a lot of pieces around him. Warner made guys like Breaston and Doucett work. Leinart is guaranteed to struggle.
    The Cardinals are going down like your motha, Trebek.

  13. Tedd Ginn and a 4th round or 5th rounder… Parcells has probally offered this already

  14. 11:01 AM local Kansas City time:
    “The Arizona Cardinals have agreed in principle to trade wide receiver Anquan Boldin to the Kansas City Chiefs.”

  15. To Ryan Harris-
    “What team wouldn’t give up a 3rd for Q?? ”
    The Washington Redskins wouldn’t only because they don’t have one! But, I can see them trying to figure out a way to aquire him. Maybe they will fork up a player or next years pick?

  16. MDS tell Rosenthal that I told him that he didnt know what he was talking about.
    Rosenthal said this about a possible Boldin trade:
    “The Cardinals wanted a first and a third-round pick last year. With his trade value down, perhaps a second-round pick and change could seal the deal”
    Then I told him:
    That aint going to happen. I forgot you werent on PFT last year but if you were you would know that last year even though they wanted a 1st and a 3rd for Boldin teams like the Eagles Ravens etc. who everyone said were going to trade for him the past 2 years only offered 2nd round or 3rd round picks for him plus another mid to late rounder.
    So there is no way they are going to get that same offer this year especially sense his production and especially his health has declined. Last year they could have gotten a 2 plus change but because they showed everybody they didnt need Boldin that price has dropped. The teams success without Boldin last year will defiantly drop his value.
    I told him that teams were only offering 2’s and 3’s plus change for Boldin last year and that that would drop this year. And I was right.
    Now the most the Cardinals will get for him is 1 3rd round pick and thats it.
    Rosenthal’s brain works like he looks and he looks like a prepubescent boy.

  17. Baltimore should be the logical place for him. They need a game breaker and he needs to be out of there since Warner is retired. Baltimore makes the most sense, however, Cincinnati would be a close second.

  18. i agree that would be a STEAL!…holmgren and Heckert i hope your listening….thats a good start to gettin some fans back and me possibly renewing my season tickets cuz as of now im not

  19. “Greg Olsen and a 5th round pick and AZ should jump all over that!”
    Great deal for AZ, but if I’m the Bears, I’m not making that offer.
    Sure, Boldin is a heck of a receiver, but he’s going to want big money, and giving up a player and a pick for a WR who isn’t named Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t make sense, IMO, for a team that already doesn’t have a 1st or 2nd round pick.
    Now, if they’d take Olsen straight up. He’s got to be worth at least a third round pick, again IMO, then that’s something they’d have to consider.
    Also, aren’t there some injury issues with Boldin? Again, if I’m AZ, I’d do Boldin for Olsen. He’d solidify the TE position, and they’ve got some good, young, WRs in the wings.

  20. Hmmm. I know my team needs a lot of stuff (RAMS). This is a good start to go with a new QB…..

  21. If it were not for the new contract demands, this would probably produce multiple bids. Someone, if not a few someones, will still probably jump on this.

  22. QB – Jay Cutler
    HB – Matt Forte
    WR1 – Anquan Boldin
    WR2 – Johnny Knox/Devin Aromashodu
    WR3 (slot) – Devin Hester/Johnny Knox
    TE – Greg Olsen
    Not a bad set of offensive players with which to work (you like that, Florio? I made sure not to put the preposition at the end of the sentence!). That’s, of course, assuming the OLine can hold up.
    Of course, the Bears old and decrepit defense (being run by Rod Marinelli, no less) is where the real problem is going to lie with this team.

  23. @Billy Daveney: you hold the first pick in the 3rd round, meaning, if multiple teams offer a 3rd, you’ll prolly have the best chance of acquiring him if the Cardinals aren’t hating on your 3-29 record over the last 2 seasons. You need a legitimate #1 receiver. Imagine the holes being opened up for SJax? How does this NOT make complete sense for the Rams?

  24. It’s pretty much guaranteed that he wants Roy Williams money…$10M+ up front and $45M+ overall.
    You can blame Jerry in 3…2..1…

  25. Do the bears have a 3rder? That would make the most sense no? Cutler.. and martz

  26. The Redskins will certainly…oh wait, they don’t have a 3rd round pick.

  27. Goddamit if Freeman couldn’t use him. I would LOVE to grab Q, resign Bryant, and let K2 run all over. We might actually be able to run the ball. Also, this would allow us to focus on D in the draft since Dez Bryant wouldn’t be such a necessity if we were to trade down. Of course, as everyone else states, ownership BLOWS and would never spend this kind of money. What a waste of a great stadium.

  28. A 3rd round pick is a steal for Boldin but only if his contract demands were at least somehwhat reasonable. By reasonable I mean in the $7-8M per season range and not in the $9-10M per range. If he would be willing to accept that over 5 years with a good chunk guaranteed then I would be all over it.
    On the other hand if him and his agent want to break the bank and get Roy Williams or Larry Fitzerald money then I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.
    I think the same could be said for Brandon Marshall. If he wants long term security and is willing to be reasonable like above, then I would think any team would want him, including the Broncos. But if he wants to break the bank with his past there is no way I would do it.

  29. Injury-prone, 30+ wide-out, that has underachieved across from one of the most dynamic recievers in the game….only worth a 3rd, and nothing better than a #2 on a reciever needy team…Wherever he goes he will be over-paid, and probably be more of a head-ache than an asset……perfect for Baltimore

  30. BOldin is 29 not 30
    He is very durable and an amazing beast of an athlete. He needs to go to a team and be a #2
    well worth a number 3 for 3-4 productive years

  31. It’s easy to forget just how good KW can make a receiver look. Catching passes from any other arm ain’t gonna be the same.

  32. Somebody just take him please. You’ll see some good games out of him, and then he will get injured. Have fun with that.

  33. Only if Pioli can dial faster, Chiefs lowest payroll in the league + dire need for stud WR and extra 2nd round pick = Chiefs pick at top of 3rd round for AQ, done deal

  34. 3rd round trade value should give Boldin a clue that he’s not worth Larry Fitz-type of money, or anything close to it. If he were worth the money, he’d be worth more in trade.
    He should adjust his own perceived value and stick around with the Cardinals. But that won’t happen, some foolish owner will agree to break the bank for him, then watch him sit out increasingly more games with injuries. The guy’s a warrior and will play through all kinds of minor injuries, but age and his style of play wind up getting him hurt seriously way too often.

  35. I hope Miami does this, they need a WR more than anyone else. a 3rd is a bargain.

  36. Should have said “Kurt Warner would have been just fine without him.” Matt Leinart may need all the weapons he can get.

  37. Are the Cardinals crazy…they have Boldin who is not happy and by all signs Whisenhunt is not happy with Lienhart no matter how much he says he is…….why not package Boldin & Lienhart to Philly for McNabb and then draft a QB to groom for the future.

  38. Let me address some of the criticisms of Boldin.
    DECLINING HEALTH? I love when fantasy football owners whine about him missing a part of a crucial season for them. He has not missed more than four games in a season since 2004. He plays like a running back, so he ends up missing games.
    UNDERACHIEVING ACROSS FITZGERALD? He has the highest yards-per-game of any wide receiver in history and has played across Fitzgerald for six of his seven seasons.
    HEADACHE? He refuses to talk about his contract during the season and is the leader of the team.
    OVER 30? He’s just nine months older than Andre Johnson and younger than Steve Smith. He turns 30 in October for the record.
    2nd and 3rd round picks since 2003
    Anquan Boldin, 586;
    Taylor Jacobs 37
    Bethel Johnson 39
    Tyrone Calico 42
    Kelley Washington 107
    Nate Burleson 263
    Kevin Curtis 252
    Billy McMullen 52
    Devery Henderson 157
    Darius Watts 33
    Keary Colbert 121
    Derek Hamilton 0
    Bernard Berrian 253
    Devard Darling 37
    Reggie Brown 177
    Mark Bradley 92
    Roscoe Parrish 100
    Vincent Jackson 198
    Courtney Roby 24
    Chris Henry 119
    Brandon Jones 113
    So, no wide receiver taken between 2003-2005 in the second or third round has even half the receptions of Boldin. Actually, none of them average even fifty-three receptions a year, even if you throw out their rookie seasons. Half of them are out of the league.
    So, by now you are probably thinking, these players are having fewer and fewer games to get receptions. With 4 seasons vs. Boldin’s 7, go ahead and double these 2006 rookies’ catches.
    Chad Jackson 14=28
    Sinorice Moss 39=78
    Greg Jennings 246=492
    Devin Hester 128=256
    Travis Wilson 2=4
    Derek Hagan 61=122
    Brandon Williams 0=0
    Maurice Stovall 44=88
    Willie Reid 4=8
    You could make a case that, in terms of overall dominance, Greg Jennings and Vincent Jackson are the only receivers of close to comparable value. Really only Jennings, Vincent Jackson and Desean Jackson are the only true #1 receivers to come out in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Jackson dropped miraculously to the Eagles and the Sidney Rice needs to do it for more than one season. Berrian, Hester, Curtis, Henderson, Henry and Royal are/were nice no. 2’s.
    A good illustration of how incomparable Boldin is is to take a look at the eight receivers taken in round 3 of 2007. Boldin had 1377 yards his rookie year. The best any of these eight has done in their first three seasons put together is James Jones, with 1390 yards and SIX of them have not passed the 676-yard mark for their three seasons put together. Take a look at 2008’s ten receivers taken in round 2. Only four of them have over 500 yards over for the careers. Jerome Simpson has 2 yards receiving, Limas Sweed just 69, James Hardy 96, Dexter Jackson is out of football with 0 career receptions. There were five receivers taken in round 3. They are all waiting to pass the 1000 yard mark for their careers.
    People point to the games under Whisenhunt they’ve won without Boldin. Against a horrid Bears musical secondary, with six turnovers on Jake Delhomme, against a Green Bay secondary that wasn’t tackling, against a Scott Linehan St. Louis team. Remember, when Jerheme Urban had that fumble that changed the momentum of the playoff game in the Super Dome (not that they had a chance without Rolle and Rodgers-Cromartie), he was only in there because Boldin was hurt. To me, 14 random, non-consecutive games is difficult to judge how the team plays without Anquan Boldin.
    There is only one Anquan Boldin. He is the toughest receiver in the NFL, which may contribute to the fact that he has missed games in the past seasons. But look at Reggie Wayne in the Super Bowl, dropping the touchdown because he was afraid of contact.
    I think Steve Breaston and Early Doucet are very good wide receivers, with the potential to be great. However, people who think Early Doucet can step in and just instantly reach Boldin’s level need to remember Boldin is the NFL’s all-time leader with 79.2 YPG despite Whisenhunt and Green not using him properly. Early Doucet has never had more than 43 yards in a regular season game.

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